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Ok, I'm gonna Zeigen Du guys how to use a base and make it look cool, different, yet realistic! to start off, you'll need these things:

this base:

and, a image editing program like Paintdotnet,Gimp,Or adobe photoshop.For those who don't have any of these, heres a link to the Paint dot net download website, which as advertisments to GIMP( both of course are free to download)

Now when your done with all that, LETS GET STARTED!

step1: open up your software and open up the base to the image-editing software. it should look like this:

got it? good.

step 2: carefully do your best to fix...
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Buttercup: My color's greeny, I'm quite a meany, tomboyish to be exact,

I like punching, know what I mean, I give the baddies a crack,

Sometimes I lie, I might imply, I have a blanket that's green,

I am the toughest of the girls, I oben, nach oben my pie with vanilla swirls, and at the strand I watch the turtles,

I buy sandwiches from the canteen,

Blossom and Bubbles: Canteen, [Buttercup sings along with them] She buys sandwiches from the canteen,

Buttercup: My candy's sweet oder bittersweet, do I look I have no fists?,

I can curl my tongue, don't say I'm wrong, cause If Du do that'll ruin my song, and of course...
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