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I wrote this because a lot people misunderstand Rosalie. Especially after she called Edward in New Moon.
'How could Du do that Rosalie? Do Du hate Bella that much?' Emmett's voice was cold and fill with anger.

'I never wanted Bella to die! And I Liebe Edward, do Du really think that this is what I wanted?' if I was human, the tears would running down on my face. Nobody understands me, nobody understand my feelings for Bella. I didn't hate her, I didn't wanted her dead, never.

Emmett sighed. 'Rosalie, Edward is going to the volturi, do Du know what that means?'

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What do Du think??
Haley Myers’ version of Twilight, Rosalie’s POV.
Chapter Two:
Let’s talk Isabella swan.
“That’s…” Jessica Stanley started “Edward Cullen, and Emmett Cullen.”
I knew I was eavesdropping. Alice looked at me. “Do Du here them?” she whispered. “How can I not.” I abruptly said. “Edward,” I turned to him for information, he was the one that read minds. “What’s Isabella schwan thinking?” He squinted. “I don’t know.” He sounded worried. “I can’t hear her!!” ‘What?’ I thought scared. He shrugged.
“Which one’s the reddish, golden...
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I was sitting with Emmett watching football -sigh- when my phone went of and saved me from another Stunde of football matches. I looked at the ID and it was Edward what does he want? "Hi" I said. "Rose, its Bella! Du HAVE TO HELP ME!" I headed to the air port as quick as possible I couldn't believe it! Finally I was getting what I always wanted Bella was pregnant so there would be a baby in the house of coure Bella would die so it would be my child!!!! There was one glitch though Edward wanted too get rid of it. I saw Bella running through the crowd looking for me and she ran straight into my...
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