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Got inspired Von dimitri_'s article, I did an Artikel similar to this when I was new to Schreiben Artikel here, if Du would like to read it clicklink

Snow White

Like I've sagte so many times before she's my Favorit Disney Princess. I Liebe how she always makes the best out of a bad situation and that she's both a child and a mother in the movie and how funny she is and her bossy and sassy side. I also Liebe that she's an unjudgemental person

Favorit Outfit: Princess Dress with cape - the cape completes the look and makes the dress less plain looking and it's also my Favorit animated outfit
Favorit Physical Feature: Her smile - it's such a realistic and adorable smile
Favorit Song: Someday My Prince Will Come - it's such a beautiful song with lovely lyrics and it's one of very few songs that makes me emotional everytime I listen to the song
Favorit Scene: The Ending - I Liebe so many scenes in this movie, but the ending is just amazing, beautifully drawn and with so many emotions in just one scene it's without a doubt my Favorit movie ending of all time
Favorit Line: "There's nobody like him, anywhere at all" - It's a great message, every person Du meet is unique in their own kind of way and I Liebe the way she says it
Favorit Word to describe her: Joyful - She is a joyspreader


Like Snow White Aschenputtel makes me smile whenever she's on screen and she never gave up hope on that someday her dreams would come true. I also Liebe how she's kind and optimistic, despite having to work as a slave for her stepmother and stepsisters she's so gentle and sweet

Favorit Outfit: Silver Ballgown - just beautiful, I really don't need to explain why this is her best outfit
Favorit Physical Feature: Her smile - it's so beautiful and makes me smile
Favorit Song: A Dream Is A Wish Your herz Makes - A beautiful song with a great message and lovely lyrics
Favorit Scene: The Dress Transformation - because it's such a magical scene
Favorit Line: "Why, it's like a dream, a wonderful dream come true" - because Du can hear how happy she is over that her dream of going to the ball has finally come true
Favorit Word to desribe her: Patient - Instead of just complaining over that her dreams hasn't come true she just keeps believing that someday they might come true


Despite her little screentime she has a lot of personality, she's graceful and she has the most beautiful Singen voice of all the Disney Princesses imo. I Liebe that she's femenine, kind, shy and obedient

Favorit Outfit: rosa Princess Dress - not only because rosa is one of my Favorit colors, but I actually think rosa Suits Aurora better than blue
Favorit Physical Feature: Her smile - it's such a flirty and beautiful smile
Favorit Song: Once Upon A Dream - for being a Liebe song it's not so slow which makes it stand out Weiter to the other DP Liebe Songs
Favorit Scene: The Forest Scene - can't decide a Favorit part, the whole scene is just amazing and beautifully drawn
Favorit Line: "Oh, he's not a stranger, we've met before" - because like Cinderella's Du can hear how happy she is over that she her dream of finding true Liebe has finally come true
Favorit Word to desribe her: Romantic - she constantly talks about her dream of finding true love


Ariel has gone on a roller coaster ride on my Favorit DP list, she was my 2nd Favorit DP when I was a child, then when I joined Fanpop she was my 5th Favorit and soon she became my least Favorit and then she has been my 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Favorit so she has been having almost all the different placements on my Favorit DP Liste except 1st, for some time I didn't like her, but now I really Liebe her. I Liebe how curious she is over the human world and how determinded she is over becoming a human herself, even though she took risks and even left her family without saying goodbye it is her personality that makes her one of my Favorit Disney Princesses

Favorit Outfit: Blue Town Dress - The only outfit of hers that I love, the color Suits Ariel perfectly and the Design is lovely yet simple
Favorit Physical Feature: Her smile - Another really adorable and sweet smile that I love
Favorit Song: Part Of Your World Reprise - This one is much better than the first version imo
Favorit Scene: The abendessen Scene - This scene is so hilarious especially when Ariel combs her hair with her fork
Favorit Line: "I've never seen a human this close before" - I Liebe the softness of her voice when she says it
Favorit Word to describe her: Curious - She's very interested in the human world and wants to see that world above the water


I don't really like it when people says she has no flaws because she has some, not a lot compared to most of the other princesses, but she has flaws. Anyway I Liebe that she's a bookworm and considerd an oddball in her village yet she doesn't care about it, also Liebe how much she cares for her father and how she doesn't judge people on looks, but rather on personality

