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1. She is not needed that often:

Before I expand on this some basics about actor contracts and the difference between regular and guest characters: An actor playing a regular has certain rights, including getting credited as such and turning up in a certain number of episodes. As far as I know, a regular at White halsband, kragen gets a scene in at least ten episodes. The downside is that the actor is bond to the Zeigen and can’t take on other projects that easily. Rumor has it that this is the reason Sharif Atkins is still officially listed as a guest star. Even though Clinton Jones turns up in nearly...
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1.they have a history.
2.you can see it in both neal's eyes and alex's eyes how much they mean to each other.
3.the blume paper(it's their thing)
4.she know that she can trust him(unlike sara).
5.she knows him better.
6.he knows her better.
7."you saved me again"neal to alex (2x16)
8."you saved me"alex to neal(2x16)
9.they get each other better,they understand each other better.
10.they way they look at each other
11.it's obvious that she's in Liebe with him.
12.it's obvious that he has feelings for her.
13.the hug in s2 finale.
14.the KISS in s2 finale.
15.with sara it's one sided and Du can clearly see...
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Do Du really think that Peter is the bad guy? From the Zurück episodes, my judgement is that he's a pretty good person. Have Du also noticed that Elizabeth is probably a character to voice how Peter is REALLY thinking? He's probably PROTECTING Kate from the real villain. And he can't tell Neal beause he knows he'd be too tempted.

Don't Du think so?

BTW, it is my new goal to see the White halsband, kragen Fan club #1 on the leaderboard. Tell everyone Du know to watch at least one episode, then they'll want to Mitmachen too.


p.s. do Du know how to change your Anmelden name?
Right before "The Dentist of Detroit" premiered, I got to talk to Willie Garson about two PSAs he wrote and the cast of 'White Collar' acted in.

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Here's a teaser:
"Now my Weiter question: is shooting White halsband, kragen as much fun as it looks like?

Yes, it actually is; we have a blast. We all really like each other much Mehr than many other things I’ve done. The writers are very collaborative with us; they allow suggestions, we talk things out, it’s very comfortable, and it all comes down to the script, and the scripts are very good. That makes it a great place to be.

I also want...
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appears there will be many Mehr “stolen” moments between Neal Caffrey and Sara Ellis: USA Network’s White halsband, kragen is promoting the utterly awesome Hilarie burton to series regular for Season 3, TVLine has learned exclusively.

At the time she lensed her very first White halsband, kragen episode, burton shared her wish for her recurring role to turn into something longterm. As she put it, series leads Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay “are so sincere in their generosity and their kindness, I’d stay forever, man.”

White Collar‘s Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer Prove Their Chemistry Is No Con

Having previously...
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Sara Ellis, whom we met late in the first half of White Collar’s [USA, Tuesdays, 10/9C] current season, is a no-nonsense insurance investigator who does whatever it takes to close a case. If that means going to extra-legal lengths, then that’s fine.

Recently I had the opportunity to take part in a teleconference call with Hilarie Burton, the actor who plays Ellis. Burton, it turns out is both voluble and witty – when she’s finished answering a question, it stays answered! It’s easy to see that she’s having a good time in her recurring role on White halsband, kragen and that sense of fun is...
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The third season of White halsband, kragen will soon premiere, and the show's new co-star, Hilarie Burton, spoke with reporters on what can be expected in the upcoming episodes. And it sounds like we will be getting a lot Mehr crime, romance and character twists this summer.

Burton's character, insurance investigator Sara Ellis, was previously a recurring character on the crime-solving series. But in season 3, Sara will be a regular and an emerging Liebe interest for Neal Caffrey (series star, sterne Matt Bomer). With Sara's increasingly important role on the show, burton was able to provide a wealth of hints...
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