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 Someone's astonished Von Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
Someone's astonished by Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
The Valentine Tag had officially passed, but we are still a couple years away from the end of the Pokemon anime. There will be plenty Mehr action between now and that magical Tag when Ash and everyone else on the Zeigen gets paired up with someone canonically. The ongoing XY series will undoubtedly shake things up, but for now, let's take a look the oben, nach oben 10 shippings at the beginning of 2015.

10. IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn)

IkariShipping first started back in the DP era, when Dawn and Paul spent a little time together alone with each other at night before been seen Von Ash. Since then, this...
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Pokemon fanart is supposed to be nice,smooth pictures drawn oder painted Von fans, right? WROONG!! Fanart these days become Mehr bizarre while time passes by. I bet you're looking at Pokemon fanart right now while Lesen this, Du bastard. WELL, BEFORE Du EVEN LOOK FURTHER AT YOUR FANART... I wanted to express my feelings about Pokemon fanart. No, I'm not the only person with these beliefs, piplupfan1,pokeball13, and Windwakerguy430 have these feelings. Without further ado... PORN

Pokémon is a child friendly series, that has it's own video games, spin off games,manga, TV shows, toys, and...
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Hey, Pokemon fans. I'm so sorry for not making any Pokemon related Artikel here at Fanpop. But here I am now.

Anyway, least year, we have alternate type reprints in the Pokemon TCG. It was first introduced in Ultra Prism. Alternate type reprints is a type of reprint that contains a different type. Example: a Psychic Croagunk from Ultra Prism has an alternate type reprint of Fighting from Forbidden Light.

Now, I'll be taking about a predecessor to alternate type reprints called alternate weakness reprints. What it does is that alternate weakness reprints will feature a different weakness on a...
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Sheru: Are Du sure?
Flare: No duh
Sheru: Great I'm teamed up with an idiotic pokemon
*Flare uses ember on Sheru*
Sheru: Hey that's hot
Flare: its hot your a water type now this way
Sheru: Why me
*Sheru and Flare go into dungeon*
Pidgey appears *Flare uses ember on him it was a critical hit and KO
Flare: I'll lead
Sheru: Some lady *Push's Flare over*
Rattata appears *Sheru spams bubble*
Sheru: Follow me ma lady
Flare: Ugh
*Speed up*
Flour 4
Flare: I leved up
Sheru: Me to (sarcastically)
Dark voice: What are Du doing here!
Sheru: Eating cake
Flare: collecting dust
Sheru: Farting
Dark voice: Stop joking what are...
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"Here we are! Nacrene City!" Trip yells at the oben, nach oben of his lungs. "Why are Du so excited, Trip?" Rosalie Fragen him. "Who wouldn't be? I Liebe this place! It reminds me of my childhood!" he explains. I see a huge museum in front of us. "Woah. This looks like a museum!" Rosalie points out. "Thanks for stating the obvious, Rosalie." I say sarcastically. She puts her hands on her hips with a scowl on her face. We see a skinny man with pale-ish skin and a tan suit on with glasses. "Hello chil- I mean, teens. Welcome to Nacrene City! Please enter the museum!" He motions us in and we see TONS of...
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 Pokemon Live! Album
Pokemon Live! Album
(Giovanni appears on the screen)
Giovanni: Attention, Pokemon Trainers. We announce the Diamond Badge. The diamonds are the most valuable things in the world. And the Diamond Badge it's the hardest to get in the world, and there is only one. There is only one way to win it. There is only one way to get it. Du have to defeat me and my Pokemon in a Pokemon Battle, if Du can. Visit the website www.DiamondBadge.com and download the map to the gym. The Diamond Badge, it's waiting for you. (Laughs evilly)

Ash's room
(Ash is in bed, sleeping)

Delia: (Offstage) Ash, hurry up! Professor Oak is waiting!...
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Misty had been at her gym, waiting for something to do. Suddenly she got an idea I have an idea! I can call up Serena and maybe Dawn, May, and Iris will want to come along with me too. sagte Misty After making her decision, she began calling Serena. Serena! sagte Misty Misty! What's up? Did Du want to hang out? asked Serena Yeah. I actually wanted to have a night out on the town. sagte Misty Okay. There's Lumoise City that has lots of shops and restaurants for us to check out. sagte Serena Yeah! That sounds like a good city to check out! sagte Misty Who else did Du want to invite? asked Serena...
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Here's how I divided into 6 different announcer Bewegen phases:

<insert phase here> Von <insert Bewegen here>:
Shadow Force(KO): Complete destruction Von Shadow Force!
Seed Flare: Ripped into Von Seed Flare!
Magma Storm (KO): Incinerated Von Magma Storm!
Crush Grip: Smashed Von Crush Grip!
Spacial Rend: Torn apart Von Spacial Rend!
Roar of Time: Ripped Von Roar of Time!
Head Smash: Slammed Von Head Smash!
Wood Hammer: Pounded Von Wood Hammer!
Stone Edge: Sliced Von Stone Edge!
Rock Wrecker: Demolished Von Rock Wrecker!
Power Whip: Lashed Von Power Whip!
Leaf Storm: Torn up Von Leaf Storm.
Draco Meteor: Pounded...
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posted by AninditaS
This Artikel contains opinionated view so this is/may not be factual.

In No particular order, here:

1. Ash and Red
 Ash and Red
Ash and Red
"Are they the same person?", the most common and the main discussion of this topic.
Though they are not but this Frage has always been raised. They are also compared in their Pokemon training skills.