Favorit Outfit: rosa Dress with haube - I wished I could own that outfit, the haube looks beautiful along with the rosa dress and I think rosa Suits Belle perfectly
Favorit Physical Feature: Her lips - They have a lovely shape
Favorit Song: Belle Reprise - I don't like Belle's Singen voice, but I Liebe this song because of the lovely lyrics
Favorit Scene: The West Wing Scene - This scene is perfect, epic music, stunning Animation and shows that a great scene doesn't need a lot of dialouge
Favorit Line: "Well, some people use their imaginations" - Because it's so true
Favorit Word to describe her: Caring - She cares about the ones she loves


Even though she's low on my Favorit Disney Princess Liste there are a couple of things that I Liebe about her. I Liebe her because she's not afraid to speak her mind and imo she's the smartest Disney Princess, also Liebe her because she doesn't want to marry a prince, but instead just marry for love

Favorit Outfit: Purple Engagement Dress - Purple Suits jasmin very well and I Liebe the Design of the dress
Favorit Physical Feature: Her smile - It's such a flirty and lovely smile
Favorit Song: A Whole New World - It's a quite lovely song
Favorit Scene: Garden Scene - This scene introduces jasmin very well
Favorit Line: "How dare you? All of you, standing here deciding my future, I am not a prize to be won" - Because it's a great message
Favorit Word to describe her: Adventurous - She wanted to see the world outside of the palace


I never liked Pocahontas so much when I was young, but now I like her. I Liebe her because she has a quite wild personality, before she meets John Smith that is, also Liebe that she's playful, but still quite mature and how Merida - Legende der Highlands she is, especially when she stopped a war between the whites and the Native Americans

Favorit Outfit: Forest Dress With halskette - The halskette makes the dress less plain looking
Favorit Physical Feature: Her eyes - They match with her personality and the color is gorgeous
Favorit Song: Farben Of The Wind - The song has such a great message
Favorit Scene: Just Around The Riverbend - This scene makes me so happy and excited
Favorit Line: "If Du kill him you'll have to kill me too" - I Liebe how with a help of these words (and some more) she saves John Smith and stops a war between the whites and her people
Favorit Word to describe her: Free Spirited - She's very much so


I don't like her as much as most of Du do, but she has some really good traits. I Liebe how selfless she is and that she decided to take her father's place in the army because she knew he was weak and would die easily, also Liebe that she's Merida - Legende der Highlands and of course very smart

Favorit Outfit: The Matchmaker Dress - The Farben are beautiful and it has a simple yet lovely design
Favorit Physical Feature: Her hair - It's so silky looking
Favorit Song: Reflection - Because I can relate to this song so much
Favorit Scene: Short Hair - This scene is so epic and gives me Gänsehaut everytime I watch that scene
Favorit Line: "I never want to see a naked man again" - Just because this line always makes me laugh
Favorit Word to describe her: Independant - She doesn't let others make decisions for her, instead she makes her own descisions


Despite being my 10th Favorit Disney Princess I like her. I Liebe that she doesn't wish upon a star, sterne to make her dream come true, instead she works hard and she doesn't let anything oder anyone stop her

Favorit Outfit: Blue Princess Dress - It's such a beautiful dress that she got to borrow from Charlotte
Favorit Physical Feature: Her lips - They have such a lovely color and shape
Favorit Song: Almost There - Another song that I can relate to a lot
Favorit Scene: Dream Sequence - Because of the lovely setting
Favorit Line: "My Daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed, he had love. He never Lost sight of what was really important and neither will I" - Because it shows that even though Du don't always get what Du want Du have at least one person that Du love
Favorit Word to describe her: Determinded - She wanted to open up her own resturant and she worked very hard to make that dream come true


I used to not like Rapunzel so much for a while, but now I really Liebe her. I Liebe how creative she is and how she changes from being naive to being mature, also Liebe how insecure she is after leaving the tower if she did the right choice with leaving the tower oder not

