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 Alison wearing Toby's sweater
Alison wearing Toby's sweater
Its party time for Hanna’s better half: Mona Vanderwaal! The other beliebt girl of Rosewood High (after Hanna and Alison of course) is having her birthday bash in the woods. It’s a glamping trip: like camping only with glamourous tents housing massage tables, spa treatments and make-overs. Everyone who’s anyone in Rosewood is invited…except for Hanna Marin.

Mona un-invites Hanna after getting ditched during the day. And “A” doesn’t miss a beat. The mysterious texter sends the girls a message to come find her/him at the campsite at Mona’s bday bash. All four girls decide to attend...
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Pretty Little Liars
season 6
episode 16
where somebody waits for me
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