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posted by Renesmee_Jacob
Still in the car. I think my butt will never regain its feeling again. Nessie is asleep in my lap and if I Bewegen I will wake her up, wich I don't want to do. She hasn't slept much on the way to the island. I have to give the cullens some credit, they have Mehr patients with the whole sitting for several hours with out saying a word thing perfectly. In fact it's kinda creepy. "Jake" Nessie mumbled in her sleep. I smiled. She has been talking about me for the past several hours in her sleep. If she knew that she would blush. She hates to bring up something like that. I wish we would hurry up and...
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posted by Renesmee_Jacob
"No! Nessie, come here now!" I knew I didn't have very much time to get to her before the other bloodsuckers came. I wasn't about to loose my Nessie for that freak Aro. I rushed every where calling her name. I wouldn't be able to fight off all of Aro's clan. I sure wasn't Jackie Chan oder Edward Cullen for that matter. None of the others were around to help me save my precious Nessie. I finally heard something that made my head spin.
"Jake, Im right here." Nessie sagte in her sweet voice. "Come on Jake, wake up its ok, I'm fine see."
I had come around and realized that I was just dreaming. I...
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Chapter 6: Growing up with a rite of passage.
Edward slowly walked into Renesmee’s bedroom, while she was still asleep. He knelt down in front of her bed.
“Hey Ness, I‘m going now sweetie” his hand stroking her forehead. Her eyes threatened to open.
“When will Du be back” her eyes opening as her voice went from groggy to normal.
“I‘ll be back in a week oder two” he smiled when she grabbed his hand and said.
“Be safe, dad”
“I Liebe Du Renesmee” he kissed her forehead and walked out of her bedroom. Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle were going on a camping trip, leaving Renesmee...
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Mommy and Daddy Liebe each other a lot. I have nerver seen a relationship like the one that they have. I Liebe to hear about their Liebe story. Daddt is a vampire and mom was a human. Mom was off-limits for dad, because he could put her in danger. But, the Liebe that dad felt for mom was so big that they were able to overcome their obstacls. It wasn't normal for a vampire and an human to be an relationship, expect if it was for hunting purpose. Everything change when Mom turned into a vampire. Mom almost died giving birth to me. Daddy save her just in time. Since I was born my aunts, uncle and...
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posted by Cullen61
Nessie's POV:
When I woke up at Christina's house, I whipped out my phone and dialed Jake's number. "Hello?" Jacob's rough voice answered when he picked up. "Jake. It's Nessie. I'm at Christina's. How is the pack?" I responded in my singsong voice. "They're good. Paul got angry at your dad last night, they were hunting and Emmett pushed Edward on our land. Paul got all defensive, which made Bells defensive, which mad Lea defensive. It was not pretty." He snorted. *Beep beep beep* "Hold on, Jake. I have a call waiting." I switched calls. "Hello?" I said. "Renesmee? It's Daddy...
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posted by werewolves4ever
There was no sound around me, except for quiet breathing. I felt groggy and disoriented, and I wasn’t sure where I was. My arm seared with pain.
“She’s awake,” Someone murmured. I recognized the voice of my father. So I was home. Slowly I opened my eyes, letting them adjust quickly to the bright white light. The first face I saw was my mother’s, her golden eyes filled with concern.