Favorit Outfit: rosa Princess Dress - This is such a lovely dress
Favorit Physical Feature: Her hair - So lovely both when it's blonde and when it's brown
Favorit Song: I See The Light - This song has lovely lyrics
Favorit Scene: The Kingdom Dance - The Musik is so catchy in this scene and makes me wanna dance
Favorit Line: "Did I mumble mother oder should I even call Du that?" - Because she realizes that Mother Gothel isn't her real mother and that the outside world wasn't as dangerous as Gothel had told her
Favorit Word to describe her: Energetic - In any scene she's in she seems to always have a very high amount of energy


She's my least Favorit Disney Princess, but there are a couple of things that I Liebe about her. I Liebe her because she broke the tradition of Singen and have a Liebe interest, also Liebe the relationship between her and her mother and how it develops. Also Liebe how free spirited she is

Favorit Outfit: Dark Green Dress with cape - The cape makes the dress Mehr dramatic
Favorit Physical Feature: Her eyes - they have such a beautiful color
Favorit Song: Touch The Sky - The only song from the movie that I Liebe so far
Favorit Scene: The Archery Scene - Liebe the setting and how Merida decides to shoot for her own hand even though she wasn't supposed to
Favorit Line: "There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, Du only have to be Merida - Legende der Highlands enough to see it" - Because it's a great quote to end the movie with
Favorit Word to describe her: Headstrong - She's not afraid of taking risks
Snow White-Christina Ricci

Cinderella-Katherine Heigl

Aurora-Kate Hudson

Ariel-Rachel McAdams

Belle-Natalie Portman

Jasmine-Kim Kardashian

Pocahontas-Nicole Scherzinger

Mulan-Zhang Ziyi


Rapunzel-Kristen Bell
Intro: this Liste is not a ranking,it can be oder could be,but I don't intend it to be. This will be short and straight to the point. I will also be making one for : all of the princesses couture, ariel couture, tiana couture, belle couture, pocahontas couture,aurora couture,rapunzel couture, jasmin couture, snow white couture and so forth...(I won't need any comments)
There will also be Artikel for all princes couture,eric couture,naveen couture and so forth...(if Fans Kommentar asking for them)
Also Disney Fairies, Disney Characters (like Pinocchio) and also Walt Disney. (mickey mouse)
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Please, no SWEARING, no RUDE comments. :)Thank you!

10. Belle

See here I know what I'm going to say about Belle!

What people say about her: She's; smart; pretty; bookworm; THE BEST; Disney's Favorite; everyone should Liebe her; kind

Well, yeah I hate Belle, a little, no, wait ALLOT! So, she's on the bottom. She called the beast disgraceful! Also she threw Gaston in mud? I would have thrown her in the mud! Everyone should Liebe her? She's like so ugly! Lame! Bookworm? Du see her read 1 book in original! Disney's favorite?! Oh, now you've gone too far! They have NO favorite! The Best, no WAY jose!...
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Well, since I wrote an Artikel about my Favorit DP Movie Intros I decided to write an Artikel about my Favorit DP Movie Endings too so enjoy and don't forget to leave a Kommentar :)

10. Pocahontas

Compared to the intro to the movie I like the ending better, but I really dislike the ending because it isn't a happy ending and I personally think this ending is a little too overrated, on the other hand the ending is different from other endings with it being sad. Personally I think that Pocahontas should've gone with John Smith instead of staying, but Hey she followed her own path. And I just...
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Beyoncé Knowles is pretty much the biggest female artist in the world right now and she has ton a songs. So much I can barely keep track of them and I'm just talking about the ones that have Musik Videos to them. Obviously, most if not all of her songs are about women. So I figured I could find a song to fit each Disney Princess. I already made a video/slideshow for it link So let's take a look at the songs I picked.
Snow White-Crazy In Love
This song probably matches the princess the least. It doesn't really fit her personaltiy and neither does the Musik video. In fact, none of her songs...
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I recently got to sit down with the characters of Disney’s Snow White and interviewed them using Fragen from their fans. The Evil Queen and the Huntsman ghosts were even allowed to leave Purgatory for this grand event. Doc came as the spokesman of the Dwarfs so that the others could stay in the mines and work. Please enjoy this raw and in-depth look into their interesting lives.

