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I am going to be original and go with my OWN format. (~-3-)~

Name: Kyra (Insert middle and last name of which are to be decided here)

Age: 13

Height:......short. (5'0)



Dark brown hair, just to underneath her shoulder blades, which is usually worn straight down oder in a clip.

She has very pale skin and gray eyes, which are framed with link

She usually wears a black-and-white striped tank top, Black skinny jeans, a studded belt, a mahogany jacket, and army boots.



She's quite emotionless if Du don't know her, usually walking around with a blank bored...
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posted by -Wednesday-
fucking do shit my god
this was only to wake y'all up
i just really want this whole Anime thing to work! just think about how cool we could be we be like so cool like strider cool oder some shit seriously guys lets do this
it has always been my dream to make an Anime but i suck n shit so i think this might be my closest chance so far and im sure some of Du share the same dream so why not make that dream happen
we will fucking do this
we have the skills and shit to do it so we will
i will motivate Du all through swearing
we have alotta stuff so far
our first theme will be worlds end dance hall and...
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posted by MissChicky97
*I’m thinking this is probably standard for all of us… sitting in school and doing the typical bored student things. Pencil tapping, drawing doodles on your class work, etc.*
*The teachers and students other than the main character can just be grey outlines, unless we want to draw them?*

NOTE: *I’m very quiet around my peers at school, I don’t speak unless spoken to*
The school Tag should involve me visiting a couple of classes and Schauspielen bored, tis what I do. If we’re feeling creative, we can add in the one part where I eat lunch Von myself....
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This sounds like....... us..? I think this should be our opening... not World's End Dancehall... Even if it's about games, not a website.
opening idea
I just thought it needed Mehr details..... the other one I deleted.

Name: Madeline
Username: -Wednesday-
Birthday: October 10, 1998
Possible theme song: The Game of Life oder iNSaNiTY.

Hair color: Dirty blonde/ Light brunette with blonde highlights.
Hairstyle: Just above shoulder length. Flips out a bit at the ends in the back. Parted to the left. Quite messy. Always down. Drawn with a curl on the back of hair in part, like in Hetalia.
Eye color: Brown with a tint of red.
Height: 5"8
Build: Very slim and boney. Has no muscle oder strength, but this is slightly wrong. (See powers section.)

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Personal information:
Name: {Still being hesitant about that}
Codename/Fanpop username: BeastBoyCahill
Age: 13 (when the Anime begins)
Birthday: September 21, 1998.

Physical features and traits:
Race: Caucasian
Hair color: Bright orange/dark blond
Hairstyle: Very big, large-spiky hair (which is the absolute opposite of what it really is in real life).
See Len Kagamine's hair for reference.
Eye color: Green.
Height: ...
Build: Kinda regular, a bit on the skinny side... doesn't look like he has much muscle and wouldn't be so strong if it weren't for his 'power.' (See lower section.)

Bodywear: A cotton...
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First, the episode starts off Wird angezeigt each of us at our daily lives. So we'll probably be at school at the beginning of the day. Here, we will introduce a few of our main characters one Von one, introducing their attitude around school and their social status there.
As we know, we should kinda make our lives in the Anime similar to how they really are but everything can be altered and exaggerated to an extent. So yeah.
After we've finished school (if that's where we were), we go Home and soon log in on our accounts on the beautiful Fanpop. (Beatiful because that's before it was turned into Facepop......
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AWESOME, isn't it? Should be a good inspiration for the whole anime-from-life thing!
real life
real life Anime
posted by MissChicky97
Here is my basic character information:

Name: Valerie
Age: 14
Birthday: 12/27/97

Physical Appearance:

Tall- 5' 10"
Medium Build.
Blonde Hair- Wavy/Curly, a tiny bit longer than shoulder length. Longer when straightened. ( I don't do that much though.)
Blue eyes.

I mainly wear T-shirts with skinny jeans and high-top red converse.

I wear a lot of black eyeliner.

I normally put my hair up in a bun oder pig-tails. Sometimes I'll do a ponytail, but not often.
If I wear it down, I'm feeling very lazy.

I always wear one bracelet on my left arm. (Don't tell DTK...)

I also despise nail polish and never wear it. EVER....
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This whole idea is great, whoever came up with it (Who I BELIEVE is Beast) Is a genius.

I got the point, and thought of Durarara!!, where we know each other on the Internet, and offline but not knowing it, then a big deal appears, so on and so on. Maybe throw a bit of Homestuck in there, where this online 'website' (SBURB) changes our lives forever, thus gaining us powers oder whatever, something that throws a giant wrench in our normal lives.

We'd all need a specific style and we may want to change what we look like a bit. If your hair is long, make it touch the floor. Exaggerate. Add Mehr little...
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This was mostly just copied from the Kommentar I left on the 1st Artikel with some edits... but it's so long it can Mehr than pass for an Artikel so here Du go!
First Bearbeiten I make on the Kommentar this Artikel originated from... I lied. I totally thought about it a lot!
I tried not to get too attached to any of my ideas since we'd need the input of many of our members... but seeing -Wednesday-, for one, seems to have basically gotten some of the same ideas as I did, woohoo!
Now nobody knew this before but once, a few months ago, I wanted to seriously create an Anime of my own. With the Animation and...
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Hello there. This is your lovely madeline Wedney Matthew Veronica Marian aster Christine Uchiha Vargas Pyrope B. oder uh as Du know me as, Wed.

This about my ideas~

I'm been giving the plot the most though, so here is what I think, which is kinda what Chickly(MissChick, decided to call her that.) though too.

First idea~ We are all normal kids, who all meet up on this online website. Each episode could Zeigen a bit of each user's casual life and then they log onto Fanpop, expressing how different oder the same they are compared to their normal life. That kind of thing.

Second idea~ We are all...
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posted by MissChicky97
Hey everyone! Miss V here! (Neurotic Organization Freak)
I'm not sure exactly what the insgesamt plan for this 'Fanpop Anime' is, but I have some input to share.
Feel free to critique and share your own thoughts...

If we're serious about this thing, it's gonna take a lot of collaboration. That being said, everyone on this spot seems to get along well, so I doubt there will be much fighting.

The most important part of any Anime is the story behind it. As far as I've seen, Du have only come up with the idea of songs for an opening and conclusion. Our Fanpop Anime needs a story behind it.

As well...
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