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Once a pon a Time, there was a young yoshi who lived in the city. "Yoshi, it's time to go." sagte Yoshi's mom. "Where are we going?" asked Yoshi. "Today, We're going to The Kindom of Verzaubert yoshis.I am Married to King Yoshitone and we're going to be in the roylal famliy of yoshis And Du get to have step sisters. I'm going to be the Queen of the family. Du get to be the Princess of the family" sagte yoshi's mom. "You mean, I get to be the Princess, mom? sagte Yoshi "Of course. When they put the crown on you, they'll name Du Princess Yoshi." Yay!" sagte yoshi. When they got to the kindom of Verzaubert yoshis, Yoshi was the princess. "It's magical to be a princess your magjisty" when they got in the castle, Yoshi said, "this is my room?" "No sweetie, this is your room." then yoshi said,"Hi yoshila,I'm so glad we're sisters" The after a few days of school, it was the Tag for the ball, the king took yoshi's hand and danced and they all lived happily ever after.
As Du had read the Zurück part, Mario and his Friends had been hiding from that big, horrible monster. They were hidden to be safe, sicher for a bit until they were ready to face it. What do Du think might happen next?


Lightning clashed and the thunder roared, it was dark, moody, and creepy afternoon. It started to rain, ever since the monster found them. Yoshi's eye flashed in horror as he watched the monster get closer... and closer... until, he was standing right beneath its shadow. Yoshi had never experienced this kind of threat before. A sound broke from luigi's mouth. Luigi...
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Luigi sighed as he walked into the door. He could only think of Yoshi, his green dinosaur friend, back there. He thought of how Merida - Legende der Highlands he was, to put himself in between him and Kamek’s shot. Not just brave, utterly selfless—sacrificing in the place of a friend had always been considered a core act of nobility. He wondered idly what would have happened if his pal hadn’t done that….
Luigi shook his head. No, that wouldn’t have happened, he argued with himself. Yoshi gave me this chance; he knew that I’d have to face Bowser, he knew that it would have to be me who would face him in...
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Luigi and Yoshi tensed themselves, sure that Lakithunder would conjure another string of lightning any moment now.
"Give it your best shot," Luigi seethed.
In response to Luigi's words, Lakithunder directed a Mehr lethal string of lightning toward the thin Mario Brother, which, somehow Mehr agilely than from his Zurück quests, Luigi managed to dodge. He practically back-flipped out of the way.
"I can a-dodge with class," Luigi bragged.
Yoshi widened his eyes. "Whoa, who knew Luigi had the skills?" he whispered under his breath.
"Who's talking to you?" Lakithunder roared at Yoshi; it was easy to...
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First of all, I really wanna thank Du guys for letting me be here on fanpop. It's been the greatest Jahr ever. To my Yoshi buddies Makintosh and Cassandra Lopez, we Yoshis rule together. To all of my 270 fans, thanks for adding me and making me fit in. I Liebe Du all. I also dedicate this Artikel to the greatest dinosaur ever Yoshi. Thanks pal Du rock. I don't care what people say. Yoshi you're the best dinosaur ever. Thanks Yo'ster. Yoshi haters leave me alone. Yoshi is the greatest and he rules. And also to Flana 2 and Aimee147, we Fanpop girls are the best. Thanks for being there for me and know that I will always be there for you. Just call on me.

I also wanna thank my family and Friends to whom without you, none of this is possible. Remember fanpoppers, YOSHI POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luigi groaned a few times, then he tried to open his eyes, but he couldn't have them move—his body was sluggish to respond.
"Wh-Where am I…?" he mumbled.
There was a light yet tomboyish voice calling on to him.
"Hey, Luigi…"
Luigi started; the voice sounded somehow familiar. "Who are you?" He strained his eyes to see a lady-like figure among the fluff of the clouds.
The figure made a giggling sound.
Luigi scratched the back of his head and made a disgruntled face. The giggle only leaned even closer to the person in Luigi's assumptions.
He cleared his throat and blinked hard before he sagte her...
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