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Die Fanauswahl: Jim+Melody
Die Fanauswahl: Ariel and Jonh smith
Die Fanauswahl: Angel – Jäger der Finsternis – Jäger der Finsternis
Die Fanauswahl: John Smith
Die Fanauswahl: Lex Luthor
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ktichenor sagte …
Really cool club! Liebe the concept! 😎 gepostet vor 27 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
Joined! <3 vor 27 Tagen
auroraxaurelia Kommentiert…
Welcome! vor 23 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
Thanks! 😊 vor 22 Tagen
auroraxaurelia sagte …
Hey guys! Its been several months since I've been on here. Missed everyone and the crossovers. What is everyone using to make your crossovers. I usually use but the website is not loading. Its not my adobe flash because I checked that and made sure. Never really used anything else to make my manips. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. gepostet vor 2 Monaten
abbygrace sagte …
Also, I want Du guys to know that Du don't have to kreuz Liebhaber if Du want to gepostet vor 6 Monaten
auroraxaurelia Kommentiert…
We know. Du don't have to kreuz Filme either. But if making manips with characters from the same movie, I would suggest adding a character from another film as some people have issues with characters from all the same movie just being manipulated. But their is another club that Suits those kind of manips well. vor 2 Monaten
auroraxaurelia Kommentiert…
link vor 2 Monaten