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Fan fiction by puffer_fish posted vor einem Monat
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Moonlight sank in the cracks of the stone roof, illuminating The mossy walls and muddy floor. The shiny Umbreon's rings started glowing dimly. Then, there was something over head. The sound of foot steps carried Von voices. They grew louder and louder until he * The Umbreon * Saw the faces of the people making the sound. " Aw poor thing! It's probably stuck down there! " One of them said, their voice echoed in the cavern. " I'll.. I'll go save it. " The other said, sounding afraid of how deep down the cavern was dug. He lifted himself off the mud into a sitting position as the kid lowered himself down slowly into the cavern. It slipped, falling quickly. It hit the mud, he slowly walked over to the young boy and layed Weiter to it. The one above was gone and probably not coming back. " Humans.. Such fragile things.. " He whispered with a slight shiver. * SLEEP * He awoke, yawning calmly. The sunlight gleamed in his eyes. He looked around, the boy still asleep. He bit its arm carefully in effort to wake it. It sat up and looked at him fiercely. " Stay back..! " It sagte weakly, pushing itself back, It just drew Umbreon closer. " Don't fear me.. " He whispered, of course the kid could...
Review by FanFic_Girl_26 posted vor 2 Monaten
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I am quite the longtime Fan of the franchise known as Pokémon, and I have also read many of the Bücher about it, too. Plus, since I have read this book Mehr than once, I find it to be a great read, and I have also found plenty of good and positive things to say about it as well. :)

To start with, if I had to pick a Favorit chapter in the book, it would be the one where James recalls his plan of using a Pokemon photographer named Todd Snap to capture Pikachu for him, Jessie and Meowth. Although they thought Todd was great at capturing Pokémon, it turned out that Todd only captured Pokemon a different way, and that was with a camera. (“But, like always, Meowth made a mistake. Snap was good at capturing Pokemon — on film. He was a photographer, not a Pokemon trainer.”)

Eventually, although Jessie, James and Meowth decide to go their separate ways and disband from Team Rocket, their separation is only temporary, as they begin to remember what their lives had been like before Team Rocket came into the picture — Jessie with no Pokemon Puppen to play with and no friends, James with his wealthy parents wanting him to get married to a woman...
Fan fiction by Courtneyfan6 posted vor 2 Monaten
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(Next Tag at school, Serena came into the classroom and met Brock and Dawn)
Brock: Is that your natural hair color?
Serena: Yeah.
Brock: It's gorgeous.
Serena: Thank you.
Brock: See, this is the color I want.
Dawn: This is Brock. He's almost too gay to function.
Serena: Nice to meet you.
Gary: Nice wig, Dawn. What's it made of?
Dawn: Your mom's chest hair! I'm Dawn.
Serena: Hi, I'm Serena. Do Du guys know where Room G is? "Health, Tuesday/Thursday, Room G ."
Dawn: I think that's in the back building.
Brock: Yeah, that's in the back building.
Dawn: Yeah, we'll take Du there.
Serena: Thanks.
(Serena, Dawn and Brock are walking in the hallway)
Brock: Watch out, please! New meat coming through!
(cut to the outside of the school)
Brock: "Health. Spanish." You're taking 12th grade calculus?
Serena: Yeah, I like math.
Dawn: Why?
Serena: Because it's the same in every country.
Fan fiction by Courtneyfan6 posted vor 2 Monaten
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(The story starts when two people are getting their daughter ready for school)
Noah: This is your lunch, OK? Now, I put a dollar in there so Du can buy some milk. Du can ask one of the big kids where to do that.
Grace: Du remember your phone number? I wrote it down for you, just in case. Put it in your pocket, I don't want Du to lose it. OK? Du ready?
Serena: I think so.
Noah: It's Serena's big day.
(Grace started to cry as she hugs Serena)
I guess it's natural for parents to cry on their kid's first Tag of school. But, Du know, this usually happens when the kid is fine. I'm 16 and until today, I was home-schooled. I know what you're thinking. "Home-schooled kids are freaks."
(At the spelling bee)
Girl: X-Y-L-O-C-A-R-P. Xylocarp.
oder that we're weirdly religious oder something.
(at the farm)
Farmer Boy: And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action gewehr so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.
Article by MisterH posted vor 3 Monaten
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⬜For my copy of Pokemon Sun
🔲For my future copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun
✓Already have for Pokemon Sun
◯Already have(prepared) for Pokemon Ultra Sun

Pokemon requested:

Pokemon I'm willing to trade at the moment:

Opinion by Pokegal4life posted vor 5 Monaten
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I will tell Du my Favorit Emera, what they do, and what color they are.

