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Demi shares some of her Favorit tunes, songs that help her get through the hard times.

"Music has always been a huge part of my life and has helped me some tough times. Certain songs always give me confidence, put me in a good mood, and inspire me. Here's a Liste of some of my favorites—the Musik that helps keep me feeling positive and reminds me to stay strong."says Demi:

“We All Need Saving” Von Jon McLaughlin 
I listen to this song when I need reassurance that I'm not the only one on the planet who struggles oder has issues. It's really true. We...
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That’s right folks, can now Bestätigen that Disney star, Demi Lovato (age 16), is 100% dating Alex Deleon (age 19) of the band The Cab.

“The two have not been seeing each other for long since Demi is so busy, but like they are together as a couple. They were introduced Von a mutual friend not too long Vor and have been chatting and seeing each other ever since. Demi is in L.A. right now and Alex isn’t - It makes the relationship hard, but the two are dealing with it and trying to make it work without the press - It’ll come out sooner oder later since he’s been seen at a lot of Demi’s shows and they are not really trying to hide anything.”

EDIT: “It was too hard for them to spend time together with being on the road and stuff. Just wasn’t working, but they remain good friends.” They split! What do Du guys think?
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"Who's That Boy"
(feat. Dev)

[Intro: Dev]
I wanna get Du Von yourself
Yeah, have Du to myself
I don't need nobody else
Don't want nobody else
He's special, I know
His smile, it glows
He's perfect, it shows
Let's go!

[Verse 1: Demi Lovato]
I've been starin' at ya
And I could do it all night
You're looking like an angel
With that kind of body needs a spotlight

Ain't nobody know your name
But looking like Du do could be famous
I could see us making ways
From the back of the club
To a bett in the shade

[Chorus: Demi Lovato]
Now I don't know who Du are
But Du look like a star
And everybody here...
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Saw Du lookin over
Now I see Du moving this way
You're pushing through the crowd
Like Du got something to say
But Du couldn't walk
'cause the music's taking over your feet
I can tell Von your toes that you're rocking
To this beat
Du gotta dance 'til Du ache
'til Du drop, 'til Du break
Free your soul
Let me see Du shake
One Von one
We're stealing the stage
Here we come so get
Out of our way

It won't be long
Till the summers gone
Get your party on
So sing along
Hold on tight
It's a crazy night
Get your party on
And were screaming
Out loud

Is going straight
To your head
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Joe Jonas "I'm sorry" new single: apologies for Demi Lovato?
Joe Jonas has a new single "I'm Sorry" and apologizing to a former girlfriend Demi Lovato? Read!

June 17, 2011 - Kika

Joe Jonas has revealed the Titel of his new single "I'm Sorry" (sorry) and sagte that talks about one of his past relationships. Will finally apologize for Demi Lovato?

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

We know that Joe Jonas is definitely not the guy "perfect" and in a perfect relationship:...
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Demi Lovato went back to Texas to attend prom with childhood friend Nolan Nard. She wore a beautiful red dress and let her hair down for the event, sporting her new BCBG Herve Leger clutch. Demi and her friend Nolan took a few pictures before the Grapevine High School Prom. Demi’s wish of attending prom, just like every other 17 Jahr old girl, finally came true! She tweeted this weekend:

@ddlovato – A promise made in kindergarten finally coming true.. Prom with @nolannard!!

Sounds like the two had a wonderful time at Prom because after the event, Nolan tweeted:

@nolannard – Prom was incredible. Everything about last night was amazing.
 Demi Lovato with Nolan Nard at the Prom
Demi Lovato with Nolan Nard at the Prom
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Demi had her first traffic accident this week because she was too tired.

She was driving through LA last week when she got in a fender bender. The cause? According to Demi it was because she was tired. She sagte she hadn't slept well, and because of still being half asleep, wrecked her car.

But not to worry! Demi is fine and told all her Fans on Twitter that she was OK and thanked them for their concern.

Lucky for her, Demi's accident was nothing Mehr than a scare, but it is a good reminder that we need to be working with all 5 senses when behind the wheel.
 Demi and The Jobros at the camp rock preimere!!
Demi and The Jobros at the camp rock preimere!!
Joining the Jonas Brothers on their "Burnin' Up" tour, Demi Lovato apparently enjoys her time with the siblings very much. Spending much time together, the Disney starlet sings her praise for Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas, claiming them to always have her "back."

She, moreover, also sagte that the threesome are very protective of her. Giving examples on that, she revealed oldest brother Kevin helped her to get her water and Joe helped her stay upright on stage as she confessed to be very uncoordinated.

"I'm very uncoordinated," Lovato admitted, adding "I'm surprised I don't fall onstage...
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"Gift Of A Friend"

Sometimes Du think you'll be fine Von yourself
Cause a dream is a wish that Du make all alone
It's easy to feel like Du don't need help
But it's harder to walk on your own

You'll change inside
When Du realize

The world comes to life
And everything's bright
From beginning to end
When Du have a friend
By your side
That helps Du to find
The beauty Du are
When Du open your heart
And believe in
The gift of a friend
The gift of a friend

Someone who knows when you're Lost and you're scared
There through the highs and the lows
Someone to count on, someone who cares
Beside Du wherever Du go

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"Give Your herz A Break"

The Tag I first met you
Du told me you'd never fall in love
But now that I get you
I know fear is what it really was

Now here we are,
So close yet so far.
Haven't I passed the test?
When will Du realize,
Baby, I'm not like the rest?

