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  • Female, 25 years old
  • USA
  • Favorite TV Show: Ed Edd & Eddy, MLP friendship is magic, Law & Order, WWE.
    Favorite Movie: Alpha and Omega, IT, Jurassic Park, The Purge.
    Favorite Musician: Megadeth, Kid Rock, Brantley Gilbert, Metalica, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Korn, Hinder, Seether
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QueenWhiskey sagte über Alpha und Omega
Ok. I Caught A Male Cubone In Pokèmon Sun. I Named
Him Judas. Idk Why But I Felt It Fitted Him. I Looked At
His Nature And. I Died Lol! He Is NAUGHTY Nature. And
His Characteristic Is Thoroughly Cunning. XD gepostet vor einem Tag
HumphreyWolfMan Kommentiert…
Freaky Fred from Courage the Cowardly Dog "naughty...". vor einem Tag
QueenWhiskey sagte über Alpha und Omega
From What I Hear Its Arguments Like Below That Kill This
Club. -_- gepostet vor 3 Tagen
ben15delas Kommentiert…
It's always been arguments I Lost somewhat Good Friends over stuff like this. vor 3 Tagen
HumphreyWolfMan Kommentiert…
Even though I did say troll, sadly some trolls are liked and are Mehr serious when arguing. If a troll goes around sending false information to me, maybe I need to say it's wrong. And I still needed to say what I sagte when he went in to Zeigen how dumb his behavior was. vor 2 Tagen
HumphreyWolfMan Kommentiert…
Also I guess the drama is over today. That's good. vor 2 Tagen
big smile
QueenWhiskey sagte über Alpha und Omega
Fallout 76 Sounds Great!..........but. It Sounds very
Disappointing. The Idea Of It Sounds Great! But The Way
Its being Executed Is Terrible. But Resident Evil 2 Remake
Look Fantastic! AND! Im Totally Psyched For Elder Scrolls
6! XD gepostet vor 10 Tagen
CodyTheWerefox Kommentiert…
I'm with Du on RE2 and TES6! ^.^ vor 10 Tagen
QueenWhiskey Kommentiert…
Those 2 Im Probably Most Excited For. vor 9 Tagen