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Prevaously- on avatar
Blah blah lets get on with the damn show
Narrator: lets see them
Zuko: so this is kuzon
Aaang: yeah im supriesd your hair is still like your hair is like when Du were sixteen
Zuko: oh shit facial hair a stubble
Azula: now where is my niece she has lightning bending lessons
Mayuki: here bye dad bye mom,grandma
Zuko: how can she lightning bend and I cant?!?
Ty lee: mai?!?!!?!
Mai: im bored
narrator: ok im ib the cartoon
Miya: my name name is miya
Mai: like I sagte im bored
Miya: yeah errm go eat a dagger
Ty lee: blocks mai's chi
Mai: ouch
Aang: who the hell are you
Miya: nvm
Katara: zuko...
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Okay am I the only one who thought the end of A:TLA contradicted everything they sagte earlier? So Aang has to give up Katara, but instead he runs after her and blocked his Avatar chakra. But magically in the end he managed to control the Avatar state and get the girl?
What also gets to me, in the last season, they set up Zutara for them to fail, I mean if Du know anything about movie making Du CANNOT bash a couple Du do not like, no matter what. It was Kataang oder Zutara the entire time. The best part of it all is they tried to crush the Zutara spirit but they couldn't!
We the people of the...
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