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In my opinion a song with one of the best lyrics I know.
deth cab for cutie
brothers on a hotel bett
Von asbj0232
moan song
beat traxx
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It's Weihnachten Eve and yet they have to work some hours in the hospital.     When they get Home after a hard Tag of work, they make their Weihnachten abendessen together and sit at the table. Some time later they finish eating. ‘Wow I'm full...’ Lisa says.
‘Yeah... Du look like a turkey in Thanks Giving...’
‘Your compliments are getting worse with time...’
‘I mean... like the most beautiful turkey in a farm...’
She chuckles. ‘That doesn't make me feel better...’
‘Fuck... well... I tried...’
‘You wanna eat something else?’
‘Nope... don't wanna know how...
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Weiter Tag when Wilson goes to work, House asks his friend to cover him because he has to go to his place to finish some things for the Weihnachten party. Cuddy doesn't suspect anything at all, and that's good because it is a great surprise from House. Greg is changing a bit for her. He wants to do things to make her happy. This party is a nice gesture of him, it was all his idea, and Wilson is sure she’ll like it.

Cuddy spends the whole morning working, in meetings and looking for House. Wilson has told her that Greg is in a patient’s house and he’ll come back later. She goes back to her...
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Yeah, thats my first video ever made, and its all for LE! Its a belated birthday present for her :) Hope Du like it and please, let me know what Du think!
lisa edelstein
first video
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Les alcanes sont des hydrocarbures saturés. C’est-à-dire qu'ils ne sont constitués que d'atomes de carbone (C) et d'hydrogène (H). Les alcanes se différencient des hydrocarbures insaturés (les alcènes, les alcynes, et les composés aromatiques) par le fait que les atomes ne sont liés que par des liaisons simples, ce qui donne un nombre maximal d'atomes d'hydrogène (d'où le nom de "saturé"). Les alcanes non cycliques possèdent donc une formule brute de la forme CnH2n+2 où n est un entier naturel

Réactions chimiques des alcanes [modifier]
Les alcanes existent en grande quantité...
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