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nate and jenny - AU

say it- chair

chuck .... a romantic?

Du know Du Liebe me

cast fanvid

dirty little secret

Chuck Blair - Bleeding Liebe

Chuck/Blair - Starstruckk [Gossip Girl]

Blair/Chuck - When Du Were Mine

Beautiful Soul - Blair♥Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Serena/Dan - Just a little girl [PREVIEW]

Chuck & Blair - All I need

OTH/GG: Merry Christmas!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Weihnachten (Supernatural + Gossip Girl)

Chuck and Blair- Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

Wonderful Surprise - Nate/Vanessa (Gossip Girl)

Blair/Chuck - Reasons to Liebe Du

Chuck & Blair : violett hügel

Merry Weihnachten

Blair/Chuck - Bizarre Liebe dreieck

merry Weihnachten (gossip girl)

Gossip Girl; If Du Seek Amy

blair chuck real vid

Chuck and Blair - I can't stay away

Heroes/Gossip Girl:Beautiful

Chuck/Blair- Tell Me What To Do

Chuck - Untitled

Gossip Girl 2x14 In The Realm of the Basses Promo Pics

Dan & Serena - White Flag

Sleeping Sickness: Chuck and Blair

jenny humphrey- im gone im going

Dan&Blair-Love Story

Chuck-Teach me (how to love)

Blair/ Dan - Du Do, Du Don't

Chuck & Blair; I Wanna Liebe Du

Nate & Jenny - Prince and Princess

Blair and Chuck (Do Du Wanna)

Blair and Chuck-White Diamonds

Leighton Meester's Teen Vogue Cover Shoot

I Know What Boys Like (Brooke/Blair)


One fine Tag [Nate & Blair]

martial law; DAN/BLAIR [PREVIEW]

Gossip Girl "New Year" Promo

Chace Crawford Interview - On Air With Ryan Seacrest (Part 1/2)

My Favorit Things-Chuck/Blair

Gossip Girl Cast - Touch Me

Gossip Girl Cast - I'm Just A Kid

Gossip Girl- Freaky Friday Trailer

Gossip Girl Cast - When I Grow Up

Chuck/Blair - Naive

Gossip Girl - With Me

Blair Waldorf 2 (Like a Drug) - Gossip Girl

Blair & Chuck -Use Somebody (Gossip Girl)

gossip girl- starstruck

Ed&Leighton {All Of Us}

chuck and blair- fall for Du

Chuck Bass--Girls(PREVIEW)

Chuckles and Blair bär - My Liebe

imperfection (blair waldorf)

Gossip Girl-Get Ready(Here I Come)

Nate/Jenny One In A Million

Jenny-Nate - If She Knew

B/C - Follow Through

Maybe Misery - Chuck/Blair

Chuck/Blair-Who Am I To Say (Preview)

serena transporter, van der woodsen ( bad girl )

Nate&Jenny - Sympathy

Nate Archibald-Womanizer

Ed Westwick ♥ Leighton Meester

Chuck & Blair - With me

Blair/Chuck - Reasons to Liebe Du ( Vorschau )

Thinking Of Du - Blair&Chuck

Blair/Chuck - Broken-Hearted Girl

17 Again - Gossip Girl Style

''all Du need is one'' - Gossip Girl VOICEOVER

What If Du (Chuck/Blair)

Chuck bass - "Hurt"

♥Blair and Chuck - Santa Baby♥

Blair and Chuck - My Only Wish - Weihnachten video

Merry Weihnachten Gossip Girl

Nate & Blair - Umbrella

The Deadly Rosen (a Fake Gossip Girl trailer)

the herz never lies (edward/bella; chuck/blair; lucas/peyton)

Blair/Chuck - All I Want

Romeo & Juliet Trailer (Gossip Girl CB Style)

chuck/blair-best i ever had

The GG Guys and Girls (Put It On You)

Breathing Weltraum - Chuck & Blair



chuck/blair [YOUR SONG]

Chuck/Blair - When You're Gone

Chuck bass - Toxic

Blair and Chuck: Where There's Gold - Dashboard Confessional

Chuck and Blair - 6 Minuten

The City is At War- A Gossip Girl Video

Gossip Girl: The other View

Nate/Jenny- Look after Du [Preview]

superstar (serena/blair)