1. Barrage. This Emera sometimes lets Du use the same Bewegen twice in one turn. This Emera is purple.

2. Better Odds. When your Bewegen has an even number of PP the Bewegen will always be a critical hit and never misses. This Emera is yellow.

3. Ally Reviver. When your teammates faint they will automatically be revived and Du won't lose a Reviver Seed oder Tiny Reviver Seed. This Emera is green.

4. Payback. When an enemy Pokemon attacks Du there is a chance their HP is reduced to 1. This Emera is blue.

5. Berry Power. The Mehr Berries Du have in your inventory the less likely Du are to get status issues oder have your stats reduced. This Emera is red.

6. PP Restore. When Du go to another floor your PP gets restored Von however many of the PP Restore Emera Du have in your Looplet, (for example, I am playing Super Mystery Dungeon right now and I have one PP Restore in my gras, grass Looplet meaning all 4 of my Moves are restored Von 1. If I were to add another it would restore my Moves Von 2.) This Emera is green.
Opinion by gfdcf posted vor 6 Monaten
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Okay sorry this took so long but first of all school is coming up for me and I was just unmotivated to do this. So yeah lets get started.So Von the Titel you're expecting me to Favorit one character over the other and wine about the other.Well too bad!! boi were U WRONG HAHAHA!! (odds one out reference totaly should watch dis guy)Okay back to the point so what is the problem well if Du went around the pokemon fanbase you'll notice that well there is alot of wars over which one is better ash oder red I will admit I personaly like ash as a character Mehr than red but I swear to GOD I hate that stupid arsch Pikachu that can't do shit!! (sorry about that but I do like the pokemon Pikachu just not ash's that much) and I like red for his silence and pokemon origins. But which one is better well ash has saved the world alot but red can beat the fuckin' pokemon leage unlike him. but ash has beat the battle frontier and the orange leage so which one is better Du may ask? well neither they have both done some great things... I mean this just isn't in the pokemon fandom like for instance sonic and mario. well fun fact about me I don't like mario that much but in my opinion mario's titles are...
Opinion by gfdcf posted vor 6 Monaten
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Okay so Von the Titel you're expecting me to complain about pokemon go? WELL TO BAD! (oh my gosh Auszeichnungen so scary) Okay so I'm a pretty basic Fan of pokemon actually one of the first games I played and first time I made Fan characters (which I still have to this day) and well I like it a little Mehr than sonic. But don't worry I'll never stop doing sonic. just sometimes expect pokemon and star, sterne fuchs and maybe undertale? I dunno back to the point.So I heared go fest ended badly then I rememberd something some pokemon Fans of games like red and blue diamond and pearl Du know the main games that are actually canon too the franchise which to tell Du the truth I actually care Mehr about mainstream games and mystery dungeon than pokemon go but that doesn't really matter to the thing I'm talking about just wanted to bring that up. Okay like I sagte the mainstream Fans of pokemon were bashing go players and calling them "not true fans" and Du know what that is kinda just plain bullshit. Yeah I will admit its a little annoying when you're watching some pokemon Musik oder something and then a go Fan says "I listen to this when I catch pokemon" but it is even Mehr annoying when a mainstream fan...
Opinion by Riku114 posted vor 7 Monaten
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((DISCLAIMER: This is my interpretation of the characters backstory from what Ive seen in the game so far, not the anime. It was just something I started out of boredom.))


Gladion sat on the side of his bett as he looked up at his Zubat who was playfully flying a short distance away from him. He let out a small chuckle before hearing Lillie’s quiet gasp of awe. “You and Zubat are amazing.” She sagte as a smile grew on her face. “I wish one Tag I could be like Du two.”

“Well youd have to get through Mo-” Gladion began to speak before hearing a knock on the door of his bedroom before a woman with short purple hair and rosa glasses came walking in. This was one of the Aether workers that aided in his mother’s corporation and project, Wicke.

Wicke bowed slightly as she walked in. “Good afternoon Master Gladion, Master Lillie.” She sagte as she looked over at the two of them. “Your mother wants Du all to come with me to the laboratory to Zeigen Du some of her projects. Are Du both ready to go?”
Opinion by Kibahina96 posted vor 9 Monaten
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1.Vulpix And Flareon

1.Vulpix because its cute and Flareon because all the Eeveeloutions are unique.
2.It makes me want to hug it !!
3.Its extremely loyal.
4.Its beautiful has the same name as Naruto's demon (from Naruto Shippuden) and is based on a Japanese legend.
5.It never burns people it trusts.
6.It can run up to 150 mph.
7.Its sweet and graceful.
8.Its unique.
9.Its tail is fueled Von gas in its belly.
10.Its full of energy and always does its best.