(We all settled down in our chairs….the Queen and huntsman were on one side in chains with a purgatory guard behind them….the Prince and Snow were on the other side with Doc in the middle….I noticed right...
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posted by MagicPrincess
Tiana wears a total of 9 outfits (grown up) in the movie making her the princess with the most dress changes.

9. La'Bouffs' Masquerade Dress:
I Liebe Tiana and all, but in this dress? BLEEUUUGGHH!!! Hate the design, hate the color and whaddup with that headdress?
 Umm, not the one in the poofy dress :)
Umm, not the one in the poofy dress :)

8. Cal's Dress:
Tiana's Cal's dress is quite nice I guess. Almost looks like Alice's dress but that's just me. The color is pretty!
 Not bad :)
Not bad :)

7. orange Outfit:
This looks quite cute but I don't know if orange is her color :-/
 I don't think so
I don't think so

6. Duke's Dress:
This dress cute, love...
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Finally it's time to Liste my Favorit DP speaking voices. This was thougher to do because I Liebe all of their speaking voices. Image credit goes to disneyscreencaps.com.

10. Pocahontas (voiced Von Irene Bedard)
 "Look around you, this is where the path of hating has brought us"
"Look around you, this is where the path of hating has brought us"

I like her speaking voice better than her Singen voice, but it's still not good enough to make it higher on my list. I think Irene should have done the Singen voice of Pocahontas because she is Mehr suiting for the character.

9. Belle (voiced Von Paige O Hara)
 "Well, some people uses their imatinations"
"Well, some people uses their imatinations"...
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posted by GreatLance_30
The Disney Princes are an official lineup of male protagonists and deuteragonists who are the love-interests of the Disney Princesses. These include The Prince, Prince Charming, Prince Phillip, Prince Eric, Prince Adam and Prince Naveen who are each born of royal heritage, as well as Aladin and Flynn Rider, who become royalty Von marrying a princess. Li Shang and John Smith are not considered royalty but are both still considered a "prince" because their respective Liebe interest, Mulan and Pocahontas, are official Disney Princesses.

List of Disney Princes

"The Prince", is Snow White's Liebe interest...
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Because PociandSmith has stopped coming to this spot, I was gegeben the honor to interview our FOTM for November Swanpride :)

1. Congratulations on winning Fan of the Month! How does it feel?
Thank Du - I'm a little bit overwhelmed. I'm not just new at this spot, I'm new at Fanpop in general, and I didn't expect this at all. I already felt very honored when I saw that I was in the pick and discovered that diluka had nominated me. Thank Du to him and everyone, who voted for me. It feels good to know that people liked my articles.

2. Who was your Favorit princess when Du were a child? Why?
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posted by starlight77
I know little kids dream about being a Disney princess all the time but strangely I still want to be one! haha Anyways hope Du guys like this. It was way Mehr fulfilling to write than my Animal Farm Essay on Zoomorphism.

10. Pocahontas
Ha! did Du actually think there would be someone different here? She lives in a hut and it seems pretty gross out there. I would like to do that canoeing scene though. That looked like so much fun!

9. Mulan
While I admire her, her job is hard. I like all the action in her movie I would Liebe to try some of the stuff she does. I wouldn't mind getting all dolled...
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posted by Swanpride
Before I go into the topic, I have to address one point: The newly added scenes in Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas. I’ll ignore both of them, since they weren’t in the original release. Believe me, it will work in favor of the Filme in both cases. Also, Mulan is not in this Liste – Since there is no Liebe song in that movie.

9: Princess and the Frog: I honestly considered that having no Liebe song at all might be better than utilizing one so frightfully bad. Whoever thought that it would be a good idea to combine the wistful tune of Ma Belle Evangeline with two dancing frogs must...
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posted by Swanpride
Well, what were our Merida - Legende der Highlands heroines and Heroes without their friends? They would be forced to provide the comic relief themselves. Not that some of them wouldn’t be able to step up to the challenge (*cough* Flynn* cough*), but as a general rule, it’s the sidekicks who provide the laughter.
Pocahontas is not listed in this category. I considered adding “Percy’s bath”, but since the score is very short, it wouldn’t have been fair.

9. Princess and the Frog: I have my problems with most of the songs of this movie, but “Gonna take Du there” might be the worst of all of them....
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posted by princesslullaby
Disclaimer: This was the hardest Liste to write so far, so please feel free to point out things we might not have noticed.