“Renesmee, baby, are Du ok?” she whispered, her beautiful voice breaking the tense silence in the room. I was laying on one of the white couches, my family spread across the room.
“What happened?”...
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posted by werewolves4ever
“Kid!” Paul exclaimed, waving at me, the feuer shining off of his bright white teeth. I narrowed my eyes in at him, ignoring the laughs from the other wolves. Jacob chuckled Weiter to me, pulling me closer to his side.
I looked around at the great fire, 18 Wölfe scattered along the edges.
Seth hopped up from beside Leah and Carson and gave me a big hug, squeezing me tight.
“You stink Ness,” He grinned as I swatted at him. Of course the smell didn't really bother Seth, it never had in the first place.
Jacob pulled me towards the fire, sitting us down Weiter to Sam and Quil. Quil grinned...
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posted by Cullen61
There is Jacob in this one.
I got up at 6 am, feeling a bit hungry. It's a good thing I packed Twinkies that have blood in them. I dug in my bag, and I noticed that Christina wasn't in her bed!!! I went downstairs, to see her stuffing her face with my Twinkie!!! "Mmmm what is this red stuff in here? It tastes DELICIOUS!!!!" She said, her face smeared with blood. "Can I use your phone, Natalia?" I asked. "Yes dear, of course." I ran into the küche and dialed. It rung one. twice. three times. "Hello?" Jacob's voice answered. "Jake, It's Nessie. Come pick me up in the Ferrari." I...
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posted by Cullen61
Sorry, no Jacob in this one.
I opened the door to Christina's house, and Christina jumped out from behind the couch, her long blond hair in sloppy pigtails swung. I jumped so high that I hit my head on the ceiling, and my bronze ringlets bounced. I landed on my feet, like always, and sagte hello to Natalie, Christina's little sister. I sagte hello to Natalia, Christina's mom. I also sagte hi to John, Christina's boyfriend. We went up to her bedroom, put in the new movie she bought, 'Say Cheese And Run', a new horror flick that just came out. That was the real reason she invited me....
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posted by Cullen61
Nessie's POV-
The Weiter morning I woke up and called mommy Bella. "Yes, Nessie?" She sagte when she reached my room. "I need help packing. I don't know what to pack." Just then, Alice rushed into the room. "I'll help Du pack, Nessie." She said, already digging in my closet. "No, Aunt Alice. I want my mom to help." I answered sternly. Alice puckered her lip, the way she always did with mommy Bella, to get her to let Alice did what she wanted. Well, it wasn't working with me. I smacked Alice, not of anger, but trying to Zeigen her something. When I smacked her, I had fell, so my hand looked like...
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posted by Cullen61
Nessie's POV-
As soon as we walked into Quil's house, Claire ran and jumped onto my back screaming, "Nessie, Nessie, Nessie!!!" I chuckled as I let her down. She twirled over to Quil as I danced across the room to give Quil a hug. Quil said, "You reek like vampires" as he wrinkled his nose. "Not my fault." I mumbled to myself.Everyone but Claire and me burst into laughter. I hugged Quil one Mehr time, then we taube deep into conversation.
Jacob's POV-
When we were done at Quil's house, we went to Nessie's cottage. "Hello, Jacob" Edward greeted me. "Hey, Edward. Hey, Bella." I said, while winking...
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CHAPTER 5:Did i say something.

