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 I X Serena
I X Serena
I have be an avid Fan of Gossip Girl from its pilot episode where I clearly remember when Serena transporter, van der Woodsen stepped into the airport in tune with the “She’s Back” slogan. But lately, Gossip Girl and Serena are getting on my nerves. Why do I have such a beef with Serena’s character?

First of all, I have a serious problem with someone who does not learn from Zurück mistakes, but habitually makes decisions that are based on lies and cover-ups. Serena is a serial liar. She lies to everyone about everything. Serena has lied to Nate, Blair, Dan, and her countless other boyfriends and...
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A/N: hope Du enjoy this one. remeber to review loe to hear what Du think.

Tonight I’m gonna do
Everything that I want with you
Everythin that u need
Everything that u want I wanna honey
I wanna stunt with you
From the window
To the wall
Gonna give u, my all
Winter n summertime
When I get Du on the springs
Imma make Du fall
You got that body
That make me wanna get on the boat
Just to see Du dance
And I Liebe the way Du shake that ass
Turn around and let me see them pants
You stuck with me
I’m stuck with...
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A/N: Okay, this has taken me too long, I agree, but I am DETERMINED to get this chapter done today! Call it a happy valentine’s Tag present, whatever! ;p Although, I have to warn you…I will not be updating this story for awhile after this chapter, b/c I’ve made a schedule of when I update things and I plan to stick to it! *huffs* So yeah….several other stories will be updated after this, and not all of them on ff.net, but some on fp.com and yes. Just as a forewarning. ;p I would go on and on about how the NB pics have been driving me insane and I just don’t know what to do with myself...
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Gossip Girl's third season premieres this Monday on the CW and the Fans are rabid. With the swine flu, sorry, H1N1 virus already posing a public threat, the last thing we need is a rabies epidemic infecting the population. I've come up with a solution to this particular strain of Gossip Girl rabies, and it's sooo much better than getting a shot.Two days ago, I began posting portions of my interview with Gossip Girl writer and co-executive producer, Josh Safran. So far, he has covered everything from leaked kisses to Queen misses. Today, in the final installation, Josh administers the very last...
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posted by girly_girl
Chuck: You're lying.
Blair: I am not!
Chuck: Your eyes are doing that thing where they don't match your mouth.
Blair: I wasn't aware that robots got jealous. Did they update your software while I was away?

Blair: Damn that Motherchucker!

Blair: Chuck! Aren't Du done trying to destroy my night?
Chuck: Look I should never have abandoned you. I know I made the wrong decision as soon as your plane took off. Distracted myself all summer...hoping I wouldn't feel it, but I still do.
Blair: And?
Chuck: I was scared...I was scared that if we spent the whole summer together, just us, then you'd see.
Blair: See...
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The story of the daughter of the infamous Chuck bass & Blair Waldorf, Kayla Bass. I hope Du enjoy it!!

"Ouch!" exclaimed Kayla as the foreign maid pricked her leg with the needle as she was fixing the hem of her party dress. "Sorry Miss Kayla." Dorota said. It seemed like she has heard that sentence hundred times in one hour. she heard her mothers distant heels clicking in the hallway of their lovely penthouse that cost $250,000 a month.

"Kayla? Kay where are you? I need to talk to Du NOW!" Blair, her mother, sagte in her I'm-really-mad-right-now voice. "Damn." Kayla muttered...
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posted by WorshipDwight
Have Du ever found yourself desperately wishing Du lived a different person's life? oder lived in a different person's world? I am guilty on both charges, and ready to fess up. Yes, I dream of living in New York's Upper East Side, where drama and designer are Sekunde nature, and Gossip Girl rules the roost.

I've been told many times that I wouldn't want to live in such a place, but how could I say no to the town where little work and lots of play are the norm? While I struggle desperately to make it into my dream college, for Upper East Siders, the Ivy leagues are almost handed over on silver...
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 Can't believe the truth S?
Can't believe the truth S?
Episode 18: While Du Weep

GG: Rise and shine Upper East Siders, The Queen is...Alive, Long live the Queen. Du didn't honestly think B was leaving us did you? Oh poor little 'mean girls' you'll have to wait if Du want to replace B...

(At the Belleview Hospital)

After Blair has woken up.

The doctor has just finished talking to Blair, Eleanor and Harold about Blair's problem.

D: If there is any information that Du need, don't hesitate to call me, any time and lets hope Blair makes a full recovery, Aye Blair?

(Blair is lying in bett ignoring the conversation.)

H: Thank Du so much doctor, and you're...
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posted by Yankeesam32935
Friendly Encounters- Chapter Eleven

This chapter is rated VM for VERY MATURE.

Her mind screamed, YES! Was he finally going to give into her and spare them both the agony of waiting. “Sex? Are Du serious?”
Chuck moved closer to her. “Yes, I have never been Mehr fucking serious in my entire life. Do Du still want me?” He breathed into her ear.
His hot breath fanned her ear, and she felt the need to sit down on her bett before her legs gave out and she went crashing onto the floor. “Chuck, I need to know now if we’re really going to go through with it this time. You’re not going to...
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A Million Liebe Songs Later

A/N: Hey, okay so this might be my last chapter for a while I've just got loads of revising to do and pretty much no one Kommentare on my one shots oder my chapters so I don't see what is the point in me Schreiben when I don't near to no reviews. So I'm really wondering should I even continue with a million Liebe songs later oder is it just crap?! I'm probably just overreacting but it really gets me down when no one comments. But I will most likely continue cos I can't start something and not finish it. Anyway here's chapter eight, I hope Du all like it. Thanks xoxo

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posted by bl0ndy
Penn Dayton Badgley (born November 1, 1986) is an American actor best known for his role as Dan Humphrey on the CW Fernsehen series Gossip Girl.

