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We decided to get a few ponies on a train heading from Manehattan to Chicagoat, to interview some other ponies working on a Railway called Amtrak. It's a big railroad that brings ponies to hundreds of places in Equestria, as well as Canada.

Our train will be going from Manehattan, to Chicagoat, and it's called the Lake ufer Limited. Right now, we're looking at the conductor named Wayne.

Wayne: *Looking at camera* Is this thing on?
Camera Pony: Yeah. So, let's start with your name.
Wayne: It's Wayne.
Camera Pony: How long have Du worked for this railway?
Wayne: About two months. I got the job right as soon as I graduated from College.
Camera Pony: What's your Favorit thing about being the conductor?
Wayne: My Favorit part of the job is seeing the many ponies smiling at me when I do my work. It makes my day, and I'm glad that I get to travel with them.
Camera Pony: Least Favorit part of the job?
Wayne: I don't know. I don't think there's any part of this job that I don't like.
Camera Pony: Do Du worry that your train might crash?
Wayne: Some ponies asked me that, but I don't let that scare me. I know the engineer is good at his job, otherwise, he wouldn't be here.

The train starts at Grand Central station, and makes a few station stops before getting out of the state of Neigh York. As it goes northbound, the Hudson River can be seen Weiter to the tracks. Two other Railroads go Von here. They are Metro North, and CSX.

Wayne: Metro North is the same type of railroad that we are, only shorter. CSX is a freight railroad.

Before Amtrak was created, nearly every railroad in Equestria carried both passengers, and freight. But in the 50's, and 60's, fewer ponies were doing business Von train. They either drove their car, oder flew in an airplane. Von 1971, Amtrak was created, and took over most passenger operations from other railroads.

Wayne: Other railways back then were close to being out of business, and they needed some way to make Mehr money. When Amtrak was created, they offered the other railways to pay them for their passenger trains. Amtrak was created Von the government, and it's still owned Von the government.

Now, Equestrian railroads deal with one type of train. Either passenger trains, oder freight.

Our train stops at Harmon, to let some of the passengers off. As they do this, we got an interview from Terrence, the engineer.

Terrence: How are Du doing?
Camera Pony: Good. We're from SeanTheHedgehog Productions, and we'd like to ask Du some questions.
Terrence: Sure.
Camera Pony: How long have Du been an engineer?
Terrence: About eleven years.
Camera Pony: Do Du like driving trains?
Terrence: Yeah. I Liebe it.
Camera Pony: What's your Favorit part about it?
Terrence: I guess it's the importance of the job that I like the most about it. Du got a very important job to do, and it's fun.
Camera Pony: Importance, and fun does sound like a good combination. One Mehr question, have Du always been working around this area?
Terrence: Not always. For the first five years of my job, I worked in New Mexico. I'd take trains from Santa Neigh to Phoenix Arizona. Now, I just go from Manehattan to Rochester.

Terrence enjoys his job very much, and couldn't think of any other job he would rather do. As the train continues heading northbound, it also follows the old route of the 20th Century Limited. Back in early 20th century, the Neigh York Central Railroad operated a luxurious passenger train running from Manehattan to Chicagoat, and vice versa.

Rarity: They had a lot of beautiful decorations, as well as good food. Modern trains don't seem to have that taste in luxury anymore.
Applejack: It was really fancy, that's for sure.
Pinkie Pie: It sounds good, but they were missing one little teeny tiny thing. *Grabs party cannon* PARTIES!! *Shoots confetti*
Interviewer: Jesus. Du messed up my notes.
Pinkie Pie: Oh, who cares about notes? We need Mehr parties!
pony Band: *Playing Louie Louie*
Interviewer: Where did I go wrong?
Ponies: *Dancing*
Interviewer: I just wanted to interview ponies about trains, and this happens.

2 B continued... After Pinkie's party ends.
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