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Have Du seen the recording of the live performance of Du Are Not Alone Von Michael Jackson during the HIStory Tour in Munich 1997? If Du care for Michael Jackson Du probably have. (Otherwise, Du can find it on YouTube.) There is this girl with the Teddy bär who’s screaming her lungs out when the song starts. Suddenly, a man pulls her out of the crowd and they both run up to the stage. And there she literally jumps at Michael. She wraps her arms around him and hugs him close. She’s crying, screaming (we can’t hear her because it’s a playback). Then she falls to her knees and hugs...
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Was Innocent oder Guilty: The FINAL Verdict
Complete Public Exoneration Way Overdue

It is sad how we've plummeted into a judgmental, tabloid addicted society that formulates weak opinions based on media fed hearsay and propaganda. One of the biggest victims of this media lynch mob was the late .
In addition to a corrupt media that fails to inform people with facts, we also have hordes of people who lack the intelligence, research, oder the proper resources to provide insight on highly publicized cases, but still take it upon themselves to spread fraudulent information on independent, amateur blog...
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Over the Weiter two weeks, Michael and I were helping Frank put the finishing touches on the poster for Moonwalker's premiere Wird angezeigt the Weiter week. We had even made miniature versions of it to autograph for the Fans in person. Michael had dreamed about Moonwalker and thought that maybe only 100-2000 people would see it. That became the estimated goal for him and he told Frank that.
"Michael, don't think it's not gonna be popular. It will be. I'm sure that there will be Mehr people than that watching it." He said.
"We'll see, Frank. We'll see. But I still think maybe 100-2000 people will watch...
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Michael has been sitting in the hospital waiting room for three Mehr hours. He told the family to go Home and he sagte he would call once he knew anything about stechpalme, holly and the baby. The whole time he is there he has his head in his hands thinking about both of them. After an eternity Dr. Stevens comes out. Michael stands up nervously "So how are they?" "Holly will be fine." Michael lets out a deep relieved sigh "Oh great and what about the baby?" Dr. Stevens shakes his head "I'm sorry it was already to late when we got there." Michael is just silent. "I swear Michael we tried to do everything...
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"What are Du doing here?",Michael asked.The witch's name was Tala meaning wolf.She came to him one night when he was in danger,he was only 16 and he got in trouble.He asked God for help and he saw the moon shining Mehr and Mehr brightly so he asked it to help him.In that moment Tala showed up and he needed power to get away from some troubles,which could have been solved anyway but he wanted it this way.She gave him the power to turn himself into a wolf,a giant white wolf.He could control himself and he only used this power once,that time.Since then he even forgot that eh has it.But she asked...
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The owner of the Home where Michael Jackson died is suing a woman who is selling maps to movie stars' homes .... just feet from the MJ house.

Linda Welton has become semi-famous for anyone who drives on Sunset Blvd. in the fancy area where MJ rented the house. She's done a booming business since Michael died, in no small part because she's selling the maps in plain view of the MJ home.

In the lawsuit ... obtained Von TMZ ... the owners of the now-infamous 100 North Carolwood Drive claims they can't sell the house because "Potential buyers are bothered upon approach Von the quite visible and annoying...
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Michael's anticipation grew as the beautiful girl got closer and closer. Finally Ileana and Ann made it to the begining of the line. "Omg! i cant believe we are about to meet michael in person." Ann sagte happliy as she jumped up and down. "Ann calm down!" Ileana sagte as they made their way towards michael. Michael's herz began to beat faster as the beautiful girl made her way towards him. "Oh god..here she comes...heres my chance." Michael thought to himself. "Hey michael...me and my friend are big Fans of Du and your music." Ann sagte happliy. "Is that true?" Michael smiled without taking...
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 Michael Jackson 24 years old
Michael Jackson 24 years old
Michael wakes up early because he has to make Billie Jean the video so he got up from his bed. He walk to bathroom yawning because he still sleepy so he brush his teeth and he got in dusche and he wash he hair and he got out the dusche got dress and he call Matt Fiddes (Michaels bodygaurd) Mat sagte " hello Mike" Michael sagte " hello where are you?" Matt sagte " I'm in limo driving to NeverLand" Michael sagte " good how are you? BTW:" Matt sagte " I'm good you?" Michael sagte " I'm good 2 so see Du when Du get here". Matt sagte " yea alright bye" Michael sagte " yea ok bye" so then 5 mins later...
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 History Teaser Picture taken probably 1994 oder 95
History Teaser Picture taken probably 1994 or 95
ok so im hear this time Schreiben a review on this album i would be willing to do a video but im bored so hear i go. HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor (BOTDF) ERA is probably one of Michael's most beliebt eras even tho its sagte botdf isn't his most beliebt tho but he did get a reward for something diffrent which was not as beliebt REMIX'S yes remix's don't get as much popularity as the regular album its self. The album BOTDF got a reward for number 1 remixed album i don't know if it still remains number 1 but in the 90's it was cause it was something new MJ wanted to try out he also added...
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I know that almost everyone believes that Michael Jackson is dead, but what if he's not? I mean, if Du think about it, he probably had enough money to fake his entire death! He could have hired actors to play the coroner and doctors, and now he is happily retired on some private island that's not on the map! His children might know that he is alive and they might just be Schauspielen like he's dead! Also, his coffin was closed at the funeral, so maybe there was no body in it! So, maybe the king of pop is really alive! Think about that!
Yeah Shoo-hee
Hee hee!

