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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
Why I Liebe Merida

As far as some of Du know, I'm a HUGE Merida Fan and supporter, and when she is insulted oder even not shown any gradual Liebe compared to the other Princesses I fight and stand up for her. Recently she's been gaining the Liebe she deserved, I don't know where it started but as soon as that happened I felt enlightened with delight. I secretly {not a secret anymore} feel that I had something to do with the Liebe she's been gaining, but of corse, that's an over exaggeration but I'll just pretend it happened like that. When Merida is called ugly oder plain my face turns red but an opinion is an opinion, I'll try to be mature {haha, that's never going to happen} and respect that. When she's sagte to have a bad personality I boil over and explain every single detail I can for her defense. Because honestly Du can't really compare your life to Merida's. I'm pretty sure nobody here went through with what she had to.

For this is my Sekunde article, oder fifth if Du count those horrendously long comments, backing up Merida. oder in this case expressing my Liebe for her character. Now, I'm guilty. I've been paying attention to the Mehr 'popular' Princesses like Rapunzel when Merida is the one who needs the most back up with all that hate she used to receive. So now I'm going crazy with all the Merida back-up and with the bottom image of this Artikel that seems to be waaaay over used from me. It seriously, she's just absolutely gorgeous there and I Liebe the person who caught her in that position. On an unrelated topic I'm not bringing up Ariel, I'm going to prove Merida has a lovely personality without comparing her. Though I do Liebe Ariel.

Reasons Why She is My Favorite
➸ She's gotten the best character development
➸ She doesn't have a man
➸ Her Hair
➸ Her accent
➸ She's very Merida - Legende der Highlands
➸ She's not as recognized but has the most valuable lesson

She's gotten the best character development
Merida in the beginning of the movie complains and whines about her everyday life and seriously I don't blame her. It's kind of like the same thing with school, and her free days are like weekends. Don't most of us moan at the idea of waking up at like six oder whatever and being forced to drag ourselves all Tag learning about numbers and ancient kings {though social studies for me is so fun!}? So Merida believes she's right the entire time. But later she discovers how she and her mom were both wrong. I Liebe how she just flickers from that person to have thought they were right oder the one to never apologize into someone very well...brave. Fixing a relationship broken beyond compare.

She doesn't have a man
I'm not saying having a man is what Du say 'inappropriate' oder whatever in anyway. Just for almost every mainstream cartoon the lead female ends up with a boy at some point in the movie, and 'every' animated movie starring a female role she finds a man. There are some girls out there who don't even want to marry *coughmecough* and Merida sets the example of having no man while living a happy ending. And I'm sure people will bash me for saying that but most likely they will say the same thing about Elsa. I can just tell, and that's being a hypocrite. Now, having a prince in the end is still okay, letting girls get a head start of not hating boys forever and junk, oder just Du know....stuff. I guess. I Liebe how the story focuses on the relationship rather on mother and daughter than a boy and girl.

She's very Brave
I mean she's actually Brave. Words that are used for Beschreibung don't usually best fit the character but this one is perfect, I mean, the movie is even called Merida - Legende der Highlands which perfectly fits the story line.
The real definition of Merida - Legende der Highlands is being able to face your fear. Not 'not being afraid' that's fearless. Two different words that can easily get mixed up. She's Merida - Legende der Highlands to admit how she acted in front of over a thousand men oder something, fix a relationship already damaged Mehr than ever, fight her father and a bear. I'm sure she was Mehr scared than ever to do those things. Du don't just get up and skip right to a lion cage and fight the lion with a huge grin. Though if Du can then bravo!
It takes a real person to do what Merida can do. She goes through great development and I'm proud of her just like her mom would be.

Has the most valuable lesson
Merida has the model of how a real girl should act.
It's almost impossible to look on the bright side of everything, so Snow White has a special gift {including that manipulative boss side}. Merida is going through a tough situation and she whines and complains. Even refuses to do as she's told- turns her mom info a bär even. A young girl shouldn't mess up a relationship like that, but there are so many girls messing up their relationships with their parents. They don't even speak to them. And honestly, when someone says Merida is a selfish greedy character it riles me, Du always need to look at how a person is now than what they've done in the past.
I get mad on a Mehr personal level because I have that relationship Merida had with her mother in the beginning of the movie with my dad. He's gegeben me so many chances and I owe him Mehr than imaginable. With him I always seem to do wrong, and I loose my temper but he's always patient and kind. He loves me so much it's hard for him to get really mad with me. I've done wrong things in the past but now I'm different and now I'm really getting the truth out. Merida actually was the one who showed me how realistic relationships work. She loved her mom even after all those days of boring herself, having her life planned out, about to marry a stranger. She looked back at her actions and felt ashamed. She did all she could, fought her own father to save her mother. If Du don't think that's enough Liebe then I don't know what Du think is. Merida can Zeigen how a real relationship works and how Merida - Legende der Highlands she can be to fix it, ever since I saw her movie I've been on the right track with my Dad.
 My overused Merida - Legende der Highlands photo- I borrowed this idea from dclairmont, the Artikel thing, not the Foto
My overused Brave photo- I borrowed this idea from dclairmont, the article thing, not the photo
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