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The Penguins Of Madagascar ~ Miracle On Ice ~ Kowalski Babbling And Stumbling

The Penguins Of Madagascar ~ Loathe At First Sight ~ Private Hates Kowalski

The Penguins Of Madagascar ~ Loathe At First Sight ~ K I S S I N G

The Penguins Of Madagascar ~ Roomies ~ Bubble Gum

The Penguins Of Madagascar ~ Roomies ~ Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The Penguins Of Madagascar ~ Roomies ~ New Roommate

The Penguins Of Madagascar ~ Time Out ~ Fixing The Stopwatch

The Penguins of Madagascar ~ I Feel Pretty

The Penguins of Madagascar ~ Out Of The Groove ~ Let's Dance

Thomas Sanders (and co.) "Everybody Sing" (from TRotRoDB)

Kowalski vs Thomas Sanders (Logic)

Theory about Madagascar Filme

Herring Impaired in 27 Sekunden

Youtubers Thump Thump Thump

"I . . . am . . . Dave!" Scene with Funny Musik

Deleted Scene: Baby Private Discovers Cheezy Dibbles

fisch Flingin' Skipper Toy

Penguins of Madagascar Flying Home for Weihnachten

Silver stint Lyrics

Flying Home for Weihnachten Lyrics

12 Days of Missions Lyrics

Stuck in the Chimney Lyrics

Jingle Bells (Power Mix) Lyrics

Real Chill Weihnachten - Lyrics

Madagascar Impression

Book Announcement (The "Perfect" World)

"First Fandom" tag/ Penguins of Madagascar "I'll Fight"

Denny's Commercial

DirecTV / AT&T Commercial

Ipad App: Dave Hacks into NWOT.

Does This Sound Like Dr Blowhole to You?


Private's Theme

Penguins of Madagascar Talking Plush

Funny lemur "GAGS": King Julien Stand Up

Flying Home for Weihnachten

King Julien Princesses Birth Announce

10 Minuten of Rico Laughing

8 facts about Madagascar

King Julien Stand-Up: Talk to the Booty

Cheezy Dibble Challenge

Caffeine withdrawal

The Magic Juicer

Los pingüinos de Madagascar Pelicula Completa en Espanol HD 2014

Penguins of Madagascar - Full Movie

♪Skilene ~ Could it Be♪

Brian Hull - The 100 Voice Impressions Marathon

Dancing ^^

Privates Theme

Super Bowl Rally!

Let's Play Pollution solution Episode 1

Penguins Of Madagascar Full Movie.

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 7

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 6

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 5

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 4

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 3

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 2

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 1

Du know what its a secret?

Private Tribute ~ Only One

All Hail King Julien - New Year's Eve Countdown - Netflix

Penguins Of Madagascar Soundtrack - Eudyptula Minor

Disgusting moment in All Hail King Julien

Animatic Work in Progress: Dr. Blowhole's Plans for the Holidays (Part One: The Plan)

Merry Weihnachten from Danny Jacobs/King Julien!

Flying Home For Christmas.

Apparently all boats are girls...

[BOOK REVIEW] The Art of The Penguins of Madagascar | Rotoscopers


It's Tough to be King

Dash Dobro.

Penguins of Madagascar - "He Is Dave"

Ken Jeong gets his daughter, Zoe's, perspective on the POM Movie

Penguins of Madagascar - Voice Recordings for Annet Mahendru, Ken Jeong, and Peter Stormare

Penguins of Madagascar - Penguins Voice Recording: Happy Ding-dong Birthday!

Kid Fans after seeing "Penguins of Madagascar"

Dancing with the pinguin Stars!!

All Hail King Julien Clip #2 - Sky Diving Lemurs

Benedict Gets Lost On A Mountain! (Interview)

Benedict Cumberbatch Declares War on Penguins

Happy Meal Commercial

Meet Classified

Penguins Dance Remix

Penguins of Madagascar Featurette - Mockumentary (2014)

Creating the Characters

Meet Private - Penguins of Madagascar

The pinguin Shake on Ellen

Irony in the First Degree: A Word Benedict is TERRIFIED of Saying

Behind the Scenes Interview with Benedict Cumberbatch

Penguins of Madagascar - Spot Ice 15' (Italian)

Nerves Of Steel - Spy Training - Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar: Benedict Cumberbatch "Agent Classified" Voice Recording

Penguins of Madagascar - Trailer 3 - Puppet Version

Don't Push The Button! - Penguins of Madagascar

Meet Rico - Penguins of Madagascar

Meet The Fleet - Penguins of Madagascar

Meet Kowalski - Penguins of Madagascar

Meet Skipper

Ultimate Slap Fight