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Die Fanauswahl: yes poor girl
yes poor girl
na who cars
Die Fanauswahl: 5 - Liebe it.
Die Fanauswahl: Demi
Die Fanauswahl: Sonny Munroe [Sonny With A Chance]
I cant deside!
Die Fanauswahl: I think justin bieber is worst than demi lovato!!!
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GIZZBACCA10 sagte …
hot hot hot!!! u got it, and i like it !!! stay sweet, pie!!! smile 4 the camera, i know I'AM going 2 Liebe it!!! gepostet vor 10 Tagen
EmiMD sagte …
Your songs helped me through anorexia, bulimia, but I Lost 5 years in that termoil, Then Du came to claim your own struggles. It kept be going.
It scares me to see Du back to that steriotype, hope it's due to a healthy lifestyle.. Du made me stronger and now Im just expected to look unhuman. gepostet vor 10 Monaten
goodgirl22 sagte …
demi is the best ever and I Liebe that she's besties with selena Gomez I also Liebe her I Liebe both of them I know Du guys too :) gepostet vor 11 Monaten