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misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Yes"Jace replied

"What was the last time ?"Red asked

(Why not ?)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"I never liked these kind of people..." Dawn says with an angry tone.

"It was when we challenged three Gyms in one day. They were so excited their Pokeballs kept shaking like that and Zuzu even popped out....while we were flying..." Magia replies.

(You have to figure out!)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Me neither but last I heard he was in Hoenn so I won't have to worry about him"Jace said

"So Zuzu can pop out even now ?"Red asked

(I don't wanna!)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"That's good to hear! I've had enough of this kind of people these days.." Dawn says.

"Of course she can! But I think she has learnt her lesson..." Magia replies, not quite sure herself...

(Well if I tell you then it would be less exciting when he appears! XP)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Yeah, lets just enjoy the rest of the ride"Jace said

"You don't seem to be sure yourself"Red said

(Yeah but I don't feel like thinking)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"By the way, I think our ride is almost over..." Dawn says as the boat was reaching the place the ride started.

"Um, well-" Magia says when Zuzu suddenly pops out of her Pokeballs and lands randomly on Aero's head.
"Where's the Gym already?!" she shouts and Magia facepalms.

(*akward silence* Uh....)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Aww but I wanted to hold you longer"Jace said

"I guess not"Red said
"'Sup Zuzu ?"Aero asked

(I'm on holiday I don't wanna think!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"We'll be together all day, won't we?" Dawn asks "You can do this again any time"

"At least she landed on something... Last time I didn't catch her on time and she fell into mid air..." Magia says.
"What's up is that I'm booooored!" Zuzu replies "How long will it take us to ger to the Gym anyway?!"

(Holiday? Lucky you, I'm almost in the middle of the school year... Anyway, if you don't wanna think, then wait until one of the legendaries gets kidnapped!)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Yeah we will"Jace said giving Dawn a hug
(What else is there to do ?)

"We'll be landing right now"Aero said descending
"There's the gym"Red said

(Fine! *Puffs checks*)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(I have no idea... Check the shops? XP)
Dawn smiles hugging Jace back.

"Finally!" Zuzu exlaims returning into her Pokeball.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Sure they can do that)
"Okay, sorry ride's over"The man said
Jace let go off Dawn, got out the boat and held his hand out to her

"And here we are"Red said when Aero landed
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"Where do you think we should go now?" Dawn asks grabbing Jace's hand.

"Alright! Hydragon, you're up!" Magia exlaims getting of Aero and sending out Hydragon.
"Let's crash'em!" Hydragon says as they burst into the Gym.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Uh, how about we go explore some shops ?"Jace suggested

"Good luck!"Red said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"Now that's a great idea!" Dawn says with a wide smile.

"Another challenger?" Volkner asks without any enthousiasm.
"Yes! It's me and Hydragon!" Magia replies.
"Yeah yeah. Just take the stupid badge" Volkner says tossing Magia the badge.
"Wha-?!" Magia asks shocked.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Should we invite the others ?"Jace asked

"Hum what's this ?"Red asked looking at the gym setting "There's a level above hard ? Well she wanted a challenge, lets set it to Red, Mt Silver!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"Sure, why not?" Dawn replies "Any idea where they are?"

--The saved file has been deleted--
"Another challenger?" Volkner asks.
"Yes! It's me and Hydragon!" Magia replies.
"Let's get started then!" Volkener says smirking.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"I think they're still at the old contest hall"Jace said

"There we go"Red said

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"Then let's go!" Dawn says walking ahead.

(Red, Mt Silver? XD)
"Raichu!" Volkner says sending out Raichu.
The referee says his usual lines...
"Alright! Dragon Pulse!" Magia commands.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Okay"Jace said
"Hey look there they are"Gold said spotting Dawn and Jace

(Yes, the second highest setting XD)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"Over there!" Dawn says spotting the others.
"Dawn! Jace!" Chris exlaims waving to them.

(So the Pokemon's lvl is supposed to be 80 or something?)
"Quick Attack!" Volkner commands and Raichu dodges the Dragon Pulse, hitting Hydragon and forcing him to stop his attack.
"Wo! That was quick!" Magia exlaims and smirks "That's the way! Dark Pulse!"
"Signal Beam!"
The two attacks crash.
"Focus Blast!" Volkner commands.
"Dragon Pulse!"
The two attacks clash again, with the Dragon Pulse being more powerfull and hitting Raichu.
"Alright!" Magia exlaims as Raichu falls on the floor "Use Dark Pulse once again!"
"Charge Beam!"
Dark Pulse hits after Raichu unleases his Charge Beam.
"The Charge Beam landed... Raichu's special attack power is increased now..." Magia thinks to herself and smirks "You okay, Hydagon?"
"It was an Electric-type move, of course I'm okay!" Hydragon says smirking.
"Okay then! Let's get this done! Dragon Pulse again, full power!" Magia commands.
Hydragon unleases a Dragon Pulse before Raichu could dodge, crashing it to the ground.
"Raichu!" Volkner exlaims.
The referee says his usual lines as Volkner returns his Pokemon.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
Jace and reached the others "Hey guys, do you wanna come shop with us ?"