2. Mew vs. Mewtwo
Another topic which has been heavily discussed. Mew vs. Mewtwo is one of the most beliebt Pokemon comparison. With Mewtwo clearly having higher base stats than Mew, and also the highest base stats of the Kanto region, the other side still holds good....
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posted by simpleplan
Electric Soldier Porygon: "Dennō Senshi Porygon" (でんのうせんしポリゴン ,Dennō Senshi Porigon?, literally "Computer Soldier Porygon", although most commonly translated as "Electric Soldier Porygon") is the thirty-eighth episode of the Pokemon anime's first season. It was first broadcast in Japan on December 16, 1997, and has since not aired anywhere else. In the episode, Ash and his Friends find at the local Pokemon Center that there is something wrong with the Poké Ball transmitting device. To find out what's wrong, they must go inside the machine.

The episode is infamous...
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posted by Renegade1765
Today I decided to do something a little different.A lot of Du know that half of my Artikel are oben, nach oben 5/10 lists where I countdown thing that I love,but I decided to be a little Mehr creative and try doing something else.
The creatures are a big part as to why I Liebe the franchise so much.As of now there have been 721 different Pokemon and each of them have their own unique characteristics,traits and feel to them that makes the franchise so unique.
All 721 of them share the 18 Pokemon Types,and because they're so many,I decided to make a Liste of my Favorit Pokemon of each type.
I already...
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Part 2: Deceit Uncovered! Starless Chasm's Training
But that fog would only be the beginning of the darkness the Starless Chasm would spread. They began, like the Hidden Realm, converting Pokemon left and right, though they were Mehr discreet. Little did they realize that they would be found out, not Von a Hidden Realm legend, but Von an ordinary Luxray named Drake.
Damion(Torterra) Kenzie(Staraptor) Niko(Graveler) Janie(Happiny) Sean(Sneasel)
(P.S. Sarah W., on the off-chance you're Lesen this, thank Du so much for the use of your Pokemon from your games as characters. It means a lot ;) )...
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In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Giratina has its own theme!! (Like Platinum)
Origin Forme is also seen too.
As people received their copy early, everything has leaked.
Du can listen to it from the link below
While I was searching to find Mehr about the Manga adaptation of the Lugia movie, I have managed to find pictures of a Japanese book that is an adaptation of the Lugia episodes from the Johto series that I have found from this link which surprise me when I first saw it and I was very glad that Ritchie, Butch and Cassidy were presented in this adaptation unlike that adaptation from Ash & Pikachu Manga that disappointed me because they didn't appeared in it at all. From what I have seen from the pictures, this look like a great adaptation to the original Anime episodes and like the artwork...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy: Ch 6: Runaway Love

(At the Alley Way of the carnival, Ash, Pikachu and Serena stands in shock seeing what they found in the box. It's a little girl with big long beautiful raven black hair. She has big blue eyes with tears coming from them and a puffy lip with a cut on it. She is wearing a tattered rosa hemd, shirt and ripped blue jeans. She has a button nose and chubby cheeks with lots marks on them. She was holding a raggedy stuffed Cyndaquil and tries to hide from them because she was scared. Ash sits on his knees and holds his hand out to her. She looks at him.)
Ash: Come...
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posted by rukiajade
so in all of the pokemon series ash's hat has change honestly i think the firs one should have been enough the new one hat i like a original hat better and its alot kühler then the other one so i wnat opions old hat vs the newer hats.

his original hat i like better he looks Mehr proper on it and that he is so much better with original i just want everyone opion do Du want the original hat oder nah

just Kommentar old oder newer hat and why please and thank Du
 old hat rules
old hat rules
Ash, Brock, and Misty headed on their way to Ecruteak City and once they arrived, Koga arrived and challenged Ash to a battle. Ash sent in Pikachu and Noctowl while Koga sent in Venomoth and Crobat. Venomoth used Sleep Powder, which Noctowl blew away with Whirlwind. Crobat used Wing Attack, which Pikachu dodged and used Thunderbolt. (Meanwhile with Team Rocket) Team Rocket were watching the battle go on. Well it looks as if the same ninja man with the Venomoth is back. sagte Jessie Indeed he is. sagte James Should we go down there after the battle's over and steal the Pokemon? asked Meowth No....
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Ash, Brock, and Misty finally arrived in Olivine City. No sooner did they set foot in the city that Bruno showed up and asked Ash for a battle. If it's a battle Du want, then it's a battle you'll get. sagte Ash Great. Then choose your Pokemon and let's get started. sagte Bruno The Pokemon I choose for this battle is Bayleef. sagte Ash Then I shall choose Hitmonlee. sagte Bruno Begin! sagte Brock (With Team Rocket) It looks as if the twerp is battling that fighting type trainer from before. sagte James He most certainly is. And when the battle is finished, we'll see our opportunity to steal that...
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Ash, Brock, and Misty were on their way to Olivine City when they noticed a karte, warenkorb being pulled Von two very familar looking salesman selling evolution stones. Oh my. Du look like Du have a Pikachu ready to evolve. Here. Take this sack of Thunderstones. Du never know when Du might need to evolve it into a Raichu. sagte the familar lady Uh thanks. We really must be on our way though. sagte Ash (After they left) Heh. He fell for it. When he finds out those are really rocks colored to look like Thunderstones, he's going to be in for a surprise. sagte Cassidy, taking off her disguse. That was our...
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posted by pokeball13
We know the Pokemon vs Digimon I do not know much about Digimon sorry if I get some stuff worng
Round 1 plot
Pokemon's plot 10 Jahr olds going around the world catching pokemon battling with them a bit irresponsible
Digimon plot I'm now sure of theirs age's but let's says there 12,12 Jahr olds battling with monsters to save the digital world killing if they had to risking the chance of their Digimon dying I thought pokemon was inhumane but I know people think its mean to make pokemon battle each over but Digimon is to the death Point to pokemon

Round 2 Aging
In pokemon know one ages with I kind...
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