Jacob und Bella Grrrrr.

savii_t posted on Mar 20, 2008 at 09:51PM
i am freaking sick of people saying "omg!!! bella soooooo needs to be with jacob!!" or "screw bella. jacob/edward is mine."
it annoys the hellllllll out of me.
ppl need to SUCK IT UP and get over this shit.
cuz, dude, theyre not real.
sorry if that disapoints you,

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr jenna_bobo said…
LOL hhahaha sry i find it kinda funny that it bugs you oh so much. maybe if you hate it dont read it and reply and waste your time lookings in FAN sites where people talk about who they are FANS of....
and bella does need to be with jacob so there.