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Chap.1 Dexter moves

(right now our old pal Dexter is being dragged Von his father to GET IN THE DUMB CAR!)

Dexter :ButDAD I don't want to move!if I leave Mandark will destroy my Laboratory!

DAD:Dexter Du are going and thats final besides from what i hear they're are tons of geniuses where we are going!

MOM: your father's right dear, why from what I heard there is one girl who is so smart she has her own secret labratory just like you!but it's probably just a sillt rumor though....

DeeDee: YA Dexter THIS'LL BE FUN!!!

Dexter:(thinking)WOW another kid with a laboratory!this is perfect!but wait what...
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Hi everyone im Ging and this is my first ever article!

first let me just say a few things and couples I like!

Couples:Ash and May,Blossom and Dexter,Ginger and Mandark,Barry and Dawn,and Zekrom and Reshiram!

I like mystical things!
I like awesomness!

and my characters I'll be adding are:

Ginger,Macy,and their cat Pepper.

Okay here we go!

it begins in dexter's lab when a suddenly Buttercup,Blossom,and Bubbles come crashing through the roof.


BLOSSOM:Buttercup look what Du did Du crashed right through the window!apologize!

BUTTERCUP:no ways this is the nerd I used to dunk in a toilet every...
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this is dexter's cover song (ROCK VERSION)!enjoy
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