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Hubbeo Of the three couples, who are the most united and close; those who support each other more?And the Kommentare say Why.

17 fans picked:
Elliot and Olivia
Brennan and Booth
House and Cuddy
 SVU_Smacked posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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SVU_Smacked picked Elliot and Olivia:
I chose to Elliot and Olivia, are the ones that have more time together and have gone through all sorts of situations and have passed and still together. Everyone knows everything about the other (even the things they want to forget) and it supports each other in good times and bad and even though sometimes they fight, they always reconcile. They are the perfect couple...

Brennan and Booth are also united and very supportive, but by no motive had chosen to House and Cuddy, these two is more time spent making life miserable for the other, that the time supporting and are friends

posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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svu_lover1 picked Brennan and Booth:
well, i said Bones and Booth because they're pretty much each other's whole lives. Yeah, Booth has Parker and Bones has(what's left of) her family and the Squints, but if one of them were to die, the other one would too, whether it be from recklessly endangering themselves untill they finally DID get killed, or by simply committing suicide.

And yeah, i know that you're thinking, "but what about parker?". I believe that, if Bones were to die, Booth would hang around for awhile, but he would have lost his "soul", and his passion. He...well, he wouldnt be Booth anymore.

And I'm not saying that Elliot wouldnt eat his gun if Olivia died, but he has kids, a HELL of a lot more than Booth. And yeah, he probably WOULD kill himself, but...oh hell, i dunno.

The thing is is that Bones and Booth share everything and ARE close, but Elliot and Olivia know everything and...ah well, i think that ima have to change my verdict and say that they are exactly the same when it comes to closeness.

The only difference between them is how they are close. Bones and Booth are about to jump each other, while Elliot and Olivia are...(used?) to the "distance", or should i say, "the line."
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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ORi_4EvEr_Y0ung picked Brennan and Booth:
Well, I can't say much about Elliot and Olivia, but my pick goes without doubt to Booth & Brennan.

Why? Because they are meant to be. You can't say Booth without including Brennan in the sentence, they're always together, either working or hanging out.
And they always have been there for each other, supporting the other one when he needed it and knowing exactly what to do to make the other one feel better.

House and Cuddy are different. They are close, but in a entirely different way. While watchig them, you understand they care by the way they discuss with each other, or the sarcasm that House always uses xD

So definitely Booth/Brennan, the best partnership to me :D
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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eosvubonesbaby picked Elliot and Olivia:
I picked elliot and olivia beacause there meant to be together.They know everything about eachother they dont need to speak the other those what the other is gonna say thats what makes them a great couple
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.