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George, Pattie, and Laura enjoyed themselves while on the road to Windsor schloss the Weiter morning. Once again, as the guards remembered the mop-topped lad and his daughter, they allowed them inside without asking any Fragen on why they were visiting. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had been taking a lovely stroll around the gardens with the Corgis following behind their beloved master. Just then, they heard a man's Liverpudlian voice call out, "Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, guess who's back!" Elizabeth remarked, "Well, what a pleasant surprise! It's the future Harrisons!"...
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Once they were inside the apartment, the adults proceeded to have their talk at the dining tabelle while Laura read some Bücher and cuddled with the Corgis in the living room area. George and Pattie were then gegeben sound Guter Rat for their marriage throughout the following hour, which were...

Elizabeth: "Firstly, talking with your spouse is one of the best and most important ways to keep your marriage healthy and successful. Be honest about what you're feeling, but do not forget to be kind and Zeigen respect when Du communicate. Part of good communication is being a good listener and taking the time...
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The rest of the Tag was spent with a tour around the other areas of the park. George sagte as they walked, "Before we get started with our wedding plans, I think it would be wise for us to first seek some Guter Rat on how we could make our marriage a veddy happy one. What do ye say, love?" Pattie replied, "Yeah. That's a smart idea, darling. So, to whom shall we ask about this?" George thought for a moment, then replied, "Let's head on over to Windsor schloss tomorrow! I'm sure the royal couple will help us out with this step." Pattie said, "Oh, I know what you're thinking there. Certainly!" Laura added, "Plus, it's been a while since we last visited that place! Right, daddy George?" He replied, "You definitely are, Laura, darling!" "Heh, heh!", she responded. Afternoon soon turned into evening, and the trio had abendessen at one of the nearby restaurants before driving back Home for the night.

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 Yes, The Beatles are banned from Youtube.
Yes, The Beatles are banned from Youtube.
We got some serious sad news. The Beatles got terminated from Youtube due to a copyright claim Von UMG_MK (which make no sense and UMG_MK does not even exist). And no, Universal Musik Group did not do it. And after all, The Beatles is owned Von EMI Records Ltd. I also found out that McCKLENN gepostet episodes of the Beatles cartoon show. UMG_MK claimed the video and gave McCKLENN three copyright strikes. That means he was terminated from Youtube. And also, Supercalifregilestic got a full copyright strike because UMG_MK claimed his Disney DTV video with the Beatles in All Du Need is Love. Which is totally BS. Now I just found out that I am sick and tired of this whole Copyright nazis and that stupid warning video with Happy baum Friends on a lecture on Copyright. And I know a lot of Du guys who gepostet The Beatles on Youtube had been forced to watch "Happy baum Friends: Youtube Copyright Lawsuit School". And I hated that episode.
 A user getting an E-Mail on Youtube that he/she has a copyright strike.
A user getting an email on Youtube that he/she has a copyright strike.
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