(Around there yeah)
"I just hope she doesn't become sad after this"Red said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"Shopping? I...guess..." Sapphire says.
"It would be nice" Chris says.

"Finally another strong Gym leader! I'm sick of battling with Cress!" Hydragon exlaims.
"Jolteon!" Volkner sends out Jolteon "Quick Attack!"
Jolteon hits with Quick Attack, making the same damage Raichu did.
"That won't do much!" Magia says smirking "Dragon Pulse!"
Hydragon tries to use Dragon Pulse, but fails.
"I knew the Quick Attack wouldn't do much" Volkner says smirking. Magia suddenly gets a surprised expression.
"It was Thunder Wave! I should have noticed.."
"That's right. Hydragon is paralyzed now, which means it won't be so easy for him to move" Volkner says "Iron Tail!"
Hydragon is paralyzed and isn't able to dodge.
"You know what?" Magia says smiling "This is fun! The Gym settings really are the best! Dragon Pulse again!"
Hydragon finally lands the hit, making Jolteon get blasted away.
"Urgh.." Volkner says looking at his fainted Pokemon.
The referee says his usual lines.
"This is fun! Too bad it will finish soon..." Magia thinks to herself getting a sad expression.

(G2g, I'll be back in one hour or something...)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
Gold looked at Jace with a weird look.Jace looked back and looked at Ruby
"Wow"Ruby asked
"Yep"Jace said

Vor mehr als einem Jahr misshedgehog said…
Abagail: miss joy
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(I'm back! :D)
The girls look at each other confused.
"Wow what?" Sapphire asks.

"Luxray! Ice Fang!" Volkner says sending out Luxray, who, once is out, uses Ice Fang before Hydragon could dodge, making him get knocked on the ground.
"Hydragon! You okay?" Magia asks worried.
"Not....quite.." Hydragon replies getting up slowly.
"Return!" Magia returns him "You did well" she places the Pokeball back in her bag and takes out another one "Rio, in you go!" she sends out Rio.
"A Lucario, huh? Luxray, use Fire Fang!"
Luxray charges towards Rio.
"Rio, Aura Sphere its mouth!" Magia commands.
Rio, once Luxray is close enough, sends an Aura Sphere straight into Luxray's mouth, making him get knocked on the floor.
"Exactly what we did to Hugh's Bouffaland!" Magia says with a snicker "Dig!"
Rio burrows himself underground.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Oh just boy stuff"Gold said

"Say I wonder what would happen if I reset the difficulty during their battle"Red said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(You just copied me! DX)
The girls look at each other confused again.
"Um, okay. Let's go shall we?" Chris says.

Rio jumps out of the ground, knocking Luxray in the air.

"What is it?" nurse Joy asks.
"We want to know where we can find a window store or something" Silver replies
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Or did you see into the future and copy me ?)
"Yeah lets go"Jace said holding Dawn's hand

"Should I ?"Red asked Aero
"Maybe"Aero replied

(Jace and Dawn, second moment: Hat swap!)
 (Or did Du see into the future and copy me ?) "Yeah lets go"Jace sagte holding Dawn's hand "Shoul
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh, sure, and how would I be able to do that?)
Dawn smiles at Jace
"Okay I saw some great shops that way" Chris says walking ahead as Sapphire follows a bit resistently.

"This is awesome!" Magia exlaims as Rio and Luxray attack each other with almost the same power.

(Cute! I totally forgot about that moment XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I don't know, you're the time cop)
Jace smiled back and followed Chris
"Saph you don't seem very into this"Ruby said

"Do it"Aero said with a grin
"I see your grin"Red said and set the gym to Brock vs Bulbasaur

(How, that's their first moment if their meeting isn't counted)
DragonAura15 commented…
Time cop? Are we in Meet the Robinsons? XD Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Since when? XD)
"Well, I'm not used in shopping that much..." Sapphire says.

