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 Princess Yue (version Von megoomba) adopts wordbender as moonbunny
Princess Yue (version by megoomba) adopts wordbender as moonbunny
I saw my sister,
Katara, Von the river,
Aglow in a sliver
Of cold moonlight,
With no clouds in sight;
The water at her beck and call,
Obeying her every gesture,
Her silent commands to rise and fall
Moulded Von her gentle pressure….

I saw my lover,
Princess Yue, wrapped in glowing silver;
Entombed Von the moon’s cold light,
Reflected in that river;
Yet no unbroken image lay
To soothe my eyes oder gently stay
The choppy water, glistening
In a multitude of highlights, shifting
Like a shattered mirror drifting by:
A million tears of light did cry….

No bending of that cold water
By highly-trained martial master,
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At first, Sokka was skeptical and abrasive, "sexist" and "immature," according to Katara.[1] He was always sharp-witted. Detached from Katara's and Aang's pursuit of the bending arts, he openly expressed his 'Bender Envy'.[5][12] Sokka thought bending was what got the world in trouble in the first place, so he believes only the skill and strength of ordinary men like himself could ultimately defeat the feuer Nation.[13] Not having bending abilities himself, Sokka instead preferred the ways of the warrior and the scientist.[14][15] He took his responsibility as protector very seriously.[2] Initially,...
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LOL this is hillarious, i did not made htis, i do not own this video. enjoy :)
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