Badgley was born in Baltimore, Maryland and teilt, split his childhood years between Richmond, Virginia and Seattle, Washington. In Seattle, he attended Charles Wright Academy (in Tacoma, WA), and was involved with the Seattle Children's Theatre. He soon began doing voice-overs for a children's radio stations.

At age 11, Badgley relocated with his mother to Hollywood and began pursuing an Schauspielen career. According to Badgley's former homeschool classmate Blake...
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posted by edwestwick
Story: "Sparks"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl. Titel is from Coldplay’s song.

Summary: „We’re inevitable Waldorf.” How they could hook up oder get/stay together in each episode starting with Pilot.

So here is Weiter chapter: The Wild Brunch. Sorry it’s only one chapter Von week but I have my Sekunde fic too and a lot of homework and tests as it’s end of the semester. Like I wrote last time these chapters are not related and what happened in Pilot happened like in Zeigen not my Zurück update. Btw are Du too so excited about Chuck/Bart...
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A/N: Okay, so…I DO have a schedule and I AM planning on sticking to it…but I simply cannot just write 5 Zufällig stories straight! I must write some Gossip Girl oder I fear I may explode from inability to express myself. Lol. XD *is pathetic* *knows this* My exception to this carefully crafted schedule…is one shots. It is true that sometimes I include them in my schedules, but oftentimes I do not…simply because they come to me so sporadically. Over the last couple days, about three oder four one shot ideas have come to me. And while normally I would simply put them in my Liste for ‘book...
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posted by bala
Well i have only been a member for a few weeks and on the whole i enjoyed being here but i noticed a small trend people (members) who actually are lazy to look for new episodes of tv shows.

it seems people expect other member post Links to episodes from whatever video site they can-just take gossip girl for example that episode was available since thursday yet members couldn't be bothered Suchen for it on youtube-it's not like it would take hours in fact it only took me 15 Sekunden to find the episode. As Du will see someone kind enough post links.

i'm not having a go at anyone it just if Du want particular episodes really bad than go Suchen for it-people will post Links to those episodes but it seem people don't realise that as soon link as gepostet on here video get taken down within 24 hours-in fact Du are helping abc,nbc other network from finding the videos.

All i'm saying make the effort to look for it instead imposing it on other people.
“Dan was a mistake and I never should’ve gotten involved with him in the first place. Nate is the one who I Liebe and am planning on marrying not to mention spending the rest of my life with. I never loved Dan because Nate is the only one I’m in Liebe with. As for the reason why Scott is here, we have gotten close with him and his adoptive family thus the reason why they were invited. He is my brother just as much as Eric not to mention the fact that my father loves and adores him. Leave and get out now before we call security to throw Du out and back to where Du came from.” Serena...
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“Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?”


Author: LittleDancer-123x (Melanie)

Rated: T+ because of occasional language, and strong references to eating disorders.

Published: December 11th 2008

Story Type: Multi-Chapter

Summary: Inspired from the line “Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?” 2x13. Goes back to freshman year, and works up to present day, how Blair’s disorder developed and how Chuck was there along the way. Multi-Chapter. CB, SB friendship....
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“Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?”


Author: LittleDancer-123x (Melanie)

Rated: T+ because of occasional language, and strong references to eating disorders.

Published: December 11th 2008

Story Type: Multi-Chapter

Summary: Inspired from the line “Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?” 2x13. Goes back to freshman year, and works up to present day, how Blair’s disorder developed and how Chuck was there along the way. Multi-Chapter. CB, SB friendship....
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This is just my opinion, so Derena fans, please don't bite my head off. I had to let out my feelings.
Dan and Serena have broken up and gotten back together for like a million times. And each time they get back together, they only last 2 oder 3 episodes before they decide to break up again. This shows that don't work, as everytime they get back together, 2 oder 3 episodes later, something comes up that makes them fight and break up.
Nate handles a Serena episode better than Dan. Nate went through a similar situation wtih Serena in season 3, that Dan went through with...
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Ed Westwick is finally putting the rumors to rest: He's no longer with his "Gossip Girl" co-star Jessica Szohr.

After a nasty cheating row with Jessica a few months ago, Ed confirmed that he's single, and ready to mingle.

He tells Britain's Closer magazine, "I'm single! My English accent drives American girls crazy but I haven't got time for romance. I've always been in Liebe with Rachel Weisz, but sadly she's taken."

Ed and Jessica fueled reconciliation rumors when they were photographed Küssen and cuddling at a Tennis match in New York last Wednesday, but he's making it clear that they're no longer together. Maybe Friends with benefits?

Either way, Chuck bass is single. Woo hoo!
I wrote this because I too miss just the friendships of Nate, Serena Chuck and Blair... so I hope u enjoy! no grudges please...there isn’t much romance! But there is a lot of flirting! Oh and this takes place BEFORE Serena left in the first season...
“Hey, S! Look I need to get out tonight. Call Chuck and Nate and ask them if they want to go out while I get ready.” Blair had sagte moments Vor to Serena. Now she was trying to get a short gray silk slip on. But there would be no dress to cover this slip. She strapped on some hooker looking heels and went to do her makeup, this should...
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