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Whats your Disney World dreams?

ok, heres my dreams

1st dream: ok, this is the dream i remember most. ok once, i was looking in a book with my dad while seeing the words "cracker barrel". and soon i hear the Disney World song and i check outside and i see normal trees. soon i teleport in a ride and Zeigen mixed together. i was moving everywhere on this big, moving, kreis object, and i see my family including my aunt and uncle and grandpas and grandmas and stuff. i suddenly hear in the background while I'm moving... i dont remember actually... but it was something. after the ride stops i teleport sitting Weiter to my family and my grandpa says something nice and my grandma says "awwww" after that i wake up.

2nd dream: in this dream i was in the VMK game and i was stuck in the creepy looking area. soon i pop out of the game and my family finds out VMK is back on and i get super excited. suddenly i teleport back in the game and i see this big tent. my family wants to go inside but i say no and i walk away. after that, i go inside and i see a movie theater o.o this is a very weird dream

3rd dream: all of my Its a small world dreams i dont wanna talk about. btw i Liebe Its A Small world thats why i dreamed it so much ^-^

ok thats it
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