Don't wanna break your heart
Wanna give your herz a break
I know you're scared it's wrong
Like Du might make a mistake
There's just one life to live
And there's no time to wait, to wait
So let me give your herz a break, give your herz a break
Let me give your herz a break, your herz a break
There's just so much Du can take
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Demi Lovato has erased the tattoo Stay Strong? Photos!
Stay Strong and the tattoo which had sagte goodbye to Demi Lovato Rehab: it deleted from your wrist? Photos!

"Stay Strong" was where the tattoo with Demi Lovato had put an end to his time in rehab. The rehab was for Demi experience as great as tiring: months of analysis and work on herself to overcome a moment of excessive stress and problems of various kinds.

The Foto Du see above was published Von the same star, sterne just out of the clinic: Stay Tattoos on display (left wrist) Strong (right wrist), oder "Hold", "Be strong", a sort of reminder...
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 Sonny Munroe!
Sonny Munroe!
On Easter, I turned on "Disney Channel" to watch my favortie show, "Sonny With A Chance". It was a new episode, and I couldn't wait to see Sonny Munroe get even closer to Chad Dylan Cooper. I was watching closely, waiting for something flirtatious to happen between the two of them. Then, I saw 3 signs, first off, Sonny walked into the restraunt holding Chad's hand! (Inside, I was screaming my head off...even though it was fake!) Second, Sonny and Chad snuggled close together and Sonny mentioned, "This is nice!" (By the time this happened, I had set my emotions free, and actually DID scream!)...
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"I have come to realize that just making yourself happy is most important. Never be ashamed of what Du feel. Du have the right to feel any emotion that Du want, and to do what makes Du happy. That's my life motto."

"If Du ever feel alone, put on my music. I'll be there for you."

"People say sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you, but that's not true. Words can hurt. They hurt me. Things were sagte to me that I still haven't forgotten."

"Tall, thin, curvy, short, whatever Du are, Du are beautiful."

"He's not your prince charming if he doesn't make sure Du know...
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You fled from medication 'cause it only causes pain
You won't go to the doctor who keeps calling Du insane
You're Lost even when you're going the right way
You mean the world to me even though Du might be crazy

And Du sagte we wouldn't make it
And look how far we've come
For so long my herz was breaking
And now we're standing strong
The things Du say Du make me fall harder each day
You're a trainwreck
But I wouldn't Liebe Du if Du changed!
Yeah! Oh yeah!

I shook your hand and Du pulled it right away
You asked me to dance and instead I said, "No way!"
Inside I was dying...
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"How To Love"
(originally Von Lil Wayne)

Cut the Musik up, little louder, yeah

See I had a lot of crooks try to steal my herz
Never really had luck, couldn't ever figure out
How to love
How to Liebe

See I had a lot of moments that didn't last forever
Now I'm in this corner tryna put it together
How to Liebe
How to Liebe

For a Sekunde Du were here
Now Du over there
It's hard not to stare, the way Du moving your body
Like Du never had my Liebe
How to Liebe

When I was just a young and my looks were so precious
But now I'm grown up
So fly it's like a blessing but I can't have a man look...
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Demi Lovato has admitted that at the height of her eating disorder, she would make herself vomit until she threw up blood.
The actress was released from rehab earlier this Jahr after seeking help with bulimia, bipolar disorder, and self-harm.
Talking to People, she opened up about the horrifying details of her illness.
'When I was about 15, I was only eating two meals a week, but I wasn't losing any Mehr weight because my body adjusted to that. So I tried new things: laxatives, fasts - nothing was working,' sagte the 18-year-old.
'I decided maybe I should start throwing up. At my worst, I was doing...
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"Moves Me"

I can't help myself but think of what you've done for me
Tag oder night it seems that Du are always on my mind
And I know whenever I need Du near
I always feel that Du will be there right Von my side

Your Liebe runs deep within my soul, and I can't let go
You'll never leave me, because I know
That Du are the one for me

You're the one who moves me
You're the one who sees right through me
You're the one I lean on every night and everyday
You're the one who makes feel a brand new life that's so unreal
When I think of Du and I, Du do
You're the one who moves me
Moves me, oh, Du move...
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Puttin’ my defences up
‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a herz attack

Never put my Liebe out on the line
Never sagte yes to the right guy
Never had trouble getting what I want
But when it comes to you, I’m never good enough

When I don’t care
I can play ‘em like a Ken doll
Won’t wash my hair
Then make 'em bounce like a basketball

But Du make me wanna act like a girl
Paint my nails and wear high heels
Yes, Du make me so nervous
And I just can’t hold your hand

You make me glow, but I cover up
Won’t let it show, so I’m

Puttin’ my defences up
'Cause I don’t...
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 wolkenkratzer Is The Firt Song In Itunes
Skyscraper Is The Firt Song In Itunes
wolkenkratzer Number 1 on iTunes! Jul 12
Written By: Deea&Gabrielle // Filed Under: Music,News

wolkenkratzer is Number 1 on iTunes! We’re beyond happy! Demi deserves this so much! Let’s keep it that way, head over to iTunes and purchase this song, also let’s trend SkyscraperIsPerfect, BuySkyscraperoniTunes and Congrats Demi! on Twitter!
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Where born: Texas
Favorit Albums: "SELENA GOMEZ, KISS & TELL", her own album
Perfect friend: Selena Gomez
Foto shoot: 27-29-14
Dad's name: Ricardo Lovato
Mom's name: Scarlit Lovato
Stepsisters oder sisters: Madison, Dallas
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Youtube HERE WE GO AGAIN LYRICS LINK link
Want to know Mehr of Demi Lovato? Go to her website, oder Face-book page.
Von Kittendrawings, with LOVE, DEDICATED TO SELENA GOMEZ AND DEMI LOVATO AND OTHERS...................