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Source: Miss Martian & Kid Flash
"Where's my tie?" Robin ran around the house throwing clothes in the air. Bruce entered the room an ironed tie in his hand.
"Alfred was ironing it as Du asked" Robin gave a sigh of relief and snatched the tie off his mentor. He fixed his halsband, kragen and pulled his jacke on.
"Would Du mind sparing me 20 bucks?" the teenager asked putting his hand out.
"Why?" Bruce began to take out his wallet.
"Just canteen food" Bruce put his wallet back in his pocket.
"Oh! What gives?!" Robin cried. He looked at the clock. "Come on just 20 bucks. Please oder I'll be late!" he put out his hand again.
"Where are Du really...
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Source: Artemis & Kid Flash
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Source: Artemis & Kid Flash
Just a little heads up, this story takes place between season one and season two.

The Tag started out the same as all the others. Connor was sitting on the couch watching TV, although for once it wasn’t static, M’gann was trying out a new cookie recipe, Kaldur was curled up on the recliner with a book, Wally and Artemis were snuggling on the opposite side of the couch and Dick and I were sitting on the other side of the couch watching the news. All the sudden the words “Breaking News” flashed on the Fernsehen screen. Everyone leant vorwärts-, nach vorn as if it would help them hear the news to...
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Batman proceeded to to push Robin into the limo.
"Can't we just stay here?!" he struggled.
"No. Its better this way." Batman gave Robin one Mehr push sending him into the back seat. The others were sitting down, bags on their laps.
"Why aren't Du excited. I sure am!" Wally asked Robin.
"Lets just go" Robin starred outside the window as Alfred drove off.
They arrived and Alfred pulled up on the drive way gesturing the kids to get out.
"I'll pick Du up at 3:30 sharp, sir" Alfred sagte as the kids got out of the limo. "Have a great day!" he drove off leaving the kids behind.
"Gotham Jr Primary School...."...
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It was 8:00 sharp and the whole JL and YJ were crowded around Artemis's room. Even Bats was there to see the action. Robin held a glass against his ear and the door.
"I haven't heard anything since Du guys came" he replied glancing at the league.
"Me neither" Conner replied using his super hearing. Supey nodded in agreement. Barry stepped up.
"Why don't Supey and Conner use x-ray vison and-"
"No!" Supey and Conner shouted at the same time. "I'm not invading my teammate's personal space" Conner crossed his arms while Supey glared at Barry.
"Let's wait until they come out. I could get my camera I...
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Night began to fall, straße lights lit up and five shadows hid behind the walls of...
"A church?" Wally whispered a Schokolade bar in his mouth. Artemis nudged him. Robin nodded.
"Makes sense. Why would an evil villain go to a church?" The teenagers crept carefully to the entrance of the church. "Locked!" Robin struggled with the locks. "I could probably pick the locks-"
"Don't worry about that!" Conner stepped up to the doors and pulled it apart.
"Or he can just do that" Robin put his lock picker devise back in his utility gürtel and followed the others into the pitch black room.
It felt like hours...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Right where Du want me

The whole team was hanging out in the mountain. Bored. Miss Martian was slowly flipping through her cook book in the kitchen. Artemis was making arrows in the corner of the room on the floor. She sighed when she looked at the giant pile she had and continued. Robin was at the couch watching the T.V and clicking buttons on his laptop glancing at pictures of criminals, who were already in jail. Aqualad was half asleep, flipping through channels. And Conner was just sitting, still with eyes on the T.V, asking constantly for Aqualad to go back to another channel.
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posted by YJTTFAN
“This is so stupid....” Fang muttered pulling at his clothes. The others in the room muttered in agreement. Sighing Delta pulled her red haube up. Willow tries to mess her hair up further. Artemis glared down at her dress as if she wanted to slice it to pieces, which was very likely. Lucas was in a similar predicament.
“Why am I a villain?!” Becca muttered placing the heavy mantel on over the glamorous clothing. Blade was glaring murderously at everyone in the area, only causing Fang and Delta to laugh quietly at her predicament.
“Trust me Bec, I would rather be The Witch then Rapunzel...
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posted by SSTitanic
Name: paisley Hensley

Alias: Haze

Occupation: Villain

Age: 16 ½

Gender: Female

Looks: 5’6, short auburn hair that she always wears in a ponytail, blue eyes.