Collectively written by: JonnaSe, Cromulanfav, CuteDiana, PpgBelle4, and Princesslullaby.

Tiana is too grounded and doesn't believe in wishing upon stars, whereas Rapunzel's very nature is about believing in destiny and fate. She would admire Tiana for her independence, really, but there would be a lack of connection and she wouldn't care too much about Tiana's work ethic.

While they would connect over the 'hidden princess' similarity, Rapunzel would...
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posted by magicfairydust
 Every girl grew up with them, we all dreamed of being one <3
Every girl grew up with them, we all dreamed of being one <3
I Liebe ALL the Disney princesses but these are my favorites.
7. Sleeping Beauty (Aurora/Briar Rose)
Ahhh the lovely Briar Rose, many times haled as the most beautiful of all the Disney princesses. She's very nice and pretty....and nice...ok so she doesn't do much. That's why she's ranked lower but I still Liebe her! She's such a classic and iconic princess. Some people argue that she only shows up in 18 Minuten of the actual film but thats the point! She's SLEEPING beauty. Besides, she has like the best wardrobe ever.
 oh my, this better not be that weird lipstick wearing guy in snow white....
oh my, this better not be that weird lipstick wearing guy in snow white.......
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Hi there! I did a Countdown about charlotte laBouff's Outfits! Here are the results! Pictures are at the bottom.

6. Childhood Dress
Nobody Kommentiert on this dress, but I presume that it was eliminated because people did not like the style and thought it was ugly and unflattering. I am not a big Fan of it.

5. Wedding Dress

"Noooo I Liebe her wedding dress!" ~Sumerjoy11
"I prefer the traditional white wedding dress." ~Mongoose09

This dress was probably eliminated because of the shape of the rock and the sleeves, the two reasons I dislike it.

4. Mardi Gras Party Dress

"Too poufy and weird. I like...
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10 Snow White

Snow White is pretty. Although she is referred as a young woman with skin as white as the snow, lips as red as a rose and hair as dark as a raven I don’t find her that beautiful. I don’t like her hair, the shape of her face and her nose.

9 Rapunzel

Rapunzel has beautiful hair, I Liebe both her long- blonde and short- brown hair. She has lovely eyes- color but her eyes are too big. The problem with Rapunzel is that she is 3D princess and her features seem weird to me. I’d prefer her as 2D, she would be Mehr beautiful. Now she’s just cute and pretty.

8 Aurora
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I thought this would be a neat idea for an article. My Favorit Disney Princess Couples Meetings. I’ve done so many articles, and I Liebe doing them, but I don’t want to keep rewriting ones like I have done in the past. There’s nothing wrong with that; I know I’m not the only one that does that, because our opinions are constantly changing…or, at least mine are anyway! This was actually Mehr difficult to write than I originally thought it would be. I Liebe the funny meetings, like Rapunzel and Flynn’s, oder Aladin and Jasmine’s, but I also like the sweet/romantic ones, like Snow...
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Here's the first Artikel for the Best Disney Princess hair style countdown. It covers the places from 41 to 51. Enjoy!

51. Ariel - with hat

In my opinion this hair style completely deserved to be one of the first ones to leave. The hat is ridiculously ugly.

She wears her bangs under her hat, and it makes me imagine her having a receding hairline, oder something. - VGfan30

this hairstyle is just ridiculous - pretty_angel92

This hat is so ugly. - ajotma

It makes her forehead look too big. - CodyVenusTrent

I think she looks funny with a hat on. - MrsEmmaPeel

50. Tiana - with green hat

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 “This is my love,” she angrily said. “No matter what Du do, Du cannot kill love.”
“This is my love,” she angrily said. “No matter what you do, you cannot kill love.”
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    The wind furiously blew through the trees. The spirits became angered with the horrid sound of the gunshot. It happened so quickly and yet it seemed like time had stopped just so Pocahontas could get to where she is now. Her arm burned with pain as blood dripped from her arm. Her eyes were intense as she glared at John Rolfe.
    “This is my love,” she angrily said. “No matter what Du do, Du cannot kill love.”
    John Rolfe threw the gun to the ground, ashamed that the blood on Pocahontas was his...
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