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just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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Chapter Ten

The Great Hall looked wonderful enough for Lily's jaw to drop, even though it was mainly her who decorated it just a few hours earlier. The House Elves had been hard at work, Transfiguring the decorations as only they could to give them just a bit more sparkle. She turned to grin at James as they walked through the door. “We did good.”
“Nah, Lils, you did good. It's all you.” Even James seemed to be impressed by the extent of it all, as he refrained from making any sort of rude comments – and my, my, my, was that a compliment I see in there? Not that it was unusual for James to compliment Lily – he offered her a “Looking good there, Evans!” nearly every day in some shape or form – but rarely were they so truly sincere. Lily almost felt herself blushing.
Out of nowhere, Sirius and Remus jumped into their view, dragging their respective dates behind them. It seemed that the winner of Sirius's attentions that night was Elizabeth Spinnet, the Gryffindor Quidditch team's female Chaser and fellow seventh-year. Sirius had probably forcibly set Remus up with her friend, Alexa Bell. Both girls looked vaguely bored, even if Elizabeth was still silently gloating about being the one to accompany Sirius (not that he was paying her much attention), and as soon as they spotted Lily and James they turned to each other and began an animated discussion about something or the other. Lily honestly doubted that the topic would interest her in the slightest, even if the other girls had been her dorm mates for the past six years – she'd never really been that close to them, and it was gladly that she turned back to the Marauders' conversation, certain that anything would be better than listening to the two girls blather on about how said Marauders were certainly looking shaggable that night (not that she was inclined to disagree, but one thing she was definitely not inclined to do was discuss it with Elizabeth or Alexa).
Aforementioned Marauders (minus Peter – it seemed he was never around these days) were currently discussing Sirius's ongoing state of hunger, an ever-present topic seeing as Sirius was always hungry. And I really do mean always.
As a passing though struck Lily, she poked James's shoulder. “Hey. You. Should we announce something, maybe? Like welcome?”
“Or maybe like let's eat?” Sirius chimed in, ever-hopeful.
“Yeah, sure. Actually, it does seem to be dinner time...” James looked at his watch and winked at Lily. She laughed and grabbed his arm. “Come on, then, let's go before Sirius starves to death or something.”
“Hear, hear!” Sirius shouted as they made their way through the crowd, James not releasing the hold Lily had on his arm. It was because of the tonnes of people on all sides of them, he told himself, but he knew it was a lie – and a pathetic one at that. However, Lily didn't seem to mind, she was content enough pulling him along by that hand until they reached the front of the room, and even then she didn't seem to be in any hurry to let go. So James took the chance and held on. If anyone in the audience noticed, they didn't say anything directly, but they could both hear the whispers when they were returning to Remus and Sirius after their short speech – “Welcome to the Winter Ball! I hope you all have a lovely evening, and now it's dinner time, because someone is hungry” with a pointed look in Sirius's direction, to which he replied with a smile and a wave – at which point Lily hurriedly let go. James pretended not to notice.
They finally got to where Sirius and Remus (plus their still-deep-in-conversation-dates) were now holding down a table. “Eating time!” Sirius yelled like a four-year-old as soon as the Head Students had sat down (James holding out the chair for Lily, of course, and Lily accepting it with a blush and a smile), and he tucked in to the meal that had appeared from the kitchens. There was to be no more conversation for a while.


Eating time, as Sirius so quaintly classified it, went on for about forty-five minutes or so, until even the Marauders had finished eating. Lily's gramma-thingamajig had been playing music for a while now, and the seventh-years gathered around the table could sense that no one else had been eating for ages and they were all growing quite restless. So as a moderately slow song came on, James nudged Lily. “Hey. Let's dance.”
“What, now?”
“Yes, now. Look, all the younger kids are bored. They need an example.”
“Do we really have to be that example? After all we've done?”
“You know, I'm gonna go with yes here. Consider it your last duty. Although, you'd think that dancing with me doesn't exactly count as a duty...”
“Oh, shut up,” Lily laughed. “Fine, then. Let's go. But Elizabeth, Alexa, you guys are totally coming too.” It took a minute or so to convince them, by which time the song was already ending, but l six ended up going out to the dance floor anyway and waltzing away to the next song.
Truth be told, Lily was feeling more than slightly ridiculous, waltzing around like that, but she began feeling a little better as some of the other sixth- and seventh-years came out to join them. It's the wizarding world, she reminded herself. They have customs, just like Muggles... some are just slightly outdated.
