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 “We weren’t laughing at you, honestly.”
“We weren’t laughing at you, honestly.”
“I’d give anything to be a knight on a white charger,” sagte Arthur. It was now late morning and Merlin, Belle and Arthur were strolling alongside the side of the moat that surrounded the castle. Belle had a feeling that whilst the moat didn’t look particularly deep, it probably was. Arthur had a stick in his hand and was pretending it was a sword, slicing at the long blades of gras, grass that tickled their ankles.

Belle grinned and picked up a stick from the grass. “Oh, yes? Well, let’s see how much Du know about sword fighting, Sir Arthur.” Then she and Arthur engaged in a quick...
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 "Tiger! Talbot!"
"Tiger! Talbot!"
The Sekunde Arthur stepped into the castle, two large Great Danes flung themselves at him, barking madly. They both knocked Arthur off his feet, much to Belle’s alarm, and then, to her relief, began to lick his face, playfully. Merlin smiled.

“Tiger, Talbot!” snapped a large beefy man with red hair and moustache, seizing their collars and snatching them away. Arthur giggled and then looked up at the man, his smile quickly fading. “Now, look here, Wart!” demanded the man. “What’s the big idea of gallivanting off into the woods and worrying the living daylights out of everyone?!”...
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Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt
hotel transylvania
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