Three weeks Vor i got my first KISS from Seth but we have been dating for a Monat now.My friend Devon doesn't know yet but i will have to tell him sometime.Today is friday and school has just ended for the weekend.
I neatly put my Bücher in my bag and walk outside to wait for my mother to come get me.
"Hey Emma"i hear a voice say from behind me.
I look behind me and see Devon walking up to me smiling.
"Hi"i say back.
"Can i ask Du something?"Devon asks standing beside me now.
"What happened that you'r so happy lately?"he asks.
"Nothing"I lie and he knows....
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Chapter 4:Sparks fly.

When we collide sparks fly.

Today is sunday i wake up at ten.I decide to wear a pair of jeans and a DV t-shirt and a pair of convers.I take my phone out of my drawer and put it in my pocket. As i go into the küche my phone buzzes so i take it out and look at it.
"Good morning honey"mam says.
"Morning" i say smiling and sit down.
I pour out a bowl of ceral and read my meassage as i eat.
It is from Ness she wants to know if i want to come over.
"Mam can i use the car so i can go to Renesme's house?"I ask.
"Yeah just be Home for dinner"Mam says.
Straight away when i'm done...
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1 week later, my parents, Jake and I went over to Charlie’s. He insisted I call him that, rather than Grandpa, because we were close enough in age for him to be my father.
    When we rang the doorbell Sue answered. They had been married for about a year. Seth was there too.
    “Jake!” He called as he ran over to us. He smiled at me and I gave him a hug. “Wow, Ness, Du look great!” Seth sagte enthusiastically. Jacob frowned at him and grabbed my hand.
    “Don’t worry Jake I didn’t mean it like that,” He said.
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posted by Cullen61
Nessie's POV-
"Alice!!!" I screamed when I found out that she was planing to dress me up AGAIN. Daddy Edward read her mind and told me what she was planing. "Oh come on Nessie. Just once!!! Please?????" Alice begged when she got to my room. "No, I'm meeting my husband, Jacob, today, so I have no time to play dress up" I sagte sternly. I went to my over-sized closet that Mommy Bella & I shared in the cottage.I sniffed out a pair of jeans and a rosa cotton t-shirt. I felt a breeze on my arm and shivered. I sniffed out one of my Favorit sweaters. I asked mommy Bella if I could use her Ferrari....
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Hey!!Hope Du like this Story!!

Renesmee POV....35 years later

"Mom"I yelled from the bath room,In my Lake house in Michigan

"What Honey?"She asked from the door and came in

"Mom im Pregnant again"I sagte and lifted up the pee stick thet read postive

"Oh thats Great"She sagte all Happy and cheery

"I know so will Du help me tell every one when they get back?"

"Yep"Mom sagte and ran down stairs

Jake and Me have 3 kids already and are now going to have 4,The oldest Jamie,she's 16 and a wolf like her dad,0% vampire.
Then Ricky,he's 15 and 25% Vampire and 0% wolf.
Then Riley,she's 10 and 25% Vampire and...
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Chapter 8: busted.

Today is Janurary the first and it is Seth's birthday.We have been dating for five months now.My mam doesn't know yet but i am planing to tell her soon.We are at the Collins house celabrating hi birthday and all his Friends are here.
"Happy birthday" we say as he blows out his birthday candals.
After we have a pictuir taken Seth takes my hand and leads me through the crowd.He stops infront of a women my height and about forthy years old.
"Emma this is my mother Susan clearwater" he says.
"Hi"i say smiling.
"Hi it's nice to meet you"she says smiling back.
"Susan"someone calls...
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posted by Renesmee_Jacob
Du would be suprised how packing a 7 Jahr olds clothes can be so much fun. Maybe it's because of the whole imprinting thing but either way I took the opertunity fot Nessie and me to be alone.
"Jake?" she asked.
"Yeah Nessie?"
"Can Du come here for a second?" I was already up and headed towards her big closet wich she could easily get Lost in. Alice and Blondie restocks it every week. Maybe thats what Renesmee wanted, is to help her get out. I laughed at the thought while trying to get my body threw the different racks. It wasn't going so well and apparantley she noticed. Out of no where...
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posted by Renesmee_Jacob
As Renesmee went to her cottage, Alice was there. Naturally, too help Nessie pick an outfit out. They both walked in and shut the little door. I sat down on the ground. I was going swimming in what I had on. I could tell the jeans wouldn't last much longer with my conituous growing. My hemd, shirt didn't look too far behind it. Nessie came flying out the door and was wearing a pair of cloth shorts with a bikini oben, nach oben on.
"Ok Jake, come on!" she yelled and began running east.
"Hold up Ness! Du dont know where to go. Du will have to follow my way this time." She came to a skdding stop and turned around....
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posted by werewolves4ever
I shifted away from him, pressing my back as far against the car door as it would go. The small Weltraum was too close and his scent was overwhelming.
"Why?" I whispered. His eyes crinkled for a moment and he looked at me, his silver eyes stirring with hidden emotion.
"I'm not sure. The same reason your Jacob has one with you. It's not something we can control,"
"You can't have one with me. I Liebe Jake," He didn't flinch but I saw the deep hurt in his eyes. My herz stuttered. I didn't want to cause him any pain. His hand slowly moved up into the air and I didn't stop it.
"I'm sorry Renesmee....
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