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posted by GlitterPuff
Can I post stuff that has nothing to do with any of my OC's oder the fandom in general? I'm just going to anyways, but just heads up this is purely creative writing

She didn’t know what to do. Sitting on her bed, she stared down at the single rose in her hand. It was short stemmed, the thorns neatly cut off so she wouldn’t get pricked. The petals were a light pink, still bright with color since morning when it was gegeben to her. She sighed, twirling the stem between her fingers. This girl, Haleigh, gave it to her. Haleigh seemed to be in Liebe with her and she had no idea what to do about...
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Source: NOT MINE [tumblr: demonslayingnephilim]
posted by SilverWings13
I wrote this a while ago, figured Du guys may (or may not) like to read it. I wrote it as Alek speaking to Tara. Voici!

"We left for freedom. For her freedom. "
"Noëlle's, Whisper's daughter,” he corrected.
The one being told the story was taken aback, "You left because..."
"Whisper was pregnant,” he confirmed in the sort of tone a story teller held when about to relay a very long, very true story, "It was the plan. The entire plan.
“I was raised on knowledge. My father created me so that he could have full responsibility over my upbringing. He made sure that my trials and tests.....
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"I'm trying to find a present for Holly, but have no idea—hey!"

"Uh-oh." Barbara said. "No."

"C'mon, Babs!"




"Why not?"

"I'm a fiery red-head, stechpalme, holly is a sexy blonde."

Sam smirked. "You find stechpalme, holly sexy?" he asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Barbara's blue eyes widened. "I mean, Du see her as—that is to say that from the male perspective—"

Sam nodded in a "go ahead" gesture, but the Gothamite just glared at him.

"Go to hell, Grant."

"Someone's not happy."

Barbara hid her face behind the magazine.
posted by CoaxochYJ
 At the age of Seven.
At the age of Seven.
Cuz her bio is like, a million years old.

Name: Melissa Elizabeth Adams.

Alias: Wings of Death

Appearance: Ebony black hair. smaragd eyes. Heavily scarred. Slender build.

Levitation, which can also manipulate ones actions.
Flight, wings.
Abnormal strength.

Sword fighting

Taken from her family Minuten after she was born, she was experimented on until the age of eight. She escaped at the age of eight, learning how to fly on the fly. She lived on the streets for a year, until Fang and Devin found her. She got into the hero business shortly after. She learned her prophecy when she...
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posted by Robin_Love
 K.C. Resistance leader
K.C. Resistance leader
Name: Discarded
Alias: K.C.
Age: 17-19
Occupation: Leader of the Resistance
Powers: Super-soldier, able to conduct master plans, gets information just Von touching a non-living object, able to temporarily silence someone
History: There is nothing known about K.C.'s past. He formed the Resistance for a reason no one is sure of. But he leads the team with great efficiency. Only those inside the Resistance know that it exists. The Resistance is so far off the charts not even the world's greatest detective(s) can find them oder how they came to be. K.C., being the leader, is in charge of anything that...
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posted by Red-Revenge


May 7, 09:08 EST

The figure clothed in black and silver landed gently on the rooftop in a squatting position. Her haube covered her face as she stood up and looked around.


"Good, but the police spotted you, they're closing in." the voice came over her comm.

"Alright, can Du get me an accident?"

"Yeah, two minutes. Can Du hold out that long?"


The line cut and Alexa grinned, bending down and starting to cut into the roof of a building. She was thankful Sam had sent the electricity user to Manhattan to assist her. With the police and the baddies chasing her, things...
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New Orleans


Red Revenge and Silver Wings sat at a corner tabelle in the bar. They didn't speak to anyone, and no one approached Ary on fear of the Black Hero. Revenge was definitely known, even as far south as New Orleans. He was definitely respected.

He and Ary weren't there for pleasure though. After a scuffle (if Du could call it that) earlier that night, Revenge had taken Silver down to a meta-human bar in New Orleans.