“Knut for your thoughts,” James put in suddenly, startling Lily.
“Actually, I was thinking that I feel ridiculous.”
“Really? Well, let me tell you this: you sure don't look ridiculous.”
“I... oh. Thanks. You're not looking too bad yourself, Potter, to tell you the truth.”
“Really, now? I knew you'd come around one day, Lilykins.” And with that he dipped her way down, lower than should have been possible. Damn those Quidditch muscles, Lily thought. What she said, however, was more along the lines of “James! Let me up, now!” and had she not had to basically cling to James's neck in order to not fall to the ground, she would have hit him. Hard. When James finally let her back up again, she added, “And do not call me Lilykins. Ever.”
“Will do, Lilypie.”
“Shut up.”
Alas, James's little stunt had not went unnoticed, and the students were for the second time that day left wondering (and whispering about) what the hell was going on between the Head Students (who, it might be added, had such obvious chemistry it was ridiculous). But Lily heard none of this whispered speculation, as the gramma-thingamajig (no one bothered to call it a gramophone any more) had now switched to a faster song and James was currently leading her in an intense tango, complete with the smouldering stare and the rose between his teeth. It appeared, however, that not all Hogwarts students were as well-versed in the art of Argentinian dancing as Lily and James, since upon breaking apart, laughing and breathless, they noticed that everyone else had cleared off the dance floor and were gathered around the edges of the room, watching (and still wondering. Always wondering).
“Oh,” Lily remarked, still giggling.
“Oh, indeed, Miss Evans. Wherever did you learn to dance like that?” James's drawl from their 'dance classes' was back, and Lily imitated it simply for the hell of it, an excuse she hardly ever used but found herself enjoying more than she expected. “Why, Mr Potter, I do believe it was you who taught me.”
“Was it really, Miss Evans?”
“Oh, Mr Potter, don't tell me you've forgotten me?”
“Dear, dear, dear, Miss Evans, what is this? I could never forget you.”
All that the other students had seen up to this point was Lily and James, still locked in an embrace and staring at each other, but now they saw them turn to their audience (quite a feat, since said audience was really all around) and give overly exaggerated bows. “Thank you! Thank you!” James yelled, and threw the rose to Sirius, who clutched it to his chest. It was this scene that Professor McGonagall then walked in on – James and Lily, still grasping hands, in the centre of the room, bowing to the others, and Sirius clutching a mangled and somewhat soggy rose to his chest with one hand and reaching out to James with the other.
“Mr Potter, Miss Evans, a word please!” she called to them, and seeing who it was, they immediately walked over, James letting go of Lily's hand at some unknown point. “First of all, are you quite sure that Mr Black hasn't had anything... slightly more potent to drink?” she asked, glancing over to where Sirius was still pining over James.
“Uh, no, Professor, I'm afraid he's always like this,” James answered, still grinning a bit.
“How... unfortunate. Can you not control him in the least?”
“I'm afraid not.”
“Very well. Now, what I've come here to say is that it is half past ten –”
“Is it really, Professor?”
“Yes, it is, and you would do well to remember to not interrupt me, Potter.”
“Sorry, Professor. But really? Ten thirty? We only just started!”
“Actually, Potter, you started about three and a half hours ago. Really, the younger students must get to bed.”
“Fine, Professor. We'll take care of it.” James seemed to be in a sulk.
“Whyever are you so sour, Mr Potter? You older students still have three hours left.”
“Ah, there is that. Thanks Minnie, you're the best!” And so he bounded off to share a piece of some news or the other with Sirius, leaving Lily with Professor McGonagall.
“Are you quite sure Misters Potter and Black are quite sober?” she asked Lily, to which Lily couldn't help but laugh.
“Yes, Professor, stone-cold-sober. Unless high on life counts, in which case I'm afraid they're in a permanent state of intoxication.”
“So it seems. But I will now go and leave you young people to it – but Miss Evans, please be so kind as to make sure all fourth-years and below get to bed, won't you?”
“Got it, Professor. Good night!” and with that, Lily left McGonagall to shake her head at the spiritedness of these youth and head for her bedchamber, praying to Merlin she wouldn't be woken up by any commotions, drunken or otherwise, at truly ungodly hours.

