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This Twilight-Serie foto contains porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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"Bella! Bella! Wake up Bells!," I heard someone scream in my ear. Don't they know I'm trying to sleep? The voice kept screaming in my ear. I tried to fall back asleep. Useless. Then I realized who the voice belonged to. I opened my eyes and found out I was right. The voice does belong to Jacob. When he saw that I was awake he stood up.

"Jake what are Du doing?"

"I wanted to make sure that Du are okay,"

"Do I look okay?"


"I'm fine. Did anything happen last night?"

"They wouldn't let me patrol with them," he was now sitting at the end of my bett while looking out the window, " I wanted...
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posted by Bella_Cullen902
Hey!!! This is my first Story so take it easy!! Please comment!! And I'll shut up now!!

I tried to call Jacob luck. I don't know what to do, ever since the Cullens came back he hasn't talked to me. Jake wont answer the phone when i call and when somebody does pick up, Billy usually says that he's not Home oder that he's asleep.

But tody was different. When i called Billy picked up and sagte "Jake doesn't want to talk to right now Bella. Sorry." Then the line went dead.

Edward say not to worry about it. That he'll get over it...eventually.

Me and Edward were in my room. He was laying across...
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posted by 2bearz
hey, jus wanted to say that this is bout 4 months after the last chapter , and Bella n Edward got married, and Bella is a few Tag from havin her baby! sorry for skippin the good parts, but its jus like in the book, n i didnt want 2 repeat evrythin. sorry again.

" But I thought that Du sagte the Volturi were coming Edward!" Alec raged. He was mad that his sister hadn't chosen to come over to the Cullen's family, but he wasn't leaving. We had tried to persuade her, but she held fast. Carlisle mentioned a girl who could make, and break, bonds in the Volturi.

When Edward sagte they were coming Alice...
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posted by ktbminnie12
Bella’s POV

    I didn’t know how much later it was. It seemed like two minutes. Then I heard Aro’s voice saying, “Bella, wake up. You’re home.”
    I opened my eyes. We were in front of the Cullen’s house. I was overjoyed. But wait, there was something off. The lights were off just like when they left. Did they leave?
    “Where is everyone?” I asked.
    “I don’t know. Their scent is almost four months old,” Aro said.
    “They must have went looking for me,” I said....
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Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
New Moon – Bis(s) zur Mittagsstunde
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