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After the Tag Yoshi's class went to hawaii for a field trip,The yoshi princesses asked the teacher if they should go on a field trip to the kingdom of Verzaubert puppies, But Yoshi's teacher said, "No class,We can't go to the kingdom of Verzaubert Welpen because they may not allow us there. Instead, we're going to MOON VIEW CITY today." then Yoshi said,"Moon view city, I adore (Love) Moon view city." When Yoshi's class arrived at Moon view city, Yoshi saw The Coconut Obst truck and she got some Delicous Berries from Super mario galaxy 2. She also saw the moo moo dariy truck and the teacher said," In Coconut mall, they have the moo moo dariy store." Yoshi didn't know that The Moo Moo dariy store was in coconut mall (One of yoshi's Favorit courses). When they returned to the classroom,the whole class drew their Favorit things in moon view city. Yoshi drew a picture of the whole city."You must Liebe the moon view city." the princesess were Home and they lived happily ever after.
posted by yoshi5678
One day, Yoshi was playing with Diddy kong in the Kong house. "Yoshi! Diddy! I need to tell Du guys something. There's going to be a bake sale at the pilz Kingdom. Du have to figure out what to make for the bake sale." sagte Yoshi's mom. When Yoshi & Diddy left the kong house, Yoshi said, "I Liebe bake sales. I'm going to make a Yoshi Berry cake for the bake sale."
When Yoshi and Diddy went in the castle, Yoshi asked her Friends what they were going to make for the sale, pfirsich was going to make a Loving herz pie, Mario was going to make fireball cake pops, Her other friends, Dog Yoshi...
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After the ball, Princess Yoshi told her magical story to the other princess Yoshis. "Then some birds puted the royal crown on me and I became princess"said Yoshi."That's a betuiful story, Yoshi." sagte one of the Yoshi princesses. Then, Princess Yoshi's teacher said, "Today, we're going on a field trip to Hawaii to see the princess of the coconuts there. Did Du lovely princesses get your bathing Suits on?" "Yes." sagte the princesses."I can't wait to meet the princess of coconuts."said Yoshi. "Okay class, time to go." When they made it to Hawaii, Yoshi said, "I Liebe Hawaii." Then another princess yoshi from Yoshi's class jumped into a swimming pool. "I'm in."said Yoshi. Before she came in, she saw Hawaiian dancers doing the hula dance. After the field trip, she came back to the kingdom of Verzaubert yoshis and they lived happily ever after.
posted by yoshifan1976
I'm feeling really sad right about now cause there was another Yoshi hater. The Yoshi haters need to stop picking on us fans. He is the coolest dinosaur ever. I feel really sad, but I will be loyal to Yoshi no matter what because I've grown up with him. I've been his Fan since 1990 and I'll keep being a loyal Yoshi fan. Yoshi is the best video game character and we will not stop being his fans. I feel so depressed cause of the Yoshi hating. It's on the rise right now and it needs to stop. 969 fans. Way to go Yoshi.

Please don't stop being his fan. I won't stop. Yoshi Fans unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the last part Du read that Yoshi and Luigi went for a hunt for the mustached hero, but will they find him? oder will he be Lost forever?
The hunt begins, Yoshi and Luigi now started to walk in the deep, dark forest that looked like it went on forever. In the forest Luigi made no emotion but to find his long Lost brother. “I will not give up” Luigi said. “I won’t let Mario get hurt, and that’s that. Yeah I might be a little scared, but there’s one thing, I’m doing this for my bro.” They both kept on walking until Yoshi finally started to talk. “Wow! Aren’t...
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We all know that Yoshi loves regenbogen power than anyone else. When Yoshi performs her "Rainbow of wonder " she flutters in a kreis like I told Du Then she stretches her back. Then, she aims for her goal, the regenbogen line quickly changes into land. Then, she scores. When she does her regenbogen flutter, she performs a BIG flutter jump and hits the ball with a regenbogen trail behind it. When she performs The regenbogen ball (witch is her star, sterne pitch), she jumps up and says "Yay!" And makes a regenbogen path and makes the batter get out. Yoshi's star, sterne bat is when the baseball turns into a Yoshi egg with a regenbogen trail behind the ball. Anyone that touches the Yoshi egg is stunned for two seconds. The other Yoshis don't have a star, sterne pitch/bat. I'll see Du Weiter time on Yoshi loves regenbogen power part 3,Bye!
I was really bored.

