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Dear Diary

so today i was going on a datum with gwen, after her brake up with duncan i asked her out
when i got to the datum place she was Küssen a girl.....
and it was leshawna!
i ran in fright, just to notice it was raining!
so i sat on the corner of the road dripping wet
crying, i looked a mess, then i saw noah
i shouted to him
he looked at me then he ran over
"are u ok" he sagte i shook my head
he sat Weiter to me and smiled, then held my hand.

"lets get Du home" he said, i had never saw him like this....

oder holding my hand, so we walked home
then he........ kissed me

then i pushed him out the door in shock :\

from shocked
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Noah and Cody from Total Drama gettin' frisky...or something like that.
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