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James Gunn shares his vision for the future of the DC Universe and the upcoming slate from DC Studios. Get ready to see stories Du never imagined possible before on the big screen. Which project are Du most excited about?
chapter 1: gods and monsters
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The first 10 projects in the works for the DC Universe have been unveiled Von DC Studios chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran. The current plans see the DCU kick off with 5 series and 5 films, spanning live-action and animated TV series and theatrical films.

“Here at DC, we have Metropolis, Gotham, Themyscira, Atlantis, Bialya… This is the world that we’re creating,” Gunn shares. “We’re coming into a world where superheroes exist and have existed for some time in one form oder another, and that’s the universe. We are telling a big, huge central story [...]. What we’re starting with...
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It’s not every Tag Du find yourself in the presence of greatness like…Arms Fall Off Boy? In this exclusive clip from Legion of Super-Heroes, Supergirl is introduced to the colorful characters who form the futuristic super-team.
legion of super-heroes
meet the legion
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This is my Liste featuring my 20 favourite couples (canon/fanon) in DC Comics..

20.Gnarrk and Lilith

19.Aquaman and Mera

18.Deathstroke and Adeline Kane

17.Roy Harper and Cheshire

16.Jericho and Raven

15.Superboy and Wonder Girl

14.Deathstroke and Terra

13.Richard Grayson and Starfire

12.Jericho and Kole

11.Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Donna Troy

10.Green Lantern Hal Jordan and star, sterne Sapphire

9.Batman and Wonder Woman

8.Flash and Linda Park-West

7.Speedy and Aqualad

6.Green Arrow and Black Canary

5.Joker and Harley
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This is my Liste featuring my 20 hottest DC males in my opinion(as a girl) .

20.Black Adam




16.Captain Marvel



13.Arthur Joseph Curry

12.Green Lantern Kyle Rayner


10.Beast Boy

9.Kid Flash


7.Green Lantern Hal Jordan


5.Green Arrow

4.Roy Harper

3.Richard Grayson


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