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They are HILARIOUS! Check them out! Some of my fave Youtube vids EVERRR! :D:D:D
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 Gorgeous dress! :)
Gorgeous dress! :)
Welcome to our wedding! *squee*

*the guests enter and take their seats, including JoJoRules, Rorick, LH, the bridesmaids (Hilly, AP, Numbs, CB), and the maid of honor, Regi*

*JH’s disturbed social studies teacher stalker is standing in a corner, muttering to herself about “little woodland animals” and Israeli Palestinian conflict [muffins]*

*Erik and JH enter, the latter looking stunning in her Christine-style wedding dress*

*All I Ask Of Du begins to play as they start to walk down the aisle*

*Erik stops abruptly and his eye twitches slightly*

JH stops. “What?”

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this song is just so awesome *_* All the people Du see are famous italian singers, united together for the victims of L'Aquila's earthquake. The song came out in may, but I started loving it just now....
l'aquila earthquake
italian singers
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