List by geocen posted vor 9 Monaten
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Here is a Liste with some of my Favorit Pokemon secrets and facts that I've been compiling for some time. Enjoy!

Poliwag’s signature swirl pattern is meant to look like the visible intestines of tadpoles.

When Paras evolves into Parasect, the parasitic pilz on its back actually takes over the host, which explains the Pokémon’s blank, white eyes

Pikachu’s name is a combination of the Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkle, pikapika, and the sound of squeaking, which is expressed as chūchū.

Magneton is made up of three Magnemites and should logically weigh three times as much, but Magnemite weighs in at 13.2 pounds and Magneton weighs 132 pounds.

"Mr. Mime" the pokemon can in fact be a girl, however the name of the pokemon doesn't actually change. She would still be a Mr. Mime.
Opinion by Kibahina96 posted vor 9 Monaten
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1.Pikachu Family
2Eevee and Eeveeloutions
4.LAtios and Latias
6.Bunnelby and Buneary
7.Panchem and Goomy
8.Lucario,Mega Lucario And Riolu

1.They're all cute !!
2.Theyre all unique.
3.Its cute and can transform.
4.They playful and friendly.
5.It makes me wanna hug it!!
6.Bunelby because it can use it ears for lots of thing. Buneary because its cute. Plus I Liebe the couple.
7.Panchem because its small but tough. Goomy because its a good friend.
8.Lecario because it can sense auras Mega Lucario because its upper strong and looks cool and Riolu because its cute but tough.
9.Ut can someone other pokemon even legendary ones.
10.Its a great performer and watches out for its friends.
Opinion by Kibahina96 posted vor 9 Monaten
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1. Pikachu Family
3. Eevee and Eeveeloutions
4. Fennekin and Bunelby
5.Panchem and Goomy


1.Because they're all so cute !!!!!

2.Because its cute sounds adorable and can change into other Pokemon and teleport and... too many reasons too list.
3.They're all unique in they're own way.
4.Because Fennekin is cute and Bunelby is caring.
5. Panchem is small but strong and Goomy looks out for its friends.
6.Tepig always tries its hardest.
7.Froakie can be stubborn but comes through when it counts.
8.I t can survive on sunlight in the wild.
9.Chespin is funny.
10.Charmander is friendly and full of energy.
Opinion by PeterMWou posted vor 10 Monaten
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Pokemon Unobtainable In Pokemon Black and White

Like with other games in each generation, Pokemon Black and White have a variety of Pokemon that are not available in the game. The Pokemon listed below will either need to be PokeTransfered across from the Generation IV games, trade from Black 2 and White 2, oder will need to be obtained via the Dream World. As the Dream World can hold any Pokemon the developers choose, all Pokemon that cannot be obtain in the game are listed.

Mr. Mime (White 2 only)
Sudowoodo (Black 2 only)
Skitty (White 2 only)
Review by deedragongirl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I missing this now!
Hi guys, it has been many years since I last play this game and I will write this review about the video game that I grew up with.

The Story

Okay, the game reminds me of the first episode especially the first part when Ash gets his first Pokemon. Then, I will help him to continue his journey Von becoming the first Pokemon master.
Personally, I truly enjoy playing this game but only annoying thing was not all Pokemon are feature in this game and that Du need to connect to another Gameboy Colour console who is also playing Pokemon. How I wish I could play game again!

Interaction with other Characters

I thought that it was pretty typical with the other characters and how they communicate with Ash during his journey, but the most hilarious is with Gary. I don't know why though!

Scary Music

I absolutely hated the music, it drives me up the Wand and I am very glad that I gotten over it if Elsa hasn't been created!
Opinion by Windrises posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Pokemon is a beliebt Anime show. The Zeigen has various films. This review is about the original Pokemon film. The film is a classic to Pokemon fans, but was hated Von critics.

The Plot:

Special mention goes to the 10 Minuten that got edited out of most versions of this film. The scenes that got cut out involve Dr. Fuji's dark plot. He was trying to bring his deceased daughter Amber back to life. Amber eventually got cloned and became Mewtwo's best friend, but she died. These scenes are some of the most well made scenes of all time. It's weird that 2 characters that barley have screen time (Dr. Fuji and Amber) have a far better plot than any of the Heroes of Pokemon. This film is the only film that got me to cry. Watching Dr. Fuji's marriage fail was tear worthy, but Amber's death is the saddest I've ever been at anything fictional. insgesamt these scenes are sad, but are fantastic.

