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 Skipper's Girl
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This is interesting. A girl pinguin that Skipper met that looks exactly like Skipper...
Die Pinguine aus Madagascar
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Later that night, the whole submarine was silent as an awkward pause. Just then, a brutal knock to the ship sent the penguins tumbling into the right Wand of the ship.

"Kowalski analysis!" Skipper commanded.

"I have no idea. I know I didn't hit anything!" Kowalski exclaimed. A marine creature thrashed the vessel. Kowalski stumbled into the glass. He was paralyzed in shock from what he saw. It was Doris! Her hateful eyes glared into his soul. The jerking stopped. With all her might, she crashed a massive hole in the glass. Water roared through the penetrated windsheild. The submarine began to...
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Crumpling up a failed plain, Hans crossed his fins and threw the paper across the room furiously. Hans had been scribbling down ideas of how to abolish Skipper and his team, but mostly Skipper.

He pondered, 'Maybe I should get a hobby? No, there had to be something I haven't tried yet.'

The tabelle in front of him was covered with scattered papers.

It had been Mehr than two months after he had met his nemeisis last. His flippers rummaged through the sheets of paper. The left fin met a hidden red button. He seized it with an evil grin.

"Oh, I forgot about you."

Pushing down on the button, before...
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^ original song. Thought it would be fun to Bearbeiten it a bit based on thier personalities.
**edit-forgot to put Kowalski Weiter to Leo. fixed now.
Aquarius (mort)
There's travel in your future when Du find yourself tied to the back of a speeding bus
Fill that void in your pathetic life Von playing Oku-Land seventeen hours a day

Pisces (Julien)
Try to avoid any Penguins oder Otters with the Cootie virus.
You are the true Lord of the Dance, no matter what those idiotic Baboons say.

Aries(Phil and Mason)
The look on your face will be priceless when Du find that forty year-old wassermelone in your colon. (phil)...
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Sounds cute
Die Pinguine aus Madagascar
Earlier this month, I went on a mission that I had been planning since 2011—seeing Penguins of Madagascar on the big screen.

The Madagascar spin-off is a fast-paced, fun adventure, with touching moments and several flipperfuls of good laughs. I have written some of my thoughts on it below. They will be appreciated Mehr Von fellow Fanguins than those completely unfamiliar with the characters, so this Artikel is Mehr a Liste of observations and opinions than a true movie review. Still, I will not spoil too much for those who have not yet seen the film.


● The movie opens years Vor in Antarctica,...
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