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Rigby played “Dig Champs “ for a couple of hours, but it wasn’t as fun without Mordecai. So Rigby went back upstairs to check on him and see if felt any better. He scampered over to Mordecai’s bed. The blue jay’s chest was rising and falling. Du could hear the congested sound of his breathing. He decided to wake him up so they could eat a late abendessen (it was 9:00pm) and then just go to bed, because Rigby really didn’t have anything to do. Mordecai was a heavy sleeper, so he always...
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Du know who else likes Muscle Man's compilations?...MY MOM!
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A is for the most AMAZING Zeigen ever! Since there's absolutely nothing regular about REGULAR SHOW, I propose that we change the Titel to...Amazing Zeigen instead!

B is for BENSON, the park's manager. Although he's a gumball machine, he's as sauer, saure as the gym socks living inside your locker!

C is for COOL POLICE, cops that make sure Du don't get to cool for school. SAY WHAT?!

D is for DEATH-KWON-DO! Learning this epic martial art-with moves like Death schlagen, punsch and the Death Block-requires Du to sport mullet and wear cutoffs. Er,nice legs,bro!

E is for EXTREME EXPLOSIONS courtesy of Mordecai and Rigby's...
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1.The name Mordecai is Hebrew.

2.The meaning of Mordecai is "servant of Marduk"

3.Mordecai likes to sing along to bad pop music.

4.He lied to Rigby that his bett never came. He was sleeping on both of the beds the whole time.

5.He might be an only child.

6.Despite being a bird,he never flyed.

7.He once almost died from hypothermia.

8.He went to Art College.

9.His favorit band is 'Brain Explosion'.

10.He was the only one who finished,and survived the Egg challenge.[/u]


1.The meaning of Rigby is "ridge settlement."

2.Rigby has an alter ego, 'Fists'.

3.He doesn't know the difference between a square and a rectangle.

4.Don is Rigby's YOUNGER brother.

5.He is allergic to eggs.

6.He may be claustrophobic.

7.He is faster then the others.

8.He is the weakest in the grup.

9.He dropped out of high school.

10.Despite being ignorant and 0 book smart,he is quit quick-thinking.
 Rigby and Mordecai (as humans)
Rigby and Mordecai (as humans)
Regular Zeigen

Episode: Kid Rock Popsicle Stand

It was like always a nice sunny Tag outside a house..a house in which two Friends were hanging outside. Two 23 Jahr old men, one who had blue Emo hair and the other with brown Emo hair.

"Aw man there's nothing to do"

"I know, I'm sure something will come up"

"Mordecai! Rigby! What are Du two doing sitting around? The new worker will be here soon!"

"Chillax Benson, we're clean, we're behaving"

"Rigby's right Benson, don't worry so much"

"I want her to feel welcome here so get your acts together and stop sitting around!!"

"Oh so this is a female worker we're...
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