"Aura Sphere!" Magia commands.
Rio attacks and knocks Luxray out immediately.
"Wha...." Magia asks shocked.

last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I don't know, you're the time cop)
"Well just stick with me, I'll make sure to get something fabu"Ruby said
"I didn't know we had 4 girls"Gold said

"Well looks like the battle ended"Red said looking through the door

(Uh yeah)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Then I'll send you a few weeks back so you can see that I never travelled through the future to copy you! >:D)
Sapphire and Chris both smack Gold on the head. Hard.

"Okay, you won, although I'm not quite sure how it happened..." Volkner says walking over to Magia.
"I think I know how, but I'll check it later" Magia says peeking at the doors.

(I forgot okay?! XD)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Maybe you're gonna send me to an alternate time plane and have me think you didn't copy me)
"Ouch!"Gold cries holding his head "Fine sorry!"

Red saw Magia peeking and went away from the door

(Like I forgot the sweat XD)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(I didn't think of that XD)
"That's better" Sapphire says smirking.
"Let's go now!" Chris says and starts walking again.

"What's there?" Volkner asks noticing Magia peeking.
"Nothing" Magia replies.
"Well anyway, here's your badge" Volkner gives her the badge "It was a nice battle"
"It sure was" Magia says smiling "Until some point" she thinks to herself walking out of the Gym.

(We can all forget easy things! Like I forgot two words to write in the Geography exam! DX)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Maybe that's what you want me to think)
"I was wrong, 3 girls 2 guys and a Ruby"Gold thought to himself
"We're right behind you"Ruby said taking Sapphire's hand

Red walked over to Magia "So how was it ?"

(I hate that! DX and Geography)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Or maybe that's what you want to think about what I was thinking of making you think)
Sapphire smiles sightly blushing. Dawn looks over to Chris, who was now walking faster.

"Ohh you know how it was!" Magia exlaims "You were the one who changed the difficulty!" she points at Red dramatically.

(We all do XD)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Or maybe that's what you want me to think while you're thinking about making me think that's what you want me think)
"Chris, why the speed up ?"Jace asked

"What ? Me ? How could you even think that ?"Red asked
"Was the dramatic point really necessary ?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Or maybe what you think is just a simple thought a normal boy makes about what he thinks girls think about making him think, while neither thoughts are right)
"Because I saw a great shirt and I want to buy it before someone else does" Chris lies.

"You were the only one too close to the Gym settings, so I can't see who else it would have been" Magia replies.
"No it wasn't"
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Actually a normal boy only thinks about two things)
"Um okay"Jace said
"Is she telling the truth ?"Ruby asked Saph

"Hey, what if someone ran here and changed the setting and I tried to stop them but I was too late ?"Red asked
"Okay, just checking"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(And what would that be?)
"I'm not sure.. I'm not an expert in shopping..." Sapphire replies.

"No, because that would be just too random" Magia replies.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Food and Video games)
"Okay"Ruby said "Hey Chris where are the shops ?"

Red walked over to her "Life is sometimes random my dear, that could've happened"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(My Geography teacher said something else XD)
"That way" Chris says pointing at a square.
"Let's go!" Dawn exlaims and starts running, with Chris and Sapph following.

"It could have happened, which means it didn't" Magia says with a little snicker.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Which was ?)
"Don't forget I'm still holding your hand"Jace said running with Dawn

"Could've, should've, would've"Red said giving Magia a surprise kiss
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh wait, I think it was about what males think...)
"I haven't forgotten" Dawn says with a little grin.

Magia blushes in surprise but stays silent. Rio's mouth drops on the floor as Magia hadn't returned him yet.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr misshedgehog said…
Abagail: nurse joy
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(What did the teach say ?)
"Why are you grinning ?"Jace asked

"I take it you didn't know ?"Aero asked Rio
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Uh... I don't think if it's right to say it...)
"Nothing" Dawn replies with a giggle.
"Okay, first, let's go there!" Chris exlaims running into a shop, with Sapph following.

"Nope..." Rio replies, still in shock "When did... Correction, how did this happen?" he asks.

"Oh, I see. Why would you want a new window?" the nurse asks.
"An Absol broke into Abagail's room by smashing the window" Silver replies.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
"Okay if you say so"Jace said running in with her

"You'll have to ask Juvia"Aero said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
"Gorgeous!" Dawn exlaims when she enters the shop, with stars in her eyes.
"I know right?" Chris asks walking to some clothes while Sapphire was staring at everything a bit confused.

Rio turns to Juvia.
"It happened last night" Juvia says seeing Rio's expression "Magia told Red she likes him and the rest happened in the morning"
"Wo... And I thought she liked Hert..." Rio says.