"I'm flattered." Ary said, her eyes still narrowed at the Black Hero. "Two kidnappings, electrocution, a rescue mission,...
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posted by MeridianYJ

Where i was originally born, i was royalty. Chosen immediately because my hair was white. In my tribe white hair was a rarity. And that child would become the Queen oder king at the earliest time possible. I became Queen at the age of eight. I was wiser than i sounded. I was terrifying, yet generous. I helped and protected when ever necessary. But When my indecent occurred, and i was banished i left. And i was replaced Von a new queen. A seven Jahr old girl with short white hair. At that time i had long white hair.
It was to grow out for however long i was ruling. Now i had to cut. It was custom. Now i cut and left my hair grow out at what ever pace i choose. But as i look at my hair and see it flow, the pain flows too. The past i had. I loved it so. But it was part of my cursed color of hair that i became who i am. but then without it now...who would i be? Would i be here? Would i have the Friends i do now?
Return of the Menace
Sneak Peek

Grant Tower
New York City, New York
Independent States of America
21:04 EST, June 17, 2047

Sam looked down at the papers beneath him and sighed. Finances through the roof, lawyer fees, police reports, dates for criminal hearings, accusations, weapon shipments. He glanced it all over before crumpling it with one, large hand and throwing it across the room where it hit the female he hadn't noticed.

Rose Walker had been his original partner. For two years they had fought together, then she had left. Gone to Minnesota and joined the Freedom Fighters. Her red-pink hair blew...
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Damian's Introduction

From The Arrowette Series Book II:

"That," Stephanie said, running a towel over her damp forehead. "Was a workout."

"So when are Du coming to the Manor?" Helena asked.

"Whoah, Whoah, Whoah, Whoah." A new voice said. "Who said--"

"Bruce." Helena responded as Red Robin walked in.

"Bats gave Du the clear?" Tim asked. "And here I thought he LIKED me."

"Ah, cheer up Tim." Helena said, patting the Bird on his shoulder. "He let Du be Robin with no training. I'm his daughter and I had to wait six months."

Tim smiled, but turned his attention to the zeta-tubes as they warmed up.

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posted by ArwinYJ
Name: Lana Copeg
Alias: Arwin
Age: 16
Occupation/Alliance: Hero

Appearance: Long black hair, orange eyes, 5' 5"

Powers/skills/weapons: powers over the element earth, martial arts, and her family heir loom (a magic staff)

Personality: Withdrawn, optimistic, kind, brave, courageous, shy, cynical, hard-working, loyal

History: After being gegeben into the care of her grandparents without warning Lana's parents mysteriously went missing. Lana discovered their family heir loom when she went looking for her parents a Jahr later. She took the heir loom into her possesion after Lesen a note left with the heir loom Von her parents. When she was fifteen she left her grandparents to train her powers. After training for three years and discovering many things Lana returned to her grandparent's house to find them gone. From that point on Lana decided that secrets only killed people rather than kept the safe.
 Arwin's staff
Arwin's staff
posted by XxKFforeverXx
5 years later
"Soldiers! Du are not in combat training anymore! Welcome to the real war, the real thing. We have some returning veterans to the battlefield." The commander turned and held out his hand to point at Derek. "Soldier Adams, thank Du for returning to battle. Your assistance is much needed" Derek nodded once and shifted his sniper rifle. Soldiers starting running and grabbing Pistolen and ammo as the threat of a bomb filled the air from the radios. "ADAMS! Get to higher ground, use that sniper to take enemy targets down." Derek nodded and grabbed ammo and running out of the tent,...
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posted by NekoTheif
A is for Anger

Because Amara has so much of it

B is for Bonnie

Because she is their child blood oder otherwise

C is for careful

Because Charm never is

D is for Danger

Because it's their life

E is for Ending

Because every bad dream must end

F is for Failure

Because tundra can never reach Charm even when he's right in front of her

G is for Genuine

Because Bonnie knows her parents Liebe is just that

H is for Hell

Because it's hell with out him there

I is for in Liebe

Because Red Rose is in Liebe with Bonnie as much as tundra is with Charm

J is for jealous

Tundra is jealous that Becca has Robin when she doesn't...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Logan Sanders

Alias: unknown.