i am one myself :p

1- If Du see any kind of cartoony dinosaour. and Du think of Yoshi
2- a spotted egg makes Du think of Yoshi
3- if Du imagine adventures with Yoshi
4- if Du have a plush doll and use it every day
5- if Du have 3 oder Mehr Yoshi shirts
6- if Du refrence Yoshi all the time to people Du talk too.
7- if someone says somthing about Yoshi. and Du run right up and try to join
8- Du have 3 oder Mehr Yoshi games and play them frequently.
9- Du talk about Yoshi everyday
10- Du have joined atleast 2 yoshi Clubs in the past few days
11- Du have...
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posted by yoshi5678
One day, Yoshi was planning her day, She saw Birdo along the way. Then she went to Diddy kong's house, But when Yoshi got in the house, Diddy kong said, "Yoshi! Yoshi! I want to unlock Leaf cup but I don't know how to unlock leaf cup. Yoshi, can Du unlock Leaf cup please?" Then Yoshi said, "Well, Maybe I could unlock leaf cup for you, I'll go get my Super Blooper!" Meanwhile at Yoshi's island, " Look everyone! Yoshi is coming!" sagte rosa Yoshi. "Yay!" sagte the others. Yoshi looked around her kart collection and picked out the Super Blooper. When Yoshi picked out banane cup. "Welcome to The...
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One day, Yoshi woke up and was planning his day. Then, he went to the pilz kingdom to visit his friends. He saw mario Lesen one of his favortie Bücher written Von peach. the book was called, Peach's stories. But there was a flyer Weiter to mario,It said: MISSING APE: T KONG "Huh? t kong is missing?" yoshi said. "Yes, He's missing,Yoshi." sagte peach. All of the mario charcters sat down at peach's thron room. "All right, Yoshi told me that T kong was missing and we have to find him fast before he gets lost." sagte peach. Then yoshi said,"This is an important adventure to find T kong now let's...
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posted by yoshi5678
While Yoshi was shopping for a present, he looked everywhere in the store. Then, he saw a beuitaful dress that was the right size for Baby peach! Yoshi's dark blue eyes glimmered like sparkles. But he saw an unexpected Yoshi,She had purple skin, light blue shoes and of course, A blue tounge! Yoshi's eyes grew wide, he never saw a yoshi with a blue tounge before. Yoshi puted the dress in the karte, warenkorb and came up to say hi."Hello, what's your name? My name is Yoshiteete." Then Yoshi said, "My name is Yoshi." Then Yoshiteete said, "Yoshi, that's a Beautiful name." She kissed Yoshi and it made Yoshi fall in Liebe with Yoshiteete! Then pfirsich called and said, "Yoshi, Yoshiteete Du need to come to the party Stat!" When Yoshi and Yoshiteete arrived at peach's castle, pfirsich didn't notice that Yoshi fell in Liebe with Yoshiteete! They sagte happy birthday to baby pfirsich and baby pfirsich loved Yoshi's gift that Yoshi bought for her and they all lived happliy ever after.
Once a pon a Time, there was a young yoshi who lived in the city. "Yoshi, it's time to go." sagte Yoshi's mom. "Where are we going?" asked Yoshi. "Today, We're going to The Kindom of Verzaubert yoshis.I am Married to King Yoshitone and we're going to be in the roylal famliy of yoshis And Du get to have step sisters. I'm going to be the Queen of the family. Du get to be the Princess of the family" sagte yoshi's mom. "You mean, I get to be the Princess, mom? sagte Yoshi "Of course. When they put the crown on you, they'll name Du Princess Yoshi." Yay!" sagte yoshi. When they got to the kindom of Verzaubert yoshis, Yoshi was the princess. "It's magical to be a princess your magjisty" when they got in the castle, Yoshi said, "this is my room?" "No sweetie, this is your room." then yoshi said,"Hi yoshila,I'm so glad we're sisters" The after a few days of school, it was the Tag for the ball, the king took yoshi's hand and danced and they all lived happily ever after.
I'm going to tell Du about new regenbogen powers. On the first power, Yoshi twirls in a kreis and throws rainbows to confuse the other players and aims for her goal. On the new Sekunde power,Yoshi does a little dance and throws a Yoshi egg with a regenbogen trail sparkling on Yoshi and aims for her goal. On the third power, Yoshi blows regenbogen bubbles and takes a bubbly bath and throws regenbogen rubber duckies to confuse the players and aims for her goal. On the fourth one, Yoshi spins until she gets dizzy and aims for her goal. On the fifth one, Yoshi performs a back flip Then, she makes a BIG regenbogen bubble and aims for her goal. On the last power,Yoshi balances on one leg and sings then, she makes her self regenbogen glow then aims for her goal. We'll see Du Weiter time on the Yoshi loves regenbogen power series. Bye!
posted by yoshi5678
Yoshi is going to the YOSHI CUDDLE palace with his friends, Yellow yoshi, rosa yoshi, Blue yoshi,and cyan yoshi. When they got there, Blue yoshi said,"wow!". Then Yoshi said, "Yoshi cuddle time!" The yoshis Cuddled and hugged each other. Then yoshi sagte "Hugs, kisses, Every thing That has cuddles." while they were walking home, they saw a beuitiful palace that looked like the YOSHI CUDDLE palace. "That is a BIG palace and it's so beuitiuful" sagte cyan yoshi and contiuned walking. when they got Home their mother said,"How was the hugs?" then yoshi sagte "it was Perfect!" and they all lived happliy ever after.
In Mario sports mix, Yoshi's power is the regenbogen of wonder because she shows Yoshi wonders and flutters around and around in a circle. In a Mario sports mix photo, Yoshi hits Lugi with her regenbogen of wonder and happily Yoshi holds up two fingers and smiles at Lugi happily. In Mario power tennis, Yoshi's powers is a regenbogen flutter & a Rolling egg return. When she does a regenbogen flutter, she does a big flutter in the air and hits the ball with a regenbogen path behind it. The Rolling egg return is when Yoshi hides inside a Yoshi egg and changes color. In Mario super sluggers, Yoshi's powers are a regenbogen ball & A Egg swing. When Yoshi does a regenbogen ball, she creates a regenbogen path and the batter is out. When Yoshi performs the egg swing, the ball turns into a Yoshi egg with a regenbogen trail behind it.
Luigi and Yoshi tensed themselves, sure that Lakithunder would conjure another string of lightning any moment now.
"Give it your best shot," Luigi seethed.
In response to Luigi's words, Lakithunder directed a Mehr lethal string of lightning toward the thin Mario Brother, which, somehow Mehr agilely than from his Zurück quests, Luigi managed to dodge. He practically back-flipped out of the way.
"I can a-dodge with class," Luigi bragged.
Yoshi widened his eyes. "Whoa, who knew Luigi had the skills?" he whispered under his breath.
"Who's talking to you?" Lakithunder roared at Yoshi; it was easy to...
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This is BIG ! I have made a series based off of Nintendos beloved Super Mario characters. mainly the Yoshi gang. The series is a comedy,horror,romance,and basically a mix of everything. Its about rosa yoshis adventures and the magical power of the power stars . It starts off with Pinky Yoshi (or her name in the series Marry ann) arriving to her new Home and figuring every thing out. She dosent know English at firt but picks up on it (shes Japanese) . And Du will just have to wait and find out what adventures await . Please give my series a shot? I wil Upload the character information Von at latest end of the Monat . Then Von April 20 (?) Du guys will have your first chapter :D . PLEASE CHECK OUT MY Profil AND MESSAGE ME FOR Mehr DETAILS

