Robert Downey Jr. Lets Talk

deeh_marruccia posted on Feb 09, 2009 at 04:16AM
hey everyone lets talk!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kathleen951015 said…
hey how are you?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Amy41 said…
RDJ = awesomeness!!!
just thought it needed to be said...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr deeh_marruccia said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Storystuff said…
Does any one feel sorry for RDJ or is it just me? COs i no he shudn't hav took de drugs in de first place cos thats like stoopid, but once ure on em, I mean, isn't it hard to get off? We learnt dat in skool by de way, I definatley wud NEVER take them. But like he got fired from a movie cos of it n i feel a bit of pity for him
Vor mehr als einem Jahr fudgins said…
Well, that depends on how you look at it.
Robert was introduced to drugs at a very young age by his own father. That way he probably got the image that drugs were okay.

Because he was a drug addict actually makes him more interesting to me. He's been through tough and now he's got the upper hand in life. Nothing he has was given to him, even though he often claims that people gave him too much credit back then.

One of his most appraised roles was for the tv series Ally McBeal, which was the first part he got after getting out of prison.
The producers/instructor/makers went out on a limb hiring him, since he was recent drug addict and therefore lacked credibility.

What they got in return was a massive raise in viewers and Downey got high reviews and even won a Golden Globe.
As Robert wafts all that away, he later said that was one of his lowest points, and eventually he got fired for continued use of drugs.

However you look at it, he still is one of the best actors around and I don't think or hope that's gonna change anytime soon.
To answer your question:
No, I'm not sorry for him or feeling pity whatsoever.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr shourie said…
he's drug addict.. thats y jessica parker left him... I feel sad fr him 2