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As a Christian and bible teacher I am pretty well known in many nations. I have done work in Israel, Canada, The United States, El Salvador, India and Ceylon. I served as a missionary in The Philippines. And I have experienced some of the most astounding Supernatural events, witnessed Von hundreds of people all over the world.

A Frage that has come up Mehr than a few times is why I watch The Vampire Diaries so much. "How could you, as a servant of Christ watch that show?"

For a long time even I did not understand why I was so taken Von the show. There is quite a bit of blood and gore. And yet...
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Well, for one he lied to Elena ever since they met. And I know he was a vampire and all but he was going to have to tell her at some point. “There are things that Du don’t know. Things that I want to tell Du but I can’t. And I may never be able to.” So was he just gonna keep his vampire secret a secret forever? That’s kinda hard to hide from a person who Du are in a relationship with, especially Elena who can tell when you’re hiding something from her and will do whatever it takes to find out the truth. To quote Matt: “She’s big on trust man. Whatever you’re hiding from...
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"Why would Du tell him?"
Damon yelled.It echoed all around the house.

"I'm sorry i didnt know what else to tell him."Caroline pleaded.

"You might as well told him to bite us when he changed.Damon had gotten so mad he ran in inhuman speed toward Caroline witha stake.

"Don't Du dare touch her." Tyler sagte charging at Damon.

Suddenly Tyler's body was replaced with a jet black wolf.It lunged for Damon's throat but ended up biting his right arm.

"AaahUggh."Damon was in pain because of the venom in the Werwölfe saliva.Caroline herd someone at the door.It was Elena.

"Elena hurry Damon got bit Von Tyler."Caroline...
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