Personality: Outgoing, speaks her mind, curious, doesn’t take “no” for an answer, looks out for the trio.

Powers: Shift her body into a two-dimensional, intangible, shadow state via special device, uses a device that allows her to hold objects in shadow form.

Past: Her original past in unknown before she was part of a group with Liberty and Augury. On a mission to Cadmus paisley and two other team members (Ethan, and Noah) were captured...
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posted by Obscurity98
Name: Kyle Preinceton-Wayne
Age:16 1/2
Powers: can manipulate time and chage the things around him to fit what he chooses. Can make things disapear at will, and bring them back.


Abandoned Von his parents, Kyle never knew his real parents, and none of his anscestry. Bored to death with his family life, at age 10, Kyle used his Foster families computer an money, to trace back to his real family. And traced himself to the Wayne family. After this revelation, Kyle left his Home and traveled to gotham to tell Mr. Wayne he was...
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robinluv14: Hi guys! Welcome to the randomness that is me, rachele_x, and our OC’s! We throughly hope Du enjoy the little chat that we had. IF Du find stuff in double parenthesis (()) that’s me noting some stuff. there are some spoilers for new oc’s and new one shots and some refrences to a certain OC, names will not be mentioned... until that point in the chat. We hope Du enjoy... wait... i sagte that... Oh. yeah, u get to see fin cussing... a lot... she’s... a cusser... when she’s not around fanpop... yeah... I ramble. this was a really long authors note... ONE Mehr thING. these...
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posted by EclipseYJ
Name: Jennifer Rachel Stark

Alise: Iron girl

Race: Human, White

Age: 13

Relation to the team: None

Hair: Black, short

Eyes: Green

Gender: Female

Mentor: Iron man/ S.H.E.I.L.D/ The Avengers

Powers: Genius-level intellect, A Cyberpathic link with her powered armored suit, Superhuman strength, Supersonic flight, Energy repulsors, Missiles, Durability and regenerative life support (sometimes powered Von solar power)

Personality: Fun loving, playful, Badass, Bubbly, cute, funny, calm in times of stress

Weakness: Failer in her suit, to many blows to the chest

Past: When she was born she was also born with the...
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SuperBoy sat on the couch, steamed while M'gann sat in her room crying. They just had a fight. Kaldur sat on a schemel, hocker on the island. Watching SuperBoy put his head in his hands. Kadlur was not much one to socialize especially after the maulwurf In The Team fiasco. But SuperBoy looked very much out of sorts, even for the usual. Kaldur didnt want to pry but he did want to help.
He walked over to SuperBoy, slightly unsure on what to say when he reached him. He sat on the couch and glanced over To Conner, "Is everything alright?" Uneasiness in his voice. SuperBoy only looked the other way. Kaldur was...
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posted by NekoTheif
 That's her hero out fit
That's her hero out fit
So apparently we can make OC's! And I want a crack at it too. Because now I feel like I'm part of this whole Young justice Fan family!So Here is my OC! I hope Du like it!


Hero Name- tundra

Secret Identity- Amara Noelle

Age- 13

Power(s)- Can use ice and turn into a wolf

scary, loyal, sarcastic, driven Von instinct, fighter, creative (sometimes in a scary way), doesn't like being messed with/pranked,wolfish, loving

Favorite food- Meat

Least Favorit Food- salat (yuck)

Favorite person- Robin (he didn't bother her)

Least Favorite- Kid Flash...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Klarion walked through old spooky woods with his pet cat Teekal in his arms, he stopped at a four way path. " How about right here....." Klarion said, Teekal meowed and jumped out of Klarions arms, " finally.." Klarion sagte placing a crystal in the middle of the paths creating a giant magical board like floor around Klarion, Klarion stepped into a small circle, " now to bring together the team...." Klarion said. " Wotan...Black brior thorn...Felix Frost...Wizard..." Klarion sagte each name as they appeared in different small circles around the circle. " now.... lets put on a show..." Klarion...
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