Thank Du so much if Du do check my Profil out and PM me Du have no idea how much that means to me <3
“So, Du can’t wait to start?” Bowser sagte with a sneer as he closed the distance between him and the green plumber with just one stride.
Luigi blinked in surprise. Bowser’s expression seemed void of all sorts of hidden tricks up his sleeve (if Koopas wore sleeves). If Bowser was planning something especially devious, he certainly wasn’t Wird angezeigt it right now.
“How about Du tell me where my brother is,” Luigi feebly suggested, “and maybe we can get somewhere without so much as a struggle? Then Du can kick our asses—well, mine—as payback for all those times I foiled your...
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“So it was Du who was a-messing with our heads!” Luigi scoffed. “It was a good thing I snapped out of your twisted dark magic and all your illusions!”
King Boo snickered. “Merely a trap to not only get Du to quit, but also to get Du to give up altogether.” Then he added with an evil smirk, “But there were no illusions involved—everything Du saw before Du were real. Your Friends are really suffering; you’ll really be up against all the forces that are beyond your wildest expectations....”
“And as I’ve said—I’m going to save them no matter what!”
“Still so...
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**This entire chapter will be about how Mario and company are doing back at Bowser's Castle. I made this, 'cause, well, Du might all be thinking I'd forgotten about them.**

In Bowser's Castle:
"Hurry up, captives," a Hammer Bro said, "it's time to your dinner!"
"I don't like this," Toadsworth muttered, "I wonder if what they're going to feed us is actually clean."
Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and the rest of the pilz Kingdom schloss captives were in chains; only their hands were partially free to be able to get a tray and pick up their dinner. Princess pfirsich looked at the tabelle where...
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In the Zurück chapter Yoshi took a nice walk around the strand when something happened! Yoshi quickly ran to check it out and see if everything was ok. Mean wile Mario searched for Yoshi, he also went outside and followed the noise. What will happen next?


Footsteps ran though the forest. The footsteps were getting closer and closer until they reached their destination. A person's Figure quickly popped out the forest. It was Mario! Mario finally stopped, and took a turn to the a raging figure. Mario put both hands around his mouth giving a horrified emotion. "OH MY! What is...that!"...
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