Justice, Law , Hacker Paragraph & Co. ... ?

Authored by james1337

ustice, Law , Hacker Paragraph & Co. ... ?

We work & program in a local isolated environment and do not use hacker tools. We analyze vulnerabilities with professional resources and skills. Research Team will never publish hacking programs or any type of illegal stealer programs. Which are but not limited to phishing kits, bank trojans or exploit kits.

We pay extra attention to follow all necessary German/European/Islami laws,but use our right to exchange information in a normal way! All the submitted vulnerabilities will only be shared with the manufacturer of the product (days/weeks before publishing) and after that their published to protect your local environment. If submissions contain malicious code or illegal comments or details, the problem section will be removed/modified or replaced with something harmless. This to protect the vendor and after publishing all users of the Vulnerability Laboratory & Co.

We do not approve or encourage anybody to break any vendor licenses, policies, deface websites, hack into databases or trade with fraud/stolen material. We do not publish advisories/vulnerabilities of religious, militant and racist hacker/analyst/researcher groups or individuals. We have no need for criminal activities or membership requests. Those kind of requests will be deleted instantly without any comment.
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