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Gossip Girl 2x01 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x18 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x17 Summary/Recap

Gossip Girl - 1x16

Gossip Girl 1x14 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x13 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x12 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x11 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x10 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x09 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x08 Summary

Gossip Girl - 1x07 Summary

Gossip Girl 1x06 - Summary

Gossip Girl 1x05 - Summary

Gossip Girl 1x04 - Summary

Gossip Girl 1x03 Summary

Gossip Girl - Summary Episode 1x01

Blair/Serena - 1X01 Scene: You're Kinda Not Invited

Gossip Girl 1x07 - Jenny tells Blair the truth

Jenny/Nate - Sidewalks

Jenny/Nate - The Call

Jenny and Dan - Two Worlds Collide

Mind in the gutter (Chuck/Blair)

Chuck & Blair

Blair And Chuck 2x14 - Chuck On Rooftop

Gossip Girl Promo 2x16 FANMADE

Chuck & Blair - Limoscene

Chuck♥Blair (Chair) ~ Everything

2x16: You've Got Yale new episode pictures/ new set pics

Gossip Girl - Blair and Serena - Watching Du

Chase Crawford of 'Gossip Girl' walks with Friends in NYC

Daddy's Little Girl - Blair/Chuck

Chuck and Blair - Something Mehr

Chuck and Blair - Paper Cut

gossip girl; Vorschau

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 16 Extended Promo

Chair - Dont Trust Me :]

Richman - Chuck bass

Chuck & Blair: Maybe In The Future

Chuck and Blair-Dustland Fairytale

Come back to me - Chuck & Blair

Chuck And Blair-This Liebe

Yesterday-Chuck bass

2x15- Gone With the Will-

Lily & Rufus- Liebe Story

U and Ur Hand- Blair Waldorf

It's Too Late- Blair/Chuck

Whiskey Lullaby- Chuck/Blair

I Am- Blair Waldorf

I'm With You- Gossip Girl

My Skin- Blair/Chuck


Gosip Girl finger parody: Gone with the will

Out From Under- Blair/Chuck

Never Far Behind- Blair/Serena

He's Chuck Bass...and we Liebe it

All Around Me- Blair/Chuck

Special- Blair/Chuck

Blurry- Chuck/Blair

The Little Things- Chair

Forget About the Boy- Chuck/Blair

Chuck and Blair- Glitz and Glamour

Breakout- Jenny/Nate

Chuck and Blair- Candle Stick (Sick & Tired)- Poker Face

Du Found Me- Chuck/Blair

Gossip Girl - Chuck/Blair - Hazy

Blair + Chuck: 4 in the morning

Blair Chuck-Broken Strings-Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl 215 : Chuck & Blair "its too late"

Miserable At Best (blair/chuck)

My Almost Lover - A Chuck/Blair Trailer

just Friends

the view/ Ed & Chace

The Way I Loved You- GG Couples (NJ/SD/CB)

All Fall Down

Gossip Girl 2.16 Promo #2 "You've Got Yale"

Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf - Call Me When You're Sober

Get Naked: I got a Plan-Gossip Girl

Nate & Blair-Beautiful Love

Blair & Nate - Heartbeats

Nate & Blair - Can Anyone Really Liebe Young

Angel – Jäger der Finsternis of Mine - Blair/Nate

Blair Waldorf & Nate Archibald - I'm Lost Without You!

Blair and Nate - S.O.S

Blair & Nate - Gotta Go My Own Way

Dan and Serena - Once Du Loved Somebody

Dan & Serena [Coming to Terms]

Jenny and Nate Scenes - 2x08 - Pret-a-Poor-J

Gossip Girl 2x08- Nate and Jenny's bathroom run-in

KISS KISS Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair Liebe Scene

Two Best GG Scenes- Dan/Serena Chuck/Blair- 1x07

Dan & Serena- At The Beginning

Dan & Serena - All about Du

Gossip Girl 2x02 Dan/Serena on the bus... HOT!

Nate & Serena - 2x02 Never Been Marcused - Clip 02

Nate & Serena - 2x02 Never Been Marcused - Clip 01

Serena & Dan Scenes 2.04 - The Ex-Files

Dan and Vanessa in episode 2x04.

Gossip Girl - s02e04 - Serena drinking