Love ain't what
it used to be
That is what
they're tellin' me
Push it in stick it out
That ain't what
it's all about

He wanna do
something keen to
He wanna wickeln, wickeln sie his
arms all around
you girl
He wanna shake it up
shake it down
Doing it right
He wanna jump
back half flap
doing it right

He wanna lay Du down
Turn it up
Kicking it loose
He wanna fly
high nigh high
Baby for you'se

He wanna motormouth
Float around
Baby the back
He wanna shake it up
shake it down
Moving round ha ha

Love ain't what
it used to be
That is what
they're tellin' me
Push it in stick it out
That ain't what...
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There's a ghost out in the hall
there's a ghoul beneath the bed
Now it's coming through the walls
Now it's climbing up the stairs

There's a spirit in the dark
Hear the beating of its heart
Can Du feel it in the air
Ghosts are hiding everywhere

I'm gonna be
Exactly what Du wanna see
it's Du who's haunting me
Because you're wanting me
To be the stranger in the night

Am I amusing you
Or just confusing you
Am I the beast
You visualized
And if Du wanna to see
Eccentric oddities
I'll be grotesque before your eyes

Let them all materialize

Is that scary for Du baby
Am I scary for Du oh
Is it scary for Du baby
Is it...
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Your butt is mine
gonna take Du right
just Zeigen your face
in broad daylight
I'm telling you
on how I feel
gonna hurt your mind
don't shoot to kill
sham'on, sham'on
lay it on me all right...

I'm giving you
on count of three
to Zeigen your stuff
or let it be. . .
I'm telling you
just watch your mouth
I know your game
what you're about

Well they say the sky's
the limit
and to me that's really true
but my friend Du have
seen nothing
just wait 'til I get
through. . .

Because I'm bad, I'm bad-
(bad bad-really, really bad)
you know I'm bad, I'm bad-
you know it
(bad bad-really, really bad)
you know I'm bad, I'm bad-
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Everything Du ever wanted to know about Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson - datum of Birth -29 August 1958, Gary, Indiana, USA / datum of Death 25 June 2009, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name- Michael Joseph Jackson

Nickname- The Gloved One / Wacko Jacko/ Jacko/ King Of Pop / MJ

Height- 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)

American superstar Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana in 1958 and has been entertaining audiences nearly his entire life.

His father, Joseph Jackson, had been a guitarist but was forced to give up his musical ambitions following his marriage to Katherine (Scruse). Together they prodded...
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It's noon, and somewhere in the San Fernando Valley, the front shades of a row of condos are lowered against a hazy glare. Through the metal gate, the courtyard is silent, except for the distant splat of a brunnen against its plastic basin. Then comes the chilling whine of a real-life Valley girl. "Grandmuther. I am not gonna walk a whole block. It's bumid. My hair will be brillo."

And the soothing counterpoint of maternal encouragement: "Be good pup, Jolie. Make for mama."

All along the courtyard's trimmed inner paths, poodles waddle about trailing poodle-cut ladies on rosa leashes.

"Not what...
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posted by mj_yana_girl
Background Info
Written Von Michael Sembello, MJ originally recorded this song for his 1982 album, Thriller, but failed to make the final track listing when "Human Nature" was chosen instead.

It's also known as 'Circus Girl'.

It was unreleased until October 2001, when an edited version was added to the expanded, special edition of the Thriller album as one of the three bonus tracks.

Full version Von Michael can be found on the Italian Edition of the "King Of pop - Best Of Album" released in october 2008.

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The Lyrics
She's from a world
Of popcorn and candy
Pony rides...
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 The Locket
The Locket
2 months later...

Michael's P.O.V.

Joseph's transporter, van was almost packed up. I looked over at Fancy's house. She hasn't come out yet. I hope I haven't hurt her. Marlon came up to me. " Waitin' for Fancy to come out, huh?"

I rolled my eyes. " Yes. Why do Du care? I almost had her until Du kissed her." Marlon smiled. " Michael, I'm not interested in her no more. I realize Du and her were meant to be. Her sister is where it's at!" I smile and help Jermaine and Tito carry the boxes out.

Fancy's P.O.V

I was busy ironing out clothes with my mother while I heard coming from Weiter door. I look out the window...
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Michael's P.O.V

I finally had gotten the courage to do what seemed almost impossible. I kissed Fancy. Her lips were soft like rose petals, oder like she just kissed a cloud.

We are both too young to be boyfriend and girlfriend; just at the tender age of 10. Besides, I can be 18 and have a girlfriend and Joseph would still freak out. I knew we couldn't tell anyone about the KISS oder we'll regret it. Especially since the wannabe casanova we call Marlon already kissed her.

Even if Marlon took the role of sharing Fancy's first kiss, our KISS was way Mehr special. Even if our noses bumped a little....
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posted by Eternalmike
Today was school but no rehearsal for the boys oder Motown.The boys went to school."Yes, no rehearsal!" Marlon said."Just school" Michael said."No Motown!" Jermaine said."No girlfriend" Michael sagte sad he doesn't get to see Mariah."It'll be alright Mike!" Jackie said."You could see her monday through thursday!" Tito said."Yeah" Michael sagte smiling.They got in their schools.The boys had learned english, history, science, and mathematics.They had Musik and physical education.After school, the boys headed home."Hey, we don't have to worry about getting Home in time for rehearsal!" Jermaine said."Yeah..."...
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It was another Tag without Michael. Wait until it's a year. My phone rung "Hello. This is depression you're calling. What Du want?" I groaned "Hey , single lady. It's Danny." He answered. I quickly hung up the phone. It rung again "What do Du want from me?" I moaned "I got something for Du , babe." He sagte as I quickly woke up "First. I'm not your babe. Secondly. What did Du get?" I asked as he chuckled "I'm coming over today." He whispered as I looked at the phone like: The fuck. I hung up and stayed in bett drinking a glass of Whiskey as the door opened "Danny , what have Du brought...
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