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"I, too, Liebe a good cat fight, but one with real Katzen who wear tiny boxing gloves." - Harold (2008: A Weltraum Owen)
"Oooh, your face, in my glands. Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, it's Du and meeeee! And Du and me makes weeeee! You. And me-e-e-e-e-e-eee, like butterknives we're free! We're freeeee!" - Lindsay (Rock n' Rule)
"Everybody knows that Mehr wars have been won with a shovel than a sword. Give a man a hole and what does he have? Nothing, but give a man a shovel and he can dig a hole to contain the nothing." - Harold (The Chefshank Redemption)
(in confessional) "I got some! Courtney's...
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posted by tdlovr1234
Gwen in her dream:
I gently saoked my foot in the lakewater as I rubbed my baby bump.Duncan came to my side and told me everything would be alright,alright,alright.

*gwen wakes up in the hostpital*

Doctor:Gwen?Sweety?Oh,hi dear. Du fell asleap.But your all awake now!

Gwen:uh,huh...*gently stirs to her side*

Duncan:Is she alright Doc?

Docter:She`s alright. *checks Gwen`s IV*

Duncan:Babe?Remember me?


Duncan:You Ok?

Gwen:Ya..I guess...

Duncan:Good.Just,stay calm.Yor going into labour.

Gwen:WHAT!?! *pants,wheezes*

Doctor:It`s ok. PUSH!

20 hours...
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