Age: 15 ( would be 19 now)

Status: deceased

Appearance: black hair, green eyes, 5'10, glasses.

Personality: he is very very smart and often thinks things through the logical way before actually doing it. He was often the one to speak his mind and opinion and prove that he was always right with his theories.

Powers/Abilities: he was truly someone with a brilliant mind, could hack systems, and develop inventions of his own that his team used. He had great combat skills with spears. His brain is his power.

Past: he was killed in a break out with his team.

Others: The teleport smoke bombs BloodMist uses were his invention and he taught him how to make them. Most of the adjustments in Mistys suit were Logan's invention (ex. the suction on his hands a feet so he can run on the sides of buildings, the wrist grappling hooks)
posted by SilverWings13
Name: Anastasia Alexovna Aldric (née Romanova)
Reason oder meaning of name: Anastasia was her aunt's name, means "resurrection"; her middle name is a derivative of her father's name, Alexei; born Romanova, but recently married; Aldric means "wise ruler"
Eye Color: forest green
Hair Style/Color: auburn; curly; usually intricately braided
Height: 5' 2" ((v smol))
Clothing Style: comfortable. Simple jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt if she's not going to meet anyone.
Best Physical Feature: ((It's wild, but soooo soft))

Your Fears: disappointing the...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Kori Adams at your service.
Reason oder meaning of name: WELL, it was Karina, but that didn't fit my style so I aggravated the everliving sh- (*coughs*) ..crap, outta dad to change it.
Eye Color: Don't Du have fu- (KORI.) *sigh* They're blue.
Hair Style/Color: Black, short, white piece in the front.
Height: I think I'm like 5'7, 5'8, idk man.
Clothing Style: Look at my father and you'll know. Black and old band t-shirts, most of them are his.
Best Physical Feature: I believe it's my white streak. (Dear God, definitely your deceiving angelic face.)

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posted by AislingYJ
Updated 6/3/14
I'm bored, so I thought I'd share with Du a few websites online that Du can Design your characters! There are tons of websites out there, these are just a few.
This website is Von far the best superhero generator I've found. Basically Du use it to make your character in costume. They have endless options of costume parts for both male and female characters, and they even allow Du to Bewegen parts around, resize them, and color them. Du can save the character to the game, and then load it later, but if Du want to save an image to the computer, Du have to take a screenshot....
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posted by SilverWings13
 Young Roxanne Weston (age 15)
Young Roxanne Weston (age 15)
Name: Roxanne "Roxy" Conners
Age: 37 (age when she died)
Status: deceased
Relations: husband- Riley Conners (deceased), son- Daemian Weston (deceased), son- Declan Conners, daughter- Aryess Weston
Physical Appearance: fair hair, sky-blue eyes, 5'8", slim build- slight muscle
Personality: stubborn, kind, strong willed
Titles: Mistress of Revenge, Angel – Jäger der Finsternis
History: Was born and raised in Venice, Italy as Roxanne Weston. Her parents tried to protect their only child from their family's secret: each generation of their ancestors had sent their lineage to the temple of the League of Shadows in hopes that...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Minkabh Lyons
Alias: Anubis
Powers: power over canines; a “death” trance; skilled combat
Occupation: Villain
Weakness/Limits: Unknown
History: Minkabh was born and raised Von the Nile. He lived in the early years of Cleopatra's reign. When he was young, he was taken from his Home and tortured Von the Roman soldiers that invaded his home. He was granted immortality and the power of Anubis Von the god of death himself. He made his escape with several deaths and many threats. Minkabh grew, never looking older than seven-teen. His looks changed as the death god did, and so did his powers. He...
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