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I haven't writen any Kpop Artikel yet so I thought that this would be a great place to start. And believe me, with so many great Kpop songs it was hard to just pick 100! This will be in countdown order.

Honorable Mentions: Honrable: 5 Dolls' Like This Like That, Read Velvet's Happiness, Tahiti's Hasta Luego, ZE:A's Here I Am, Lip Service's Too Fancy, and UKiss' Baby Don't Cry.

100. BTS' N.O
99. Crispi Crunch's Thumbs Up
98. Shinee's Ready oder Not
97. CL's Dj
96. Wonder Girl's Like This
95. Rainbow's Gossipgirl
94. MBLAQ's I Don't Know
93. PSY's Father
92. Spica's Up And Down
91. Super Junior's Mr Simple...
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“Thank Du GD”

Du are always there to create music,

Even Du are sometimes getting sick.

Du are always there to make us smile,

Even sometimes, we make Du cry.

Du are always there to inspire people,

And always give your efforts double.

Du are always there to make a change,

Even sometimes, there’s no exchange.

Du are always there for the Fans to say “I Liebe You”,

Even sometimes, we disappoint you.

Du are always there to thank us,

Who should say that? It’s us.

If there’s an issue about you,

Some Fans sometimes doubt you.

Sorry for everything we did wrong,

We will be here all along.

We have two words to say,

Before in bed, we lay.

GD , this is for you,

That two words are “Thank You”.
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