As soon as McGonagall had left, James began the surprisingly difficult task of gathering everyone's attention – when he and Lily, the main stars of the show, had left centre stage, most all people had gone back to dancing (and then of course there were the few snogging couples, but everyone generally ignored them). In the end, he resorted to casting a Sonorus Charm and yelling “OI!” People stopped in their tracks and turned towards him. “Works every time,” he whispered to Lily after un-amplifying his voice.
“Now, guys, we know you've all had a really good time and all, but it's getting late –” a few of the older Slytherins sniggered “– and so it's time for all fourth-years and below to get going. Prefects, if you could please check that all your younger students truly leave... thanks.” It took a minute or four, but eventually only fifth-years and older remained. “All right, guys – party in our Common Room!” James yelled with a grin. A huge cheer rose up. “Come on, Lils, we gotta go open the portrait now so no one finds out our password. Sirius will show them the way.” And James grabbed a still-very-confused Lily's hand and began leading her towards Uric the Oddball.
“Is there any particular reason you volunteered our Common Room for this party?” she finally managed to get out.
“Plenty, actually: no little kids can sneak in, we have the power to throw them all out if we want to... less Slytherins... oh, and Padfoot and I hid the Firewhiskey in my room.”
“Ah,” Lily muttered, still not completely enamoured with the idea of Merlin-knows-how-many teenagers all shoving into their Common Room and getting overly drunk, but deciding to not think about that and enjoy the evening instead. She could do that. It was only one evening, after all.


It was a few hours later that James finally found Lily again. She wasn't regretting her decision in the slightest, since she'd forced herself to have some (or actually, more than just some – and by the second shot, she was no longer forcing herself) Firewhiskey, and was finding that the effect was overall quite pleasant. It... dulled the edges quite a bit, so to say.
James wasn't exactly the picture of sobriety either, however, so he was in no position to lecture her over her figurative loss of innocence. Instead, what he came up with was a somewhat slurred, “Would you like to daaaansh, MishEvans?”
She replied in kind. “Why sherrrtainly, Mishter Potterrrr.” And so they struck up a very slow waltz, the only thing either of them could remember (or manage without falling over). And gradually Lily's hand, previously resting in James's, found itself around his neck, and her other arm appeared to have migrated there as well, and James's arms slid around her waist in surprisingly fluid a motion considering his inebriated state. Lily found her head becoming quite heavy (and beginning to throb slightly, a taste of tomorrow's headache), and it seemed quite logical to rest it on James's chest. And so they swayed, until suddenly there was only one arm holding her close to him, and Lily thought she might have heard James whisper something. But then the arm came back, and everything seemed to be right in Lily's suddenly very tiny world again.
And then James pointed upwards. “Look, Lils, it's tistlemoe... Mistletoe.”
Lily giggled. “Don't be silly, James, it's November. Silly James, no mistletoe in November.” Hiccup.
“No, Lily, look! It's a mistletoe!” and because James insisting was getting annoying, Lily spared a glance at the doorway above her (how did she manage to get into a doorway? Oh, well) and saw that there was indeed a sprig of mistletoe hanging above their heads. The thing about it was that it was purple, but that fact didn't seem to make a difference to either Head Student.
“Oops!” Lily said, punctuated with a giggle. “Naughty mistletoe.” She lifted a hand as if to shake a finger at it, but ended up staring at her hand instead, until a slightly bigger hand covered it. Lily followed the hand up along the arm until the shoulder and then lifted her eyes only to meet James's hazel ones staring at her. “No, not naughty mistletoe. Naughty Lils, Lils isn't doing what Lils should be doing.”
“What should Lils be doing?” All her attention was focused on listening to the soon forthcoming answer.
“What should Lils be doing? Oh, silly Lily, this is what Lils should be doing.” And he leaned down towards her, and even in the depths of her drunken mind Lily understood that he was going to kiss her the second before it happened.
And kiss her he did. Lily had had a boyfriend or two, but never had she been kissed like James Potter kissed her then.
“Not naughty mistletoe indeed,” she giggled when they came up for air. “Nice mistletoe, very nice mistletoe.” With a flick of her wand, another mistletoe appeared next to the purple one already hanging above them. This one wasn't purple, but it was orange, but neither of them cared. “Oops,” Lily said softly, before looking at James, but I don't quite think he heard her as he once more showed Lily exactly what you were supposed to do with mistletoe, but Lily wasn't the only one being shown things that night.
And all around them, the students went on wondering.
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