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Lilypaw was walking towards the full moon, she was supposed to make it to the large river if she was to meet the great forest cat. Starclan told her to seek the river under the full moon. She had left the clan last night not knowing how far she would have to walk. She decided not to tell the whole clan just Stormstar, Mistyflower, and Fernkit. Finnly she reached the big river. “Hello, Lilypaw” sagte a mystic, powerful voice. Then out of the shadows stepped a large cat 3 times bigger then a tom, he had a dusty brown spotted cat with deep gray eyes and short black tipped tail. I’m Moontail...
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The "Get to Know your Character" game is something I came up with when I started Schreiben fanfictions. I was always worried about characterization, especially when I was using Canon characters, so I decided to Liste their personalities, quirks, fears, etc. The Mehr defined the character was the easier it was to write them. Eventually the game became a lot of fun, and I've found it's just as useful when RPing.

The game is easy. All Du do is fill out the chart below, and then post. Sometimes Du even learn things about your character Du didn't know, and it helps others gain a better understanding...
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I faced the brown-and-gray fluffy she-cat, my first bristled the she-cay reacted the same way.
"What are Du doing on JayClan territory?!" The she-cat repeated. "Wh-who are you" I asked, trying to hind the fear in my voice.
"Im Falconwing, the JayClan medicane cat!" The fluffy she-cat hissed. For the first time i realized she smelled like herbs! "So?" Falconwing prompted, "who are you, kit?"
"I-Im no kit! Im P-Parchpaw! A new apprentace of StormClan and daughter of great leader, Stormstar!" I half hissed, half shrieked.

"Then Du will be much easier to take down!" I heard a hiss in the undergrowth,...
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this is when she and him wetre in Liebe but the Liebe ebbed away,she is herz broken but better cause she loves someone else now
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blackness engulfed Stormstar as an image appeared before her. She was standing near the river, on the pebles of the shore. Everything was blurry then from a distance, she saw a blurry vision of a giant bird of prey! It was twice the size of any cat but it was to far and blurry for her to understand what kind of bird it was.
"Stormstar! Stormstar are Du listening?" Mistyflower's voice interupted Stomstars thoughts and her eyes flew open!
She was standing, in the center of Stormclan camp. Her clanmates surrounded her as they waited for Mistyflower to assign them to a patrol. She could just...
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 Parchpaws determination
Parchpaws determination
"You cant be serious!" Wavestorm exclaimed, the pelz on her neck bristling.
It was a crystal clear night in StarClan and all the past StormClan Katzen had gathered on the prey-rich healthy green gras, grass to speak of somthing Parchheart had announced earlier.
"Why shouldnt she?" Thistletail, the moody grudge of StarClan, challenged. "after all, she left StormClan way to early! Think of what she left behind! Her clan, her life, her loved one......" Thistletail trailed off as his memory flashed back to Moonwing and Fernflight, the two she-cats that had loved him Mehr then life, but he hadnt been around...
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