After that the film has some good scenes including Mewtwo betraying Dr. Fuji and briefly working for Giovanni. However the film stops being good when the main plot comes. The plot is Ash trying to stop Mewtwo from getting rid of humans and Pokemon. It's...
Fan fiction by 15sturmelle2 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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"After Ash, Brock, Misty, Todd Snap, Luka, Ritchie, and Oliver rescued both Lugia from Team Rocket, they decided to unwind with a Tag at the beach. "Totodile! Come on out!" replied Ash as he grabbed a teal, knickente, blaugrün and red Pokeball known as a Lure Ball and sent out Totodile "Okay Staryu! Poliwhirl! Goldeen! Corsola! Psyduck! Come on out!" replied Misty as she sent out her Pokemon. As usual, however Psyduck struggled to stay afloat, forcing Misty to return to its Pokeball. Luka grabbed three Pokeballs and sent her Magikarp out. "Okay everyone. Du all stay close. Du never know what could be underwater." replied Ash "That's right. We wouldn't want anything to happen to you." replied Misty "Hey Todd, I need to head out to pick up some things to make lunch with. So would anyone like to come with me?" asked Luka "I'd like to come with you." replied Brock, stepping vorwärts-, nach vorn to volunteer. Misty wanted to stop him, but simply decided to let him go with Luka anyways. (An Stunde later) "We won't be long. We'll be back before Du know it." replied Luka, before she took off to get what she needed to make lunch for everyone. (With Team Rocket in their balloon) After Luka and Brock briefly left, Team...
Opinion by Renegade1765 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Well...this has been a long time coming!
Ever since I wrote that Artikel about what I want for Pokemon Sun and Moon, I was rather anxious about what they're going to do; Especially since Sun and Moon is supposed to represent the 20th anniversary of the series. When I got my hands on the New Nintendo 3DS XL on December 30th, it had both Pokemon Sun and Moon installed onto it. When Sun and Moon were announced, I wanted to play Sun, so I chose to play that. It took me at least a Monat to finish it (Which is why I haven't written any new Artikel since.), but it was worth it.

One of the things that made me Liebe Sun and Moon are the new Pokemon (Well...most of them). In this Artikel I'll be counting down my oben, nach oben 10 Favorit Pokemon.

Now, this is all my opinion and experiences with the game. If Du disagree with me, that's fine! Just because Du have a different opinion then me, doesn't mean I won't respect your opinion, oder Du as a person.
I will also include the Pokemon I used while playing Pokemon Sun, so feel free to share what Pokemon Du used/liked the best.
Opinion by Windrises posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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2 fans

The Pokemon franchise has lasted for several years which could be why the franchise has so many antagonists. Several of the Pokemon antagonists are from Team Rocket, a evil company that wants to use Pokemon to take over the world. All of the antagonists on my Liste have some involvement in Team Rocket. All of the antagonists except for my Favorit are listed in alphabetical order.


Domino is the secondary villain in Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns. Despite only being in Mewtwo Returns Domino is a Mehr threatening and kühler antagonist than Jessie, James, and Meowth. I wish that she was in Mehr episodes.

Dr. Fuji

Dr. Fuji is Mewtwo's creator and is 1 of the antagonists in Pokemon: The First Movie. Dr. Fuji's backstory isn't in the American version of the film. It explained what a sympathetic character he was: He helped Giovanni so he could clone his deceased daughter, Amber. Dr. Fuji's backstory was so sad that it led to the first time a film made me cry. I highly admire him even though he did try to help Giovanni's evil scheme.
Opinion by Ashgrenija558 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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3 fans
In the Tv Zeigen for Pokemon was good for so many years, but so many of Ash's Friends disappear after that region. Brock is the only exception to that because he traveled through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Ash´s travel pals always disappear they should all come back frequently throughout the Zeigen when they seem needed.
Brock should come back in the Tv shows because he seems to know almost everything that's going on in the regions. Everyone needs Brock sometimes if their Pokemon are sick if they are in the woods alone without food. Brock traveled through 4 regions though and he has a job that he needs to do being a Pokemon doctor so the chances of him returning are very slim.
May and Max have an okay chance of coming back in Alola but it might just be buy video conference oder for one episode. May could be some good entertainment with her being a coordinator and Max could tell Du what moves a Pokemon can learn but it's the same for them as for Brock chances are very slim.
Opinion by PeterMWou posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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This is the only Pokemon Rumble game to be gegeben an ESRB rating of E, with all other Pokemon Rumble titles such as Pokemon Rumble World having been gegeben a rating of E10+.

This is the only Pokemon game to be gegeben the ratings of ESRB's E, PEGI 7, USK 6, and ACB PG at the same time.

This and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity are the only Pokemon spin-offs to be gegeben an ESRB and ACB ratings of E and PG respectively.

This is the only Pokemon spin-off to be gegeben an ESRB, PEGI, and ACB ratings of E, 7, and PG respectively.

This is the first Pokemon game to be gegeben an ESRB, PEGI, and ACB ratings of E, 7, and PG respectively.
Fan fiction by Courtneyfan6 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 12: Sweet Love

(At the woods where we find our herz broken Ash sitting and frowning. Serena and Pikachu meets up to him and sits Weiter him. She pats his shoulder.)
Pikachu: Pika Pi.
Serena: It's gonna be okay.
Ash: I know it's just that that man treated Nikki like his drunken punching bags. I was afraid to tell Du about the pregnancy call even though it was Georgia because I was afraid of hurting Du and our future baby.
Serena: (she hugs him) Ash when Du took care of Nikki, Du never physically beaten her. Instead Du loved her, played with her, and actually loved her like a father.
Ash: Yeah. I wished I could've done something. (He lays his head on Serena's shoulder)
Serena: Du did. Du beat the crap out of her asshole father to defend Nikki. I think she'll never stop loving Du for that. (Smiles cocky) Du know, I thought watching Du beat up her pop was hot! (Winks)
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: (Smirks) Really? Du got turned on Von that?
Fan fiction by Courtneyfan6 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 11: Craig's Defeat and Nikki's Goodbye

(It's 2:00 am on Thursday morning. The police officers were examining Nikki at the lab and asking her Fragen without Ash. Ash and his Friends are watching Nikki's drunken father getting handcuffed. The police officers were trying to get the handcuffs locked around his big wrists. They gave up and go to their big swat truck far away.)
Police man: We are just gonna get bigger cuffs! We'll be back! (Walks off)
May: Well shouldn't somebody be holding him down so he don't …..(she turns her head seeing a police car without the drunken guy there!) ESCAPE!
Pikachu: PIKKKAAAA!!!!
(Everyone starts screaming and running in circles. Bonnie sees a scratched on note on the back door of the police car. It says:)
(Ash Ketchum-
If you're manly enough than meet me done at that crappy garden in 4:00am! I'll be getting pumped in the woods! Time for Du to be defeated!)
(Bonnie starts to think in her head while everyone is screaming.)
Fan fiction by Courtneyfan6 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 10: Ash vs Craig!

(Serena, Pikachu and Nikki came outside to see what going on. Nikki hides behind Ash and Ash picked her up. Everyone came out of their houses even Professor Oak from his lab.)
Misty: (she walked over to Craig). Hey! What is with all the noise?
Craig: Shut up Du BIG Bitch!
Misty: (Angrily) WHAT DID Du SAY TO ME?! OH NO Du DIDN'T! (She is walking closer to him.) Du HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET! I'LL Zeigen Du BIG! (Craig was about to her and she was about to hit him too. Brock and May pulled her away.) Du WANT SOME THIS?! WELL C'MON….THEN!
Craig: Ah, enough of this! Where the hell is my daughter?! (He walks over to scared Professor Oak.) WELL!?
Professor Oak: Uh sir calm down! Also I think I was promised a paid reward?
Craig: You'll get my fist up your butt! (He gives Professor Oak a big fist.)
Professor Oak: Not my face! (He backs off) Ok Ok it's cool.
Misty: I think Nikki's father is worse than Georgia!
Fan fiction by Courtneyfan6 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 9: Babysitting Baker Serena

(It's been 2 days that Nikki was here with Ash and his friends. She was spending a lot of time with them. Now it's Wednesday early afternoon. Ash decided to spend hang out with the boys for the day. He asked Serena to watch Pikachu and Nikki in his house and she sagte yes. Now Ash is with Max and Brock somewhere near Brock's gym.)
Ash: Finally, some time to ourselves!
Max: Hey guys, when I was in school, Du know what we used to do when a gym leaders gave Ash a rough Pokemon battle?
Ash and Brock: What?
Max: We'd egg her gym! Come on. Where's she live?
Ash: I'll Zeigen you! (He leads Brock and Max to Misty's gym) That's her gym!
(Ash, Brock and Max starts throwing eggs at Misty's gym)
Brock: Take that!
Max: I got it!
Ash: Take that, Du bum!
(Then Misty comes out angrily)
Misty: What the heck are Du doing?
Max: Is that her?
Brock: Yeah!