Disney Parents Disney Parents Icon Challenge: Angry Parent

cruella posted on Jun 05, 2010 at 07:26PM
This will be very much like the icon challenges on the Disney Princess, and Disney Prince clubs. Every week we'll pick a theme that has to with the Disney Parents.

1. you have 7 DAYS to submit an icon
2. you have 7 DAYS to vote for you favorite icon
3. the winner of the previous challenge will choose the next theme
4. if the winner has not chosen a theme within 3 DAYS then I'll choose the next one
5. DO NOT vote for your icon
6. this icon HAS to be ORIGINAL, DO NOT steal someone's icon
7. the theme you pick HAS to have something to do with the Disney Parents

Challenge #1: Parent & Child - princesslullaby
Challenge #2: Parent & Best Friend - Madisonsavanna
Challenge #3: Parent Couples - Winner???
Challenge #4: Angry Parent-Winner???
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