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I-I feel a separation coming on
‘Cause I know Du want to be moving on
I wish it would snow tonight
You’d pull me in, avoid a fight
‘Cause I feel a separation coming on
Just prove, that there is nothing left to try
‘Cause the truth, I’d rather we just both deny
You kissed me with those open eyes
It says so much, it’s no surprise
To you, but I’ve got something left to say

Don’t surrender, surrender, surrender
Please remember, remember December
We were so in Liebe back then
Now you’re listening
To what they say
Don’t go that way
Remember, remember December
Please remember
Don’t surrender

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I’m standing in the center of the room
I’m watching boys follow girls perfume, mm
All is as it should be I assume, oh
Except for the distance between me and you

You’re standing as a blume on the wall
The room is still but we’re about to fall
And all the names that brought us here
Just simply fade away

Who Du are is falling over me
(Who Du are is falling over me)
Who Du are is everything I need
(Who Du are is everything I need)

I’m hoping
I’m waiting
I’m praying Du are the one
And I’m hoping
I’m waiting
I’m praying Du are the one

I can’t believe that night turned into today
I used...
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I think we should start a Fan club for Demi and Selena. ANY Fans who would like to Mitmachen may. Her is how the club works:
Every 3 months, members of the Fan club will vote for president of this club. The president will get to pick the treasurer and the president's assistant. The vice president will be chosen Von the 2nd most amount of votes.
People may elect members Von commenting "I elect (username) to be president.
Every time a member of the Fan club her's news about either Demi oder Selena, they share it with the whole club.
Being part of the club will be fun. On Demi oder Selena's birthdate,...
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Sometimes Du think you’ll be fine Von yourself
‘Cause a dream is a wish that Du make all alone
It’s easy to feel like Du don’t need help
But it’s harder to walk on your own

You’ll change inside
When Du realize

The world comes to life
And everything’s right
From beginning to end
When Du have a friend
By your side
That helps Du to find
The beauty Du are, when Du open your heart
And believe in
The gift of a friend
The gift of a friend

Someone who knows when you’re lost
And you’re scared
There through the highs and the lows
Someone to count on, someone who cares
Beside Du wherever Du go

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Before I fall
Too fast
Kiss me quick
But make it last
So I can see
How badly this will hurt me
When Du say goodbye
Keep it sweet
Keep it slow
Let the future pass
And don’t let go
But tonight
I could fall too soon
Under this beautiful moonlight

But you’re so hypnotizing
You’ve got me laughing while I sing
You’ve got me smiling in my sleep
And I can see this unraveling
Your Liebe is where I’m falling
But please don’t catch me

See this heart
Won’t settle down
Like a child running
Scared from a clown
I’m terrified
Of what Du do
My stomach screams
Just when I look at you
Run far away
So I can breathe
Even thought...
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I’m losing myself
Trying to compete
With everyone else
Instead of just being me
I don’t know where to turn
I’ve been stuck in this routine
I need to change my ways
Instead of always being weak

I don’t wanna be afraid
I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today
And know that I’m okay
‘Cause everyone’s perfect in unusual ways Du see
I just wanna believe in me

La la la la, la la la la

The mirror can lie
Doesn’t Zeigen Du what’s inside
And it, it can tell Du you’re full of life (You’re full of life)
It’s amazing what Du can hide (What Du can hide)
Just Von putting on a smile

I don’t wanna...
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