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yowitsmeLYNN posted on Feb 04, 2011 at 11:45AM
I hope there's still someone checkin' in here .. lol

I thought that Maria Canals-Barrera was a Dalena Supporter ? Coz I saw in oceanup that he now supports Jelena(ohmygoodness!) .. Its kinda ouchie for me, u know what im sayin ? Just sharin my feelings tho, what about ya ?

btw, here's the link for that interview:


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr diehardromantic said…
yeah I read it. and posted a comment below it, saying something to that affect. Mmm still don't get it. But maybe she's not quite as grown up as we first thought?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr A2121467-No_2 said…
I guess if Selena's with another guy, she'll support whatever Selena chooses. Dwelling on Selena being with David would just not be fruitful. Or she's helping out with the whole publicity thing, but I think Selena and Justin are really going out. After all, Demi went out with her "brother" and Selena now with "her brother".

I'm hoping Maria said something else and her quotes were pieced together.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr diehardromantic said…
Yes well it may well be fruitful, but no harm in living in hope. Without hope you have nothing. And well a possible romance may not be on the horizon, they will always have their friendship, who knows with maturity and age things can change
Vor mehr als einem Jahr notjustanerd said…
well you know Maria can't publicly say that she doesn't like Justin-Selena ;) So you can't really judge who she ships from that.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr diehardromantic said…
Hey I thought the paps said Selena started NOT to wear her purity ring when she started dating JB. So is it me or is she NOT wearing it during the filming of the Back to Max episode. Every time I see Selena and David on screen I cannot shake this feeling there is more there than we are being told? Or at very least they will admit to anyway.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr notjustanerd said…
@diehardromantic Yeah the paps said that, but as far as I remember, she wasn't wearing her ring in the pictures of her August 2010 date with david either ;) XD :P

And yeah buddy, I get that feeling too. It's like in season 4 their UST has been kinda.... resolved?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr diehardromantic said…
Mmmm. You make a good point. As close as she is to JB, she seems to almost wrap herself around David. But well now you hardly see them together, even on set, so it's hard to 'read' where they are now! Wonder if they will reunite in any other shows. CBS couldn't honestly be oblivious to their onscreen/offscreen chemistry. Perhaps they might do something, after an appropriate amount of time? Sadly we may lose Selena and David from our screens altogether if it's not picked up by our countries networks?