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How should I react to getting a fan?

I'm a little bit unsure about the propper reaction - should I thank them, should I Fan them back? Is that something like being friends? Why are those people "fan" me in the first place? I really don't want to offend anyone oder seem ungrateful.

doodette! youre german! so another reason...:P
germany123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 Swanpride posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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germany123 said:
thats up to Du really..
now that we have a Wand i think its okay to say "thanks for being a fan" but i PERSONALLY feel thats a bit forced and meaningless. i see people saying "thx 4 the add" and that takes less than 2 Sekunden to type and i dont feel it really says anything. its different for people Du have interacted with- maybe they left a nice Kommentar on your submission oder sent Du a prop!? then i think its nice to say something on their wall.
NEVER give Requisiten for being a fan..grrrrr it makes Requisiten meaningless.

as for fanning them back- some people automatically Fan Du back, some dont, some just Fan in hopes of Du adding them back because they feel a high fancount means something. let me tell Du it doesnt!
I am INCREDIBLY AWESOME....SUPER MEGA AWESOME and yet i dont have a lot of Fans (or Medaillen for that matter...but still *points at self* AWESOME)

so it is your choice really. personally i will add people who i have interacted with oder who like a lot of the same stuff i do.
if they type lyk dis 4 sho i wont add them- no matter how nice they seem. if i see they are a member of only twilight, bieber, Zufällig spot and other stuff i dont care for, i will not add them.

Du seem sane and are on the etiquette spot AND type well (sheesh Du added apostrophes and capitals!!!!! go you!!!) so i would Fan Du back!

Du should also consider that if Du like to filter your Wand oder chat (is the chat still even there? its always turned off) oder like looking at scores on Quizze the Fans Du see are the people "youre a Fan of" so Du might want to be choosy :P
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
LOL - thanks, I will deal with it similiar to the way I do with the Friends function on LJ.
Swanpride posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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