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Nintendo characters
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One day, Yoshi was playing with Diddy kong in the Kong house. "Yoshi! Diddy! I need to tell Du guys something. There's going to be a bake sale at the pilz Kingdom. Du have to figure out what to make for the bake sale." sagte Yoshi's mom. When Yoshi & Diddy left the kong house, Yoshi said, "I Liebe bake sales. I'm going to make a Yoshi Berry cake for the bake sale."
When Yoshi and Diddy went in the castle, Yoshi asked her Friends what they were going to make for the sale, pfirsich was going to make a Loving herz pie, Mario was going to make fireball cake pops, Her other friends, Dog Yoshi...
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After the ball, Princess Yoshi told her magical story to the other princess Yoshis. "Then some birds puted the royal crown on me and I became princess"said Yoshi."That's a betuiful story, Yoshi." sagte one of the Yoshi princesses. Then, Princess Yoshi's teacher said, "Today, we're going on a field trip to Hawaii to see the princess of the coconuts there. Did Du lovely princesses get your bathing Suits on?" "Yes." sagte the princesses."I can't wait to meet the princess of coconuts."said Yoshi. "Okay class, time to go." When they made it to Hawaii, Yoshi said, "I Liebe Hawaii." Then another princess yoshi from Yoshi's class jumped into a swimming pool. "I'm in."said Yoshi. Before she came in, she saw Hawaiian dancers doing the hula dance. After the field trip, she came back to the kingdom of Verzaubert